Thursday 10/13/05 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Thursday 10/13/05 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Tad tells Di that he knows about her scam, he will never forgive her for what she did, and he's going to expose her to everybody else. She tells him even if he hates her, by telling the secret to JR, it will devastate him, ruin the possibility of his having humanity and being a positive role model to his son. Hearing that, Tad is not certain what to do. Greenlee returns from her trip to Nova Scotia and informs Kendall and Zach that she met Erin and heard her say something very weird in regard to: "what if Ryan were alive?" Hearing that, Kendall tells Greenlee that Erin sounds like somebody not worth caring for. And now none of that matters, because Greenlee will have Ryan live on because she is pregnant. Greenlee is really happy about that and agrees that her own family and Kendall and the baby is all the family she needs. But Zach still knows what he knows and will not tell them. Ryan tells Erin and Jonathan that he wants to go back to Pine Valley and reveal the truth to Greenlee. Jonathan expresses that he wants to go also.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Jennifer and Dusty are disappointed that nurse Thompson has disappeared but they grow closer to each other and kiss. In New York, Will and Gwen grow closer while they are on the run and also kiss. Jack and Carly find Gwen, Will and Rory. Meg discovers that Jennifer is Rory's mother because of the DNA test run by her friend Eli. Emily frantically tries to keep Meg from telling Jennifer the truth. Maddie and Henry begin to suspect B.J. may be stalking Katie.

B&B Recap Written by Beth

Brooke and Stephanie play the blame game. Stephanie vows to win her family's trust again. Taylor admits in therapy that she is attracted to another man and has kissed him. Bridget tells Nick she doesn't want to be the one he settles for and tells him good bye.

Brooke goes to Eric where they plot to try to save their daughter's marriage.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Lexie comes over to check on Belle and advises Philip on how to help Belle get through her postpartum depression. Shawn and Mimi admit to each other that the kiss really did mean something and spend the evening dancing and kissing on the roof. Belle hears the music and climbs up to the roof just in time to see them kissing. Belle climbs back down unseen but her foot slips and she starts to fall. Austin and Lucas argue about Austin’s decision to stand by Sami. Kate gets Victor to give Lucas an interview for the job at Titan and to caution Austin against getting involved with Sami. Victor offers Austin the job first and Lucas finds out after accepting the job that he was only asked because Austin turned it down. Abe visits John and advises him to be there when Alex makes a mistake. After Abe leaves, John becomes enraged at the sight of Marlena dancing closely with Alex and tries to go after Alex but Kate stops him.

GH Recap Written by Lisa

Wanting to spare innocent lives, Sonny makes himself a sitting target for Javier. Reese refuses to leave Sonny's side. Manny torments Jason and Sam. Jason struggles to free himself from his restraints.

Courtney decides to be honest with Nikolas. Alcazar is Skye's savior. Luke is left with nothing when Skye leaves with Alcazar.

GL Recap Written by Jennie 

Billy continues to try and battle his alcoholism, while Reva struggles to be there for him. Bill confronts Olivia about Ava’s accusations. Olivia gets mad at Ava for revealing the truth about Billy’s fall off the wagon. Bill and Olivia have it out. Jeffery and Cassie continue to search for Hope. Edmund shows Mallet a tape of Dinah while she was supposedly imprisoned. Dinah takes Hope to Danny, and tells him what she knows. Marina begs her father to give her and Danny some leniency. Frank takes Hope, Danny, and Dinah to the hospital for a DNA test. Jeffery punches Edmund.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary 

Natalie meets John on the roof. He notices something is wrong. She tells him that Evangeline is killing her. Christian tells Evangeline that Carlo Hesser had tried to kill him. Layla takes Jaime out for a burger, and Jaime thinks she sees Jessica. Duke fills Adriana in that he had kissed Ginger. Antonio finally finds Jessica. They hug, and then she collapses in his arms. Todd fills Blair in about the woman and baby floating in the lake.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Chris and James are leaving today, with a tearful Sheridan upset that she'll never be able to talk to or see them again, when two men step into the room, making her think they are the ones Chris is hiding from. Earlier, Gary, the FBI agent, dashed her hopes that Luis wasn't really dead by letting her know his body would be in Harmony shortly. Martin and Pilar pay Theresa a visit at the mansion to let her know her brother has died, and Ethan comforts her as best he can. She seems to make a breakthrough by realizing she over reacts to things that upset her after she threatens to kill Alistair because he caused Luis' death. While Pilar and Ethan are busy with his daughter, Martin sneaks out and tracks Alistair down, telling him he is going to kill him. This elicits hysterical laughter from the old lizard.

Earlier, Gwen went to complain to her mother about what Theresa is supposedly doing, and is horror-stricken to find her in bed with Alistair. She lets him know how she feels about him helping Theresa ruin her life, threatening to fight him in any way possible if he continues. He lets her know she needs to watch what she says, telling her to ask Antonio and Luis what happens to those who go up against him. He leaves, and Gwen tells Rebecca what's been going on. Rebecca reminds her Ethan is alone and they go to try to catch Theresa trying to get to him, but instead find him holding the grieving woman in his arms as she cries. Never mind the reason, Gwen is now ready to kill her rival. In the Blue Note, Noah woos Fancy with dinner in the store room, while Liz is being arrested in front of Eve and Julian in the bar. When it comes time for Eve to sign the complaint against her sister, however, she tells them she won't do it.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Gloria unexpectedly shows up at Jennifer’s room at the Motor Arms Motel. Sheila quickly jumps into English-accented Jennifer mode and visits with the woman. When Gloria realizes that Jennifer has no intention of bailing Tom out, she happily leaves. Jill can tell that Bobby is hiding something from them. The Bobby that they all knew and loved wouldn’t be more interested in anything else but his family and trying to be with him. Bobby makes JT promise to take care of Brittany for as long as he is gone. JT promises but when he tries to question Bobby about what this is all about, Bobby turns and leaves. Brittany gets one last visit from Bobby. He seems the same. He says that he misses his baby and would like to be with his family. He has to stay away for a while longer though. He kisses the baby and Brittany’s forehead which mystifies Brittany. “Why didn’t he kiss me?" she is left wondering. Sheila appears to Lauren on the roof in a hooded cloak. Lauren tells herself that this isn’t really happening but somehow can’t deny it when Sheridan suddenly takes off the hood revealing herself.

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