Tuesday 10/18/05 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 10/18/05 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Ryan's funeral is underway. But ironically, Lily stays home to complete her speech for his funeral and he walks in to reveal to her that he is alive. She tells him where he can find Greenlee. He goes and runs into Zach who tells him he better stay dead. Ryan promises not to rat Zach out for helping him lie to everybody and tells him he needs to face Greenlee and everybody in Pine Valley. And he reveals to everybody that he is really alive. Everybody freaks. But Greenlee asks no questions and only wants to be back with the love of her life. All the way in Nova Scotia, Jonathan and Erin seem to know what is happening for their brother in Pine Valley. Babe and Krystal urge Di not to reveal to everybody that she is not Dixie because it will destroy Dixie's family. They tell her even if she's lied, she has worked a miracle and no good can come from revealing the truth. But she informs them that Tad has given her an ultimatum to either tell them or he will tell them. Krystal then goes to find Tad and interrupts Ryan's funeral and resurrection to demand that Tad leave Di alone and let her be Dixie, so that it does not destroy her family.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna 

Katie and Mike have an intimate welcome home party for two, which BJ interrupts. Katie is still leery of his attention and his need to lavish gifts on her and Mike, but wonders if she might be overreacting? Then, BJ reacts strangely and disappears after agreeing to meet Margo. What is with him, Katie can’t help but wonder? After Meg secretly spies Jen and Dusty in bed, she stops from telling them the news about Jen’s baby being Rory, much to Paul’s delight, who tracked her down to Jen’s room after receiving a message from her. He empathizes with Meg later, in hopes of working her to his benefit. He tries to make Meg believe that she and Dusty are each other’s first love and Dusty will realize that if she doesn’t pass on the blood work results. Meg decides to go back to Oakdale without telling Dusty and Jen. Jen stops Dusty from going farther explaining until she gets her baby back she can’t move forward with him. They talk about their blossoming relationship, but Jen is insecure and tries to push Dusty away, but he won’t leave her. He wants to be with her and help her find her baby. Carly tells Gwen and Iris a story of a teen, who’s father’s girlfriend set her up to believe she killed her baby brother, who was in fact a sister…. who is in reality Gwen. Iris finally slips up and Gwen realizes Carly is telling the truth. She orders them both out and then breaks down in Will’s arms. Iris threatens to make Carly pay. Jack and Will both wonder if finding out Carly and Gwen are half sisters will affect the war over Rory. However, both Carly and Gwen are standing firm; they will not give up their fight for Rory, even though they just found out they are related!

B&B Recap Written by Beth

Brooke tells Nick she married Eric for Bridget and for him to be a good husband to Bridget. He claims that doesn't work and tells her he wants her and he kisses her talking about their passion. She asks Nick to leave. Jackie is devastated to find out Eric re-married Brooke and the dinner and lingerie are not for her.

Ridge is upset by Taylor's admission to kissing Hector. Ridge gets a frantic call from Bridget telling him her mother got re-married. He rushes out of the house much to Taylor's dismay. Hector shows up to see her and she vents to him about how Ridge always goes running to Brooke. Stephanie stops at the beach house to see Eric. She wants to know if it's true they are divorced and if he's planning on marrying Jackie. Eric tells her he already got married in Vegas and she's not going to like who it's to.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Mimi is moved to tears by the movie and the Rolling Stones video because she believes that she’s destined to be alone. Shawn assures her that she won’t ever be alone. Philip turns down Belle’s request to make love and sends her back to bed while he tends to Claire. Belle dreams of seeing Shawn and Mimi kiss and then returns to the roof moments before Shawn steps onto the roof to retrieve his CDs. Bonnie continues to flirt with Roman while Sophie flirts with Lucas. John spots Alex on the penthouse terrace and Kate calls Roman to the penthouse to help prevent John from harming Alex. Alex uses the music and his voice to hypnotically suggest to Marlena that she should stay away from John and be with him. Sami purposefully distracts Nicole so she loses the pool game but Sami decides that heading to the penthouse is more important. Nicole tries to take advantage of Sami leaving to be with Austin but Austin turns her down to go be with Sami. John, Roman, Kate, Sami, and Austin burst into the penthouse and John has to be held back from attacking Alex.

GH Recap Written by Lisa

Javier mistakenly thinks that Jason won't shoot him in cold blood. Sonny and Reese are taken to the hospital. Ric accuses Durant of having been in league with Javier. Durant releases Jason from custody to avoid a formal investigation. Jason goes back to working for Sonny. Reese's life is on the line as she's taken into surgery. Sonny visits a weak Reese after her surgery. Jason and Sam are reunited. Sam warns Jason that Manny is out for revenge.

Nikolas tells Lucky that he wants to pursue a relationship with Courtney. Meanwhile, Courtney admits to Elizabeth she wants to be with Nikolas but fears he feels differently. Courtney leaves a note for Nikolas and plans on leaving town for awhile. Nikolas tells Emily how he feels about Courtney. Monica is concerned for Emily. Courtney and Nikolas end up in a passionate kiss. Skye remains strong and calls it quits with Luke. Elizabeth hears a drunken Luke disparaging the notion of love and marriage to Lucky and confronts him.


GL Recap Written by Jennie 

Jonathan is still trying to find out Sandy’s secret. Ava tells him not to worry about Sandy but instead get Tammy to admit she loves him. Jonathan sees Fallon pick up food for Sandy and follows him to the hospital. He attacks him and Fallon admits that he is Sandy’s lawyer. Fallon escapes but drops the note. Jonathan wonders who is looking for Sandy. Tammy sets up a romantic outing for Sandy on the roof and asks him to ask her to marry him again. He tells her that he will be ready to soon. After saying goodbye for the night, Sandy is shocked when Ava comes into his room and says that she found him. Reva and Billy are toasting to themselves when Josh comes in and yells at Reva for encouraging him to drink. Reva explains that they are “virgin” drinks and Josh apologizes, but Billy tells him that he doesn’t want his help. They all go to see Bill off for his trip for Venezuela and Olivia congratulates them on finally breaking them up. Josh, Billy, and Reva leave them alone to work on their problems and Billy and Reva ditch Josh to go watch the stars. Olivia, Bill, and Emma share a tearful goodbye and Bill leaves. Olivia breaks down after he is gone and later on when Josh comes by to see if Bill is still there she asks him if he will stay with her for a while. Josh agrees to stay with her.

OLTL Recap Written by Suzanne

Blair confronts Ginger with the picture of her and Margaret, so Ginger confesses that she was spying on Blair and her family for Margaret. She denies being responsible for putting Starr in danger and didn't know that Margaret was a crazy liar. Blair throws her out physically and of course, fires her. Ginger is upset, so Spencer gives her money to help her out. Asa has a chat with Lindsay about taking control over her life, then he has a meeting with Duke and Kevin, then he invites Spencer to come by. He offers to host David's bachelor party at his lodge in the mountains, so Spencer accepts. Asa has something up his sleeve for Spencer. Rachel has been by Nora's bedside all night. Spencer tells Rachel that they just have to wait to see what happens with Nora. R.J. drops by to offer support and catch up with his niece. Lindsay comes by and suggests that she and R.J. have a baby. Denton gives Todd a fake tape that establishes his alibi at work during Margaret's death. Matthew wants to see Nora, but Bo doesn't think it's a good idea. Paige suggests that this might be his only chance to see Nora before she dies, so Bo and Paige take Matthew in to see Nora at the hospital. Nora awakens as Matthew is talking to her.

Jessica awakens at Antonio's place. She wants to see her mom, but he thinks that seeing Viki might trigger Tess to come out. She keeps trying to tell him about the baby, but they keep getting interrupted. The social worker comes by to see Jamie or Layla but finds Jessica instead. She intends to put this in her report because she thinks Antonio is cheating on Layla with his ex-girlfriend. Antonio explains everyting to Jessica about his fake arrangement with Layla. Jessica blames herself for the fact that he might lose custody again, but he only blames Tess and Nash. Nash arrives to save Tess. He tells her that he knows she is carrying his baby. Dorian visits Viki at home. They have their usual arguments about family, but something Dorian says gives Viki an idea about what might be Jessica's problems. 

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Sheridan continues to mourn Luis and Marty, but Pilar, barely able to withstand the sorrow herself, takes her in hand and tries to make her understand it's not all about her. She lights a candle for Marty, saying it brought Martin and Antonio back, and Sheridan seems to accept that. Theresa arrives and is given time alone at the casket to say goodbye to her brother. She promises him she will make sure Alistair pays for all he's done to them over the years. Eve tries to console her, then listens to her tales of life with Alistair, and is shocked when Theresa begs her to give her something to keep the old man away from her. As she tells Eve how she copes with his attacks on her by fantasizing she's with Ethan, Gwen walks into the kitchen and goes for her throat. Eve finally decided she wants to be with Julian, and is talking about life after they marry. Julian is thrilled, yet worried, too.

Fancy and Noah are looking for an apartment to share, but nothing they find suits them, especially not her. She wants room service and limo parking, and is very surprised to know not everyone has a limo. After Noah goes back to work, she decides she knows just how she can make money, too, and heads to a seedy office, where the seedier-looking man sitting there is thrilled to have her working for him. Tabby manages to reverse the spell, apparently, and is trying to get her strength back on the kitchen floor. Kay, after hearing Fox talk about how much he wants to succeed at Crane Industries finds the old witch and asks that she not do the reversal. When she realizes it's been done, she begs her to do it again, since she only wants Fox to be happy. Meanwhile, he's talking to Maria and Endora upstairs, telling them how nothing will mean anything if he doesn't have Kay and Maria with him.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Sheila is very uncomfortable with the way that Tom is managing his business after Gloria leaves her room. Tom called Gloria and told her to get the money for his bail and to give it to Jennifer to do the bail out. Sheila already told Tom that she can’t be a part of this but apparently he has ignored what she has said. She gets scary when she asks Gloria what it was that Tom said to her to get her to cooperate and bring this envelope full of money to her. Gloria doesn’t answer, but Sheila has to put two and two together herself. She knows now that she shouldn’t have let Tom know that she needed information about poisons. Does he know? Did he put it together? “There is only one way to find out," Sheila tells herself. Jill tells JT that Bobby is dead but doesn’t realize that Brittany is in the room when she says it. Bobby was with his bodyguard when they were both hit by a car that suddenly drove off afterwards. The chances of the hit being random are not good. Jill is sure that this is the work of the bad guys. Brittany will not believe what Jill says even after she calls her contact at the FBI and has the news confirms. She accuses Jill of faking the call. Ashley gets a rude awakening when while visiting Tom he tells her that he knows that Michael set him up and that he can prove it once he gets out on bail. He says that the place where he parks his motorcycle is under surveillance and all that he has to do to prove that he was set up is to get the videotape and watch it. Ashley smiles but finds it difficult. As soon as she is able she gets out of there. Victoria unhappily watches as Sharon does a great job with her audition. She screws up but catches it and improvises beautifully. Everyone else in the room is happy for her audition piece and congratulates her on it. Everyone but Victoria. When Brad opens the door announcing that he has arranged a press conference, Victoria turns on him with venom in his eyes. “Who told you that you should do that?" She asks him. He apologizes and is immediately forgiven. Nick makes a point of getting over to Newman to be present at the spokes model auditions after learning that Sharon’s audition piece has been changed, that Neil is feeling very suspicious of Brad’s influence on Victoria and that Sharon wasn’t told that the location of the audition had been changed. Once at the audition, Nick gets to see for himself just how easily Brad is able to bend Victoria when he wants to. He will not allow that to go on much longer.

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