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AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Tad tells Di that she better tell Dixie's family who she really is or he will tell them. He tells her he cannot go on living a lie. JR and Jamie discuss what happened in their lives throughout the last year in a more civilized manner than they have for a long time. Jack, Reggie and Lily get ready for Ryan's memorial and both of Jackie's young kids ask him about the problem he had with Ryan. Kendall and Greenlee tell Erica she better support their decision to have Ryan's baby or she is not welcome at Ryan's memorial service. And right then, Ryan returns to his and Greenlee's home ready to face what he left behind. He leaves before she comes back though. When Greenlee comes home, she knows somebody has been in her house. Ryan then comes to Jack's when only Lily is there. She is stunned to see him and asks him how he died and then came back to life. Ironically, at the funeral, Opal mistakenly believes that they've gotten their Dixie back but have lost Ryan. When Jack notices Greenlee telling Erica she cannot be at Ryan's funeral, he knows something is up and asks them what it is.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna 

Lily, Keith and Holden get into a heated discussion at Java. Keith doesn’t want Lily to give up on them, but it appears to be falling on deaf ears. Holden later asks Lily if she wants him to back off if that will help take the pressure off of her? They bond further when they decide to bring Luke some soup together. Keith secretly watches them. Hal knows Paul paid for Gwen’s lawyer and is demanding answers from Emily. At first she says it was for Will, then Jen and finally Rosanna. She throws him off the track still though. Hal later finds out that Gwen was found which leaves Emily quite nervous. Jen and Dusty get more bad news when Craig refuses to see them in prison. Meg happily shows Paul the evidence she has proving Jen’s baby is alive. After a short conversation, Meg realizes Paul knew. Paul tries to convince her telling Jen would be horrible. Meg takes off from him. Later though she pretends to have reconsidered and tells Paul she is leaving it up to him to tell Jen. He can tell her or not. She then hands him the supposed evidence. Later as Paul is giving the good news to Emily, he opens the paper and sees “go to hell” written in bold letters. Meg happily walks up to Jen’s room prepped to tell them the good news, but spies, through a half opened door, Jen and Dusty about to make love. After seeing Iris bent over Gwen, who is unconscious at the bottom of the steps, Carly remembers her past regarding Iris’ child. She tells Jack that she didn’t kill her brother. Iris didn’t even have a boy; she had a girl. She confronts Iris, who pretends to not know what Carly is talking about. Then it dawns on Carly and Jack that Gwen is probably Carly’s half sister.

B&B Recap Written by Boo

Bridget is very skeptical when she learns that her mother and father have remarried. She still believes that Brooke is in love with Nick. Stephanie is shocked to learn from Jonathan that she is in fact divorced from Eric. Nick can't get Brooke off his mind and goes to her to beg her to make a life with him. He can't believe his ears when she tells him that she married Eric in Las Vegas last night. Jackie goes to the beach house and finds the special dinner and present that Eric has set up for Brooke. She thinks Eric has set it up for her, leaving an embarrassed Eric in search of the words to tell her that she is wrong.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Belle, driven by being honest about how she doesn’t want Mimi and Shawn to be together, asks Philip to make love to her. Mimi and Shawn’s enjoyment of dessert turns into more but is stopped in favor of taking it slow. Roman and Lucas discuss Sami and Bonnie tries to talk sense into Sami in an effort to show off for Roman. Sami and Nicole argue over Austin. Austin and Lucas argue. John convinces Marlena to lock her bedroom door and feels confident that that will keep Alex away from her. Alex climbs the building to get at Marlena’s bedroom balcony.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Jax and Nikolas both think about the past, but both Courtney and Emily don't want to look back. Ric talks to the Ruiz brothers' father about peace. Sonny and Reese live through the gunfire exchange, but know it's not over yet. They also suspect Durant's complicity in the event. Jax wants to try again, Courtney does not. Lucky and Liz dream of their wedding. Jason heads home, leaving a teary Sam behind. Ruiz escapes from the Hawaii jail. Jax figures out Carly's part in losing the baby. Liz does not want Courtney at the wedding, but is willing to let it go. Reese in injured in another round of gunfire. Jason shows up at the hotel and holds a gun on Ruiz.

GL Recap Written by Jennie 

Bill runs into Michelle at the airport and after telling her about what Olivia did asks her to make a decision for him whether or not he should go to Venezuela. Michelle says that she isn’t the one to be asking since she is running from her own problems. Bill tells Michelle he hopes she decides to come back to Springfield after thinking things out. She says she doubts it since when she lost the baby she lost Danny also. Olivia tells Buzz about the problems she caused and he tells her that Bill shouldn’t expect her to be anyone different than who she is. Reva convinces Billy to go to an AA meeting after showing him how much Bill needs him to sober up. After missing the meeting, Billy convinces Bill to take the chance and go to Venezuela. Danny lets Cassie take Hope back to the farm and Marina finds out that they have Danny’s DNA on file so they can have the results by the end of the day. Danny and Marina begin to make love when Danny gets the results. Cassie is sad about the parties and holidays she will never share with Hope and Jeffrey plans a party where they can celebrate everything for here. Danny and Marina interrupt with the test results that prove that Danny is Hope’s father. Jeffrey convinces Danny to let Cassie keep the baby while he finds Michelle.

OLTL Recap Written by Suzanne 

Bo has a sketch artist work with the fisherman who saw Margaret with some guy, but the sketch is vague. Blair questions Todd about why he had the car detailed so soon again, so he lies that he plans to give the car to Starr, who is thrilled to learn that. Todd's reporter, Denton, spies on the LPD for Todd. Blair keeps pressuring Todd, but when he doesn't give her any answers, she starts going through his things some more. She finds a picture of Ginger and Margaret in the closet. Bo asks Todd to come down to the LPD. Todd is nervous but Bo just wants him to put the sketch in the paper to find the murderer. Jessica, Antonio, Layla, and Jamie return on a private jet from California. Antonio asks Layla not to tell Jessica anything about what's been going on yet. Jessica wants to tell him about the baby, but he insists that she sleep, so she does. Nash figures out that Tess is pregnant and where she went.

Michael drowns his sorrows at Rodi's. Natalie stops in to question him about John and Evangeline, but he advises her to move on with her life. He is not happy to see Marcie there with Hugh. Hugh asks Marcie out on a date and she accepts. Rex shows the sketch around and plays darts with Michael. Rex tells Marcie that he thinks Hugh is a player. John phones the warden at the prison about getting Cristian transferred, while Evangeline frets. Evangeline stops by Rodi's and chats with Michael and Rex. Natalie decides not to fight with John about Evangeline or question him about the case they're working on. Meanwhile, the guard and convict that are on Carlo's payroll get a noose around Cristian's neck and hang him. The warden finds him and has him cut down and sent to the infirmary. He is alive but now he has to worry about being vulnerable in the infirmary to the same guard.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

With Luis' body home, Pilar wants to give him a proper good-bye by looking at him in the coffin, even tho Sheridan and Martin tell her it's not a good idea. Martin calls Paloma to tell her the news so she can come home, and they all wonder why Theresa hasn't arrived yet, especially Gwen, who makes several comments about it. Ethan tells her to stop ragging on her, at least for today. Theresa made a trip to see Whitney and was almost turned away, but the nuns finally woke the girl up and the two friends talked. Theresa tells Whit about Luis, saying they think Alistair had a hand in his death, then asks her friend to help her get rid of the old man. Whitney says she can't help her kill her husband, and if Theresa does it anyway, she'll turn her in. As Pilar is mourning her son at his coffin, Sheridan, no longer the center of attention, whines to Gwen and Ethan that she has nothing to say about his funeral, then throws herself on his coffin in front of Pilar, crying about how much she misses Luis. Pilar, of course, tries to comfort her.

Julian and Fancy talk at the Blue Note about being cut out of Alistair's will. Julian assures his daughter she will be fine, saying he's never been happier than since he was cut out. Noah and Eve talk at another table about his love for Fancy and where it might leave. Eve is happy to see that all the marriages that fell apart among the people he knows hasn't turned him off from marrying Fancy. Ivy asks Sam if he believes the girl's story about the dad john, and although he swears he does, even gets angry at Ivy for questioning it, he seems unsure about it. The girls try to convince Jess that he doesn't know they are lying about it. They get upset when they are called downstairs, but when Paloma finds out about Luis their fears are assuaged. Liz doesn't believe Eve refused to press charges or testify against her for good reasons.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Victoria tells Neil and Drucilla about the wonderful plans that she and Brad have cooked up for the 'Seasons' line. Drucilla beams as Victoria tells Drucilla that she really likes the ideas that Drucilla has come up with for the campaign. Neil is skeptical as usual reminding Victoria that this timeline and the money to accommodate it is not written in stone yet. Victoria tells Neil that Brad’s figures say that their plans will work and so she believes it will. Michael was waiting for Lauren to return home, but is confused was to why her wallet is still at the house if she is out. After Gloria calls him asking about the dinner on the roof, Michael finds the note that Lauren left him. He hurriedly puts on his shirt and heads to the roof smiling. Jack realizes that Ashley is ready to get a divorce and he asks her to think about it. He tells her that she has a power position right now and that she will lose it if the divorce goes through. Jack sees that this is a waste of time as he really doesn’t believe that Brad is interested in Victoria anyway. Sheila’s plans have been foiled again. She had Lauren on the roof ready to jump but at the last minute Michael appeared and dragged her off the ledge saving her miserable life. Sheila watched Michael and Lauren together from her hiding place. After Michael carries Lauren down to their apartment, she comes out of hiding knowing that there will be another time for her to strike. Victoria tells Brad that she has come up with a great idea to make sure that the best person possible is chosen for the job of spokes model. She will have other judges brought in so that neither she nor he can be accused of being biased. Brad is suspicious of her decision and tells her that he feels that she is doing it because she doesn’t trust that he will vote fairly.

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