Thursday 10/20/05 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Thursday 10/20/05 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Di confesses to everybody that she is not the real Dixie, but instead her half sister. Everybody is angry at her except for JR. He doesn't want to believe it. Kendall feels betrayed that Zach lied to her and to Greenlee about Ryan being alive and stood by without telling her while she got pregnant. Greenlee tells Ryan that she will never forgive him for knowing how devastated she was to lose him and not letting her know he was alive.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

B.J. blackmails Maddie and tells her to keep quiet about his identity and not say anything to Katie and she and Henry can live at Fairwinds with him. Maddie is scared when B.J. shows his anger to her. Mike and katie try to have a romantic day together but B.J. keeps interrupting their plans. Paul pretends that he is going to help Jennifer search for her son so that Jennifer can tell him all the progress she has made on her search. Emily tries to persuade Meg to keep the truth about Jennifer's baby a secret so that she can have Dusty all to herself once Jennifer leaves town with Paul. Meg remains determined to tell Jennifer and Dusty the truth about the baby. Holden and Lilly have a romantic date apple picking and are about to make love when they arrive home at Lily's house but Luke arrives home sick from school and passes out.

B&B Recap Written by Beth

Brooke and Eric continue to make out in front of Stephanie, Brooke stops saying she can't do it. Stephanie pleads with Eric to stop this. Eric throws her out. Stephanie goes home to find Nick there. He blames her for everyone's pain including her own. Stephanie convinces Nick to go to the beach house and put a stop to this, as she knows how bad he wants Brooke.

Ridge tells Taylor since Brooke married his dad, he is done with Brooke for good. Taylor is relieved. Eric attempts to begin to make love to Brooke who stops him saying she isn't ready. She goes outside where Nick finds her. She tells him she can't make love to Eric but she can't be with him either.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Billie and Patrick share a dance and a kiss. Chelsea urges Abby to cherish the time she has left with Jack. Hope and Bo rush over to the Deveraux house where they learn of Jack’s prognosis. Jack asks Bo to keep Patrick away from Jennifer upon his death. Hope stays with Jennifer while Jack and Bo go off in search of Abby. Bo learns from Billie that Patrick is also out looking and finds Patrick hugging a sobbing Chelsea. Jack finds Abby and walks her home but Abby runs off again when Jack reveals that he’s known for months and never told her. Alex uses another hypnosis session to erase all memories of John from Marlena’s mind but during the session, the clock that John gave Marlena chimes and it breaks the trance. John continues to watch the penthouse from Kate’s suite and Kate convinces him not to rush over and kidnap Marlena. Alex shows Marlena photos from when they were lovers because he is now confident that he has erased any memory of John.

GH Recap Written by Lisa

Manny sends a chilling message to Sam and Jason. Sam finds herself staring into the eyes of danger. Alexis accuses Ric of choosing Sonny over their unborn baby.

Dillon doesn't want Georgie to miss the fun of her senior year because of him. Maxie feels rejected by Jesse. Diego catches Maxie in his room. Robin makes an admission to one of her colleagues.

GL Recap Written by Jennie 

Beth tells Alan that Harley is running Spaulding into the ground and Alan is happy about it. He has inflated profits in the books and is trying to make it look as if Harley has done it. Harley goes undercover to get some information but Mallet recognizes her right away. Dinah and Mallet get into it over Mallet letting Edmund go, after sticking up for her with her parole officer, he tells her to let him handle Edmund. Danny is arrested but finally convinces Frank to let him go so he can rescue Michelle. He makes his way up to the Bauer cabin but gets stuck in mud on the way up there. Edmund finds Michelle at the cabin and she realizes that something is wrong after finding his release papers for kidnapping. She tries to get him to leave without letting on she is on to him but he figures it out and tells her she is the only thing standing between him and Cassie. Danny finally makes it up to the cabin and Michelle runs into his arms. Beth tells Alan that Harley is running Spaulding into the ground and Alan is happy about it. He has inflated profits in the books and is trying to make it look as if Harley has done it. Harley goes undercover to get some information but Mallet recognizes her right away.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary 

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

The mourners are still at the Lopez-Fitzgerald house milling around Luis' casket. Sheridan begins to feel like he's still alive, but Pilar tells her that can't be true since the DNA tests proved the body is his. Later, alone in the foyer, she hears his voice and alerts the others, who think she's losing it until they hear it, too. She rushes out the front door and into the arms of a man, crying "Luis!" Alistair had come and made a mockery of the mourning, pulling a geranium plant out of the ground for flowers. He drags Theresa back to the mansion, making no secret of what he wanted her for right there in front of everyone. Eve secretly handed her some pills to make him sleep and leave her alone for the night, telling her to only give him one. However, when Al goes to answer a private phone call, she pours him a drink and puts several pills in it, hoping to end his life. He returned and drank it down.

Noah is very upset that Fancy went to Alistair to ask for a job for him. He lets her know there is no way he would ever work for Alistair because of the type of person he is, and says if she can't stand living on what he makes at the Blue Note, then they don't belong together. Fancy looks heartbroken. Jessica and Simone go for a walk and get ice cream, enjoying how it's just like old times. Simone talks to her about getting her life back on track with no drugs, no prostitution, no Spike, and no cutting. Jess agrees by the time they get back to her house, and she heads upstairs to go to bed and think about the things her friend told her. However, when she pulls back the covers on her bed, Spike it there waiting for her.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Tom opens Sheila’s door just as she throws something against it in anger at not being able to kill Lauren that day. Tom sees that she is angry and smiles. “Could this be about Lauren ending up in the hospital and you failing at your plan?" Tom asks her. Sheila says nothing. Tom remembers her asking about poisons, researching them and now Lauren is hallucinating and laying in a hospital. Sheila sees that Tom has figured her out. Tom tells Sheila that this isn’t so bad. They have similar interests and can work together on this. Sheila hates to admit it but Tom could be of further use to her… for now anyway. Lauren is feeling like her old self again. she has to stay in the hospital one more day but at least she can look good. She reaches for her earrings and smiles at Michael as he watches her put her jewelry on. She then asks him to put her son’s gift back around her neck where it belongs. Michael puts the necklace on his fiancée as he promises her that he will get to the bottom of what is wrong with her. Sheila has Scott over to work on the book. He tells her all about the incident with Lauren on the roof and Sheila makes the appropriate surprise noises. When Scott tells her that there will be testing done to see what it was that Lauren had come in contact with to get her ill, Sheila realizes that she has to make a trip back to the hospital to get that necklace before anyone gets a chance to test it for anything. Victoria panics when Brad comes to her with a little black velvet box. She holds her breath. She opens the box and finds expensive earrings inside. She refuses to take them seeing as she refuses to get involved with a married man. That is when Brad enlightens her that he has decided that it is time for him to get a divorce. Victoria is thrilled and immediately accepts the earrings. She thanks him properly with an open-mouthed passionate kiss. Nick has a chat with Brad. He tells the man that he feels that the auditions were handled wrong. The press shouldn’t have been there and Victoria should have been the one answering questions as the head of the company, not Brad. Brad reminds Nick that he has a lot of office experience and knows what he is doing. Nick knows that may be so, but at Newman Brad is warned that he has a lot to learn.

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