Wednesday 10/12/05 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 10/12/05 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Derek and Livia return home to Danielle and inform her that Garrett was killed in self-defense after holding two women hostage and she was right that he's a pervert with an obsession about young girls her age. Dixie returns to her "family". JR lets Jamie hold little Adam. Everybody is in awe of what this woman has done for this family. Dell burns the letter that reveals who she is. Stuart doesn't want to tell anybody her secret. Babe and Krystal conclude that that woman has worked magic for JR, Jamie, little Adam and Tad and it doesn't even matter what her real name is. Brooke feels the same way and asks Tad why he is not happy when he should be elated. Tad reveals to "Dixie" that he knows that she is a fake and is really Dixie's half sister. Julia is really happy to be back and no longer have to have a false identity. Zach lets her stay at his suite. She reveals to him, however, that she did not kill Garrett in self-defense. She wanted to murder him. Anita and Sam come to welcome her back.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

BJ is bothered to hear that Katie is in California taking some master classes for the show. His disappointment is not loss on Mike who questions where BJ’s interests lie with Katie. BJ feigns amusement that he is into Katie. He is interested in her as an investment. Mike and BJ later go see a house investment BJ is ‘looking into’. Mike is curious since he thought BJ was only in town for a couple months? He likes to buy, fix up and sell old houses. Mike is convinced and takes the job. BJ tells Mike to look at the ceiling because something is wrong with it; Mike does and ends up being knocked to the ground unconscious. Maddie is concerned about BJ. Henry wants her to keep quiet because of the salary he is now bringing in, and the clothes he can buy her. They both have their reservations, but mums the word. Emily tries to convince the nurse not to tell Jen the truth, but when the nurse overhears Jen talking to Dusty about her, she decides to tell her the truth. Emily tries softness, hardness then subtle threats. She convinces the nurse to leave town ASAP, and if she needs cash to call her. Dusty and Jen find out they have been had – the woman who called them to delay the meeting was not the PI’s assistant. Gwen and Will almost kiss, but Gwen is nervous. When the baby fusses, Will goes to get gel for his gums. Iris finds Gwen at the room, and tries to convince her to come home with her because she and Cass worked it out with the judge. Gwen almost believes her until Will comes back and says he recognizes her; Iris is working for Carly. Iris realizes she has to move fast. She leaves under the pretense of giving them time to think about their choices. Once outside though, Iris makes a call – she has information. Iris is waiting in NYC when Carly, Jack and the police show up wanting to know where Gwen and the baby are? She will tell them, but not before they make a deal!

B&B Recap Written by Beth

Bridget finally believes Stephanie! Bridget is extremely bitter and hurt. Brooke tries to explain her way out of it but Bridget is tired of listening and leaves. Ridge makes himself look very pompous as he tells the therapist that he still loves and desires Brooke but Taylor will need to get over it.

Jackie and Nick mull over the situation, of Bridget being with Stephanie. Jackie asks Nick if he can ever forget Brooke. Nick says no, but they are both committed to Bridget's happiness. Bridget comes back to the Marlin to confront Nick on what she knows.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Abby enlists Max and Chelsea’s help in hosting a Salem U fall mixer and night walk to raise money. Lucas agrees to fill in for Shawn as the bartender at Alice’s much to Nicole and Kate’s annoyance but Lucas enjoys meeting the new waitress. Kate offers Lucas a chance to work at Basic Black but Lucas refuses to take a handout. Kate asks Victor to help research Alex and overhears him talking on the phone about looking for someone to replace Brady. Sami and Austin argue over Sami’s desire to keep one of her wedding gifts and Sami finally gives in to all of Austin’s hopes for her except staying away from Kate. Nicole stops by Sami’s apartment and tries to intercept Austin’s offer to take Sami to dinner. Austin slips out unnoticed while Sami and Nicole argue over going out as a group leaving Sami and Nicole to run off after him in a race to see who can get to him first. Frankie promises Lexie and Jack that he will be there for Jennifer. Jack tracks Jennifer down after she runs off to the park and holds her as she sobs.

GH Recap Written by Amanda 

Emily backs out of telling Nik about Courtney, instead she and he begin planning a surprise wedding for Lucky and Liz. Jason and Sam enjoy their life in Hawaii even as Ruiz plots to trouble paradise. Courtney can't have a paternity test for weeks yet. Jax's divorce papers arrive at Nik's house. Emily tells Courtney she knows the truth. Brook is sure that Diego is the stalker. The Ruiz that was in a coma wakes, goes to Hawaii and tells Jason he's obligated to let Jason live since Jason saved his brother, however, he'll make Jason's life torture unless Jason shoots him now. Alexis takes the opportunity to lambast Jax and Nik for throwing away their marriages. Diego drugs Brook and takes her to an isolated place and tells her how angry he is about Sage's death and the way she was treated before her death. Jax asks for Alexis to delay his divorce. Jessy talks about his late sister. Robin and Mac talk on the phone. Ruiz beats Jason.

GL Recap Written by Jennie

Jeffrey offers Edmund a deal that he won’t press charges if Edmund leaves town and Cassie and Hope for good. Edmund refuses to take it. Mallet arrests Edmund and makes him wait around the hospital with him, much to Edmund’s chagrin. Ava calls Bill and lets him know his dad is drinking again. Bill confronts Billy and later when Reva takes over Billy explains that seeing Bill’s embarrassment over his drinking is what made him realize how bad what happened was. When Bill gets home, Olivia is ready to celebrate his promotion again but Bill leaves due to her insensitivity. He later questions Ava about what happens and she fills him in on Olivia eating one of the olives out of the drinks. Cassie arrives home to find Dinah there. Dinah claimed she did what she did because she was in love with Edmund. Cassie’s comment about how Edmund got the baby surprises Dinah, who later takes baby Hope from the farm, while Jeffrey and Cassie argue on whether Dinah needs to go to the hospital or to jail.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary  

John and Bo obtain additional information on the Jane Doe and her unborn fetus. There  is a blood drive at the Love Center, and everyone participates. Nash and Antonio have a confrontation over Jessica. Nash finds out that Tess does not exist. Jessica emerges in order to save her unborn baby. 

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Tabitha watches the residents of Harmony in her water bowl, joyful over all the pain they are all feeling. Kay comes in after chatting with Fox about work and his feelings about being cut out of his grandfather's will, and asks Tabby to cast a spell that will let him succeed in the business. The old witch warns her young friend it will cost her dearly, but Kay decides it will be worth it and goes ahead with their plan. She lures Fox away from his work and upstairs to bed, awaiting the effects of the spell. As Tabby finishes with it, thunder starts rolling across the town, while no clouds are in sight. Gwen finds Theresa in Ethan's arms as he comforts her and launches into a full fledged attack on her, tackling her to the floor and trying to kill her. Ethan pulled her off, then let Theresa know he will never leave Gwen. Once Theresa left the kitchen, totally unconvinced by his protestations, he tells Gwen he's not happy with her for acting the way she did.

Chris is taking too long to get packed and out of Harmony, so the FBI agent tries to hurry him along by telling him he's a dead man if he doesn't leave now. Sheridan walked into the room at that point and whined about not being able to stand losing anyone else. She goes to pack up Jamie's clothes, and as the men are leaving, the FBI man gets a call about Luis' body, and thunder starts rolling in a totally clear sky. Pilar, still mourning the loss of another of her sons, listens to Martin telling Katherine he will never renounce their love, even to marry Pilar, and walks into the room in time to stop them from kissing passionately. Katherine apologizes for what she must have heard, then leaves, as Martin tries to convince Pilar he really loves her. All the people in town hear the thunder and wonder what it is and where it's coming from, as Tabby silently tells them all, while watching them in her bowl, that the thunder brings more pain and suffering for all of them.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis   **One Day Ahead

Sheila shows up at the jail where Tom is. He begs her to get him out of there but she can’t find the $50,000 to get him out. What does he think she is made of? Tom threatens to reveal that she was asking him about poisons. She tells him to go ahead as that isn’t illegal.

Lauren gets increasingly ill as the poison starts taking effect. Gina notices that she is not okay, but Lauren is determined to give Michael the night of his life. Scott realizes that he has left his cell-phone at Brenda’s place and heads over there to get it, but before he arrives, Sheila realizes that the phone is at her place and makes a note of Lauren’s number.

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