Wednesday 10/19/05 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 10/19/05 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

After what was supposed to be Ryan's memorial service, everybody is having difficulty processing the fact that he is alive. Only Greenlee is on cloud nine and rides off into the sunset with the man she loves. Kendall knows that something is going on that is not right and asks JR to investigate for her. Lily reveals to her that she saw Ryan one other time and thought he was alive. But she listened to Zach when he told her that she only saw Ryan's ghost. Right then Kendall knows her husband has lied to her and to everybody by not telling them that Ryan survived the crash. Zach admits that he is concerned that Ryan could hurt her when he finds out she is pregnant by him, especially after remembering what he was ready to do to his beloved Greenlee after finding out she got pregnant. And he promises to protect Kendall from Ryan. Jack expresses to Erica that he is not ok with Ryan coming back from the dead. He's very worried that Ryan will hurt his daughter. Erica tells Jack he must not assume that about Ryan but she also knows that she better not tell him that Kendall is pregnant by Ryan. David comes and gloats to Di that she has had it now that Tad knows she is not the real Dixie and as soon as JR finds out, her life will be worth nothing. Krystal keeps urging Tad not to spill the beans about Dixie being a fake because it will shatter everybody's lives.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Mike and Katie start to have breakfast in bed when BJ interrupts them to apologize for running out when Margo arrived. He feigns a clinical problem that happens to him when he sees police officers. It was due to something from his childhood. He makes up for it by suggesting to have the fundraiser at WOAK, and matching any donations made. Later, Katie and BJ have lunch to discuss a Halloween party he is hosting at his new home. They end up discussing their lives in high school and of course BJ knows everything about her back then. He even alludes to the fact he was in love with the most popular girl in school. When he leaves after lunch to go to a meeting, he forgets his PDA and Katie goes after him to Fairwinds, and finds him acting menacingly towards Maddie who let herself, Casey and Lia into his house to prove she and Henry are stepping up in the world. Gwen and Will wish they were still on the run with the baby, especially when they run into Barbara, who berates them both for their plan. Cass and Iris are able to get the judge to schedule another hearing about the baby’s welfare with Carly. They mastermind it to happen right after they get the vendor to spill the beans about Carly’s involvement in drugging Gwen, now that Cass is representing him and was able to get his client immunity. Jack is forced to arrest Carly after Margo learns what she and Jack did.

B&B Recap Written by Beth

Stephanie is floored that Eric re-married Brooke and tries to point out how Brooke is using him. Ridge tries to talk to Brooke about what's going on. Hector points out to Taylor that if she was his, he would be a much more attentive husband than Ridge could ever be.

Brooke shows up at the beach house. She tells Brooke to go after Nick. Brooke tells her she loves Eric. They kiss and touch in front of her as she refuses to leave till she can see if they are in love.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Shawn and Belle talk about putting their feelings for each other in the past. Lucas and Sophie decide to go out on a date and end up back at Lucas’ apartment. Sami and Austin return to Sami’s apartment where Kate joins them. Kate and Sami argue about whether Alex is really helping Marlena and Kate slaps Sami after Sami refers to her as Stefano’s whore. Sami heads over to Lucas’ apartment to see Will only to find that Lucas is there with Sophie instead. John has to be held back from attacking Alex and tries to get Marlena to talk with him in hopes of remembering more but Marlena asks him and Roman to leave. Alex threatens to get a restraining order on John.

GH Recap Written by Amanda 

Georgie really wants to be supportive of Lucas's gayness, but he asks her to keep a lid on it. The Quartermaines are not thrilled to have Luke home. Ruiz tells Lorenzo that Alcazar will help him or else. A sophomore who has roofies and bad photos of Brooke is arrested. Monica fears what will happen to Emily if she continues her arrangement with Sonny. The is some doubt that the real stalker was arrested. Sonny makes it clear that Jason has seniority over Ric. Ruiz kills his own father.

GL Recap Written by Jennie

Tammy tells Jonathan that she can live without him. Ava tells Sandy that she found him and tells him she is making a life in Springfield and working with Jonathan. Tammy finds Ava in Sandy’s hospital room but Ava covers but later tells Jonathan that he has to get Tammy away from Sandy. Tammy talks Sandy into moving in with her when he gets out of the hospital. Sandy calls Fallon and tells him he needs to go and have a talk with Ava. Danny has a security guard posted at Cassie’s house and Jeffrey suggests that they do run off. He changes his mind later because of Cassie’s family and says that they should just fight for custody. Edmund and Alan bond in a jail cell and Alan later bails Edmund out and tells him that Michelle may be at the Bauer cabin. Danny looks for Michelle and after an anonymous tip from Edmund goes to the Beacon and barges in on an unsuspecting stranger and is detained.

OLTL Recap Written by Suzanne

Todd fights with Spencer at his place when Spencer puts his hand on Blair. Blair tells him about Ginger being Margaret's niece, but he doesn't believe it at first. She and Todd then argue again about the secrets he's keeping. Blair thinks the police should talk to Ginger about Margaret. Todd finds out from Denton that they are close to finding out whose body was uncovered. Denton gets a disguise for Todd. Todd packs a small bag after changing the color of his eyes to blue, then he leaves. Blair has to tell Starr about Ginger. Starr feels betrayed and upset but doesn't share with her mom. At hospital, Nora awakens after Matthew talks to her, but it is just some sort of reflex. Matthew is disappointed. Rachel yells at Bo for causing Nora's stress. Matthew overhears and thinks Bo caused Nora to be in the hospital. He packs a bag at home and then leaves. Spencer jokes to a disgusted Paige that Nora might be gone soon, leaving Paige's way clear with Bo. He also tells her that he wants another favor, threatening her again with her past.

Layla visits Viki to ask her help with keeping Jessica from messing up Antonio's life. Viki is shocked to hear that Jessica is back, so she rushes over to see her. Jessica tries to tell Nash about who she really is, but he lets slip about the baby and that she almost aborted it, which stuns Antonio. Tess tries to take Jessica over. Jessica runs to the bathroom, feeling nauseous. Viki arrives and yells at Antonio for not telling her that Jessica was home. She is completely stunned to hear from Nash that Jessica is pregnant. She hears him call her "Tess" and realizes her worst fears have come true. Antonio finds that Jessica has disappeared from the bathroom.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Gwen is trying to get to Theresa in the kitchen of the Lopez-Fitzgerald house, but Ethan manages to hold her back. She overheard the private conversation Theresa and Eve were having about the horrors of being married to Alistair and how he told her to fantasize about Ethan while he rapes her. Gwen screams about what a rotten person she is, how she doesn't even care her brother died, how she only wants Ethan but will never get him, etc. Eve tries to explain what she heard, but she's not in the mood to listen. Finally she calms down and Eve has to go check on Sheridan. Ethan goes too, but Gwen holds back. He warns her not to start more trouble, but she swears she only needs something to drink. When Theresa starts to leave, Gwen grabs her and yells at her some more. Theresa then makes her stay and hear what she has to say. Sheridan is still blaming herself for Luis' death, trying to keep the subject only on her, of course.

Fancy pawns her diamond watch and buys lottery tickets, sure she'll win the $25,000,000 and buy her and Noah a mansion. After she only wins three dollars she's unhappy, but soon comes up with a plan. She runs to Grampy, sweet talking him into not being angry with her and then gets him to grudgingly agree to give Noah a job and see what a good man he is. Noah, of course, isn't real happy with that. Fox tells Maria succeeding in business will mean nothing without her and her mother at his side, and Kay overhears, ripping her heart in two. She just found out Tabitha hadn't reversed the spell that will make him succeed at the price of losing their love. Endora isn't happy, either, and she lets her mother know in the way only a baby witch can. Tabby feels bad for Kay, too, which upsets the Boys in the Basement, but tells her baby she can't do anything about it and it was Kay's choice, not hers. It doesn't help.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis   **One Day Ahead

Ashley shows up at Newman to meet with Brad. He called her to have a visit and talk. She is in a good mood this time and wonders what it is they have to talk about. He asks her about the divorce. Ashley says that she hasn’t done anything about that yet. “I was just angry when we were talking before. I haven’t done anything," she says. She assures Brad that she isn’t interested in trying to work out the marriage if that is what he is afraid of. Brad seems to think that the divorce might be a good idea. He says that Abby can deal with them being apart now, so the divorce would actually take away any confusion about her parents ever getting back together. Ashley asks if this has to do with Brad dating Victoria. “Are things moving along in that department? Are you getting serious about her?" Ashley asks. Brad doesn't answer her. Ashley gets angry and then changes her mind about the divorce. “I will call my attorney," she says before storming out. Daniel has one last appearance to make at court. He pleads guilty to jumping his bail and is sentenced to one-year probation and 500 hours of community service. That community service will primarily be served by him speaking to other kids about the things that he has experienced and how he has learned from the experience. Daniel thanks the judge for the sentence and looks forward to serving it. Sharon has some concerns about getting the job as spokes model. She thinks that her sister-in-law doesn’t want her to get the job. Nick confronts Victoria about setting Sharon up to fail. The press make a mockery of Sharon being in the contest. Her name is Newman, she is married to the founder’s son, and she works for the company. They call the contest an elaborate publicity stunt. Later Nick tells Victoria that now if Sharon wins, it will look like she was going to win anyway. He doesn’t like the way that his wife is treated and he tells Victoria that clearly. Tom suspects that Gloria has more to do with his getting set up, although she denies having anything to do with that. She points out that she wouldn’t have paid for him to get out on bail if she was trying to send him to prison. He has thought about that. He knows that she would like to have him in jail but much more than that, she would like to keep his mouth shut about their still being married. He tells her that to prove that she really didn’t have anything to do with Michael sending him to jail, she now has to help him bring Michael down. Sheila has been nosing around and she knows that Lauren is in the hospital. She was a nurse and knows that anyone in the hospital is a sitting duck. Later, she gets a syringe and fills it. She gets hospital clothing and heads to the hospital to Lauren’s room. Lauren is sleeping. Sheila enters the room, dressed as Jennifer and heads to the Lauren’s bedside. “Sweet dreams," she says. “Or better yet… Go to hell!"

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