Friday 10/14/05 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Friday 10/14/05 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Mimi comes to apologize to Danielle for the situation with Garrett, for believing his word over the word of her own daughters' word and all. And she tells her daughter that she got suspended. Danielle does not want to forgive her mother, however. Tad goes to see Julia and informs her that Dixie has scammed him. She tells him she already knows and admits she wouldn't appreciate an imposter coming back and telling her he was Noah. But she tells him she refuses to expose Dixie or do anything to hurt her after all Dixie has done for her and the fact that she understands what Dixie has been through. Kendall and Greenlee go to see Dr. Madden, announcing to him that Kendall is pregnant. But he tells them that he must dismiss them as patients because Erica has threatened him. They, then go to Erica, telling her she better butt out of their business or she will lose a daughter and not ever be able to see the baby. Ryan tells Erin that he's ready to go back to Greenlee and tell her everything.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Lily and Holden are by Lucinda's side as she comes out of the operation. Holden and Lily continue to get closer as they continue to worry about Lucinda and Luke. Paul and Emily try desperately to keep Jennifer from finding out the truth about her baby. Meg flies to Tampa Florida to tell Dusty the truth about the baby. Meg and Paul are startled to see each other on the plane to Tampa Florida. Dusty and Jennifer get even closer to each other as they continue to inch closer to the truth about Jennifer's baby. Carly confronts Gwen and Carly's desperation to take Rory away from Gwen leads to an accident that injures Gwen and puts Rory in danger. The accident causes Carly to remember that Iris didn't have a baby boy she had a baby girl. Carly also remembers that the baby girl is alive. Carly thinks that Gwen may be her sister.

B&B Recap Written by Beth

Brooke begs Bridget not to move out. Bridget informs Brooke she has given her ring back to Nick and has contacted a lawyer. She tells Brooke, Nick is all hers so go to him. Stepanie tells Ridge all about what happend with Nick/Brooke/Bridget and is flabbergasted that Ridge has his own way of looking at it, a way that does not include blaming Brooke.

Jackie stops by Nick's office and tells him he shouldn't let this chance slip away, he should go to Brooke. She asks Nick's blessing in her relationship with Eric. Jackie goes to see Eric at his office and finds a receipt for 2 wedding bands. Stephanie catches her and they argue about who's going to be with Eric. Eric is at Brooke's where they inform Bridget that they have gotten re-married and so she can be assured her family is going to be stronger and she can be with Nick with no worries.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Jack and Jennifer sit Abby down when she arrives home and tell her about Jack’s prognosis. Abby lashes out and has Chelsea drive her away from the house. Nicole sneaks up on Sami when she arrives at Alice’s and after an argument, pushes her into the bushes so she can get to Austin first. Nicole buys Austin a drink and they shoot a game of pool together with the wager that if Nicole wins, Austin comes home with her tonight. Sami comes in and after being shot down in her attempt to be friendly to Lucas, has to fight back the tears as she watches Nicole flirt with Austin. Kate follows John to the penthouse only to find out from the doorman that Alex took Marlena to Chez Rouge. Kate suggests they go there under the pretense of a romantic dinner to keep an eye on Marlena and Alex. Alex slips another pill into Marlena’s tea while she is in the bathroom but Marlena ends up sending the tea back without drinking it. John tries to cut in and dance with Marlena but Alex vetoes the idea and quickly tries to get Marlena to leave with him. John grabs Marlena’s arm and refuses to let her leave with Alex.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Courtney tells Nik the truth, she's pregnant, does not know who the daddy is, but Emily does know that Courtney is in a family way. Nik is not angry and vows to stand by her. Alan tries to convince Em to go back to Nik, or come home. She refuses. Alexis can't get why Ric is suddenly devoted to his brother. Sam and Jason manage to get away from Ruiz without lasting injury, and their attacker is taken away by the cops. Reese declares her love for Sonny. Ruiz and John conspire for Sonny's downfall. Courtney doesn't know what to make of Jax's friendliness. Jason goes back to Port Charles. The episode ends in a blaze of gunfire.

GL Recap Written by Jennie

Tammy is stuck in an elevator with Jonathan where he tells her that he will protect her and always be there for her. She leaves and goes to the roof where she has a heart to heart talk with God and with Ava. She shows Ava a picture of Sandy, which Ava reacts to. Ava later tells Jonathan that she doesn’t think it will last with Tammy and Sandy. Jonathan tells Sandy that he is going to find out what Sandy is hiding and Sandy says that even if he and Tammy don’t stay together he will make sure that Tammy doesn’t go to Jonathan. Sandy is just about to let Tammy back in his life when he gets a note with the words “I found you” on it. Michelle comes back to Springfield just long enough to meet up with Rick and leave Robbie with him to take to Danny. She tells Rick that she cut off all communication to her and she just needs to get away and give her time to get over losing the baby. Cassie finds the baby at Cedars with Danny and Marina. They blast Jeffrey for lying about the test results that said that Hope was Cassie’s. Jeffrey tells them that he did run another test that showed that Michelle was not Hope’s mother but they insist he run another one for them to see. Danny yells at Jeffrey that Hope is with the wrong mother and that she should be with his wife and that she could be his child. This upsets Marina and shocks everyone else. Danny tells Jeffrey to run a DNA test on him since Michelle is unavailable. Dinah apologizes to Cassie for losing the baby and Cassie tells her that she can atone for what she did by helping her get her baby back.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Rex brings in a witness in the floater case. Bo gets a composite sketch of who the killer might be. John and Vangie work together to get Christian released before it is too late. A guard and a cell mate beat up on Christian. Blair tries to get Viki to tell her what Todd is keeping from her. Blair finds a receipt that shows that Todd has been lying to her about him getting the car serviced.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Sheridan sees Chris and James off at the airport after offering her life to save Chris from the men who came into his room at the B&B. Once he was gone, Luis' body was brought home from Morocco, and she mourned over his coffin as if she was really sorry he is gone. Gwen charges after Theresa without giving anyone a chance to explain why Ethan was comforting her, and rudely told Pilar to keep quiet when she tried. She said she is going to divorce Ethan, but quickly reconsidered. Alistair hands Martin a gun, telling him to shoot him in the chest but believing he wouldn't do it. Martin actually does shoot the gun at him and thinks the old man is dead, as does the rest of the house. Rebecca and Gwen are terrified that now Theresa is in charge. However, Alistair was faking and gleefully jumps up to let them know he is really alive. But, after mauling his new wife he decides to wait for a while, giving her the chance to find a letter opener and consider her options.

Eve refuses to press charges against Liz because she doesn't believe Rebecca's story. The DA then says he has enough evidence so he doesn't need Eve to press charges and starts to arrest Liz anyway. Eve tells him she won't testify, and no one will believe Rebecca, so he angrily gives it up and leaves. Liz, however, is unmoved by her sister's largesse, swearing to get even with her anyway. Noah and Fancy enjoyed their dinner and dance in the store room while he was on break, but once they got back into the club they were surprised at what was happening and at Liz's reaction to her sister's good deed. Tabby finally tells Kay what the price of her spell making Fox a success in business will be - the love he shares with Kay. She is stunned to learn that, since she wanted to help him because she loves him so much.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Lauren hallucinates thinking that her cell phone has turned into a rat, that instead of water she has been pouring blood into crystal glasses, and that dogs have been growling and barking at her. Daniel gets the news that he could still end up in jail. He still has a court appearance to deal with for jumping bail and heading to California. Devon needs a job and so he sneaks out of the house and heads to the coffeehouse to ask Kevin for a job. Kevin gets the application. Lauren cries out in horror when she realizes that Michael is going to die and she is going to appear to the be one that did it. Sheila has Lauren’s mind twisted just the way that she wants it. She has Lauren standing close to the ledge of the roof, and she encourages her to jump!

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