Tuesday 10/11/05 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 10/11/05 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

JR apologizes to Kendall for falsely accusing her of giving him back Chandler in order for Krystal to take the money from his father in the divorce settlement. When she finds out that he was just upset because his mother is missing and he's afraid she's dead, she tells him he doesn't have to apologize or blame himself. He asks her how to get over a grudge, remembering that his mother asked him to do her a favor and lay off the spite games with Jamie and Babe and he now regrets that he could not do that for her. HE then goes to tell the two of them that he no longer wants to make trouble for them and won't pull the plug on Jamie's dream if they want to get back together. Babe knows that he is "playing nice" because his mother is missing. Ryan tells Erin that he had no idea that Greenlee would not be able to get on with her life without him. And he reveals that he is having second thoughts about staying dead and might want to go back to her. At the Nova Scotia hospital, Greenlee spots Jonathan and at first wants to alert the hospital that that guy is a murderer. But she then remembers offending Erin by trashing her dead brother. So she "realizes" that Jonathan is dead just like her husband. Kendall reveals to Simone that she's worried about what will happen if she is not pregnant. because if she is not, this is the last chance to have Ryan's baby because the last of his frozen donations defrosted in the power outage. Julia manages to shoot Garrett and he is on the ground unable to hurt her or Dixie. Tad, Zach and Derek come to rescue them and it doesn't look like either of the women are in any kind of trouble. It looks like Garrett may be dead though.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna 

Lily and Keith have a stressful talk about their relationship, or lack of one now thanks to Lily ending things after what happened with Luke. Lily wants him to move off her property as well. Keith intends on not letting Lily forget what they shared. Luke chooses to forgive Keith, but Lily claims she cannot. Keith later tells JJ that he has to move, but he is not leaving town because he has invested too much here now. Ms. Clemens offers Gwen and Will a place to stay and an ear to listen with. Will continues to take care of Gwen, which isn’t lost on her. They end up lying side by side in bed; will they give into their growing feelings? Meanwhile, Iris is hot on Gwen’s trail, and confronts Ms. Clemens bitterly about her hiding her daughter from her. Jack and Carly are one step behind Iris and two behind Gwen. They call Cass to find out if he knows where his clients are? He does not, but warns that there is more to them then meets the eye. They hear Iris has head to New York City, and the two jump on a plane to find Rory and bring him home. Dusty and Jen are in Tampa setting up a meeting with Nurse Thompson via his PI, but Emily cuts them off at the pass. Emily confronts the nurse in the lobby in order to keep Dusty and Jen from talking with her. Will she be seen when Dusty and Jen walk into the room that they are in?

B&B Recap Written by Beth

Stephanie has seemingly convinced Bridget that her mother declared her love to Nick. Nick goes to Eric's office looking for Bridget. He wants to know why Eric told Stephanie. Eric's lawyer questions his decision for a quickie divorce. Eric is sure he tells him.

Hector daydreams about he and Taylor. Ridge comes to pick up Taylor for counseling. Hector tells her he doesn't think Ridge will make her happy. Brooke shows up at Stephanie's where it's too late. Bridget wants answers NOW.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Belle and Philip arrive home for their first night alone with Claire. Mimi ends up burning the dinner and Philip invites them over to enjoy their Chinese take out dinner. Belle bursts into tears at various moments including whenever she hears of or sees Shawn dote on Mimi but hides her true feelings from Philip. Marlena and Alex talk over whether kicking John out was the right thing to do. Alex gets Marlena to dance with him. Kate asks John to stay at her suite and they discover that they can see the penthouse from Kate’s window. Jennifer refuses to believe that Jack is dying. Frankie admits to Lexie that he knew that Jack was dying and that he really came back to Salem to see Jennifer.

GH Recap Written by Lisa

Sonny and Javier trade threats. Ric is alarmed when he sees Javier with Alexis. Sonny is going to have Ric, Alexis and Kristina guarded around the clock. Manny Ruiz awakens from his coma and wants to have Jason, Ric and Sonny killed. Courtney tries to push Emily back towards Nikolas. Emily overhears Sonny and Courtney talking and learns Courtney is pregnant. Sonny tells Emily he believes Nikolas has a right to know about Courtney's baby. Emily goes to see Nikolas.

Lainey works with Jesse and Maxie in trying to identify the stalker. Jesse overreacts and brutally attacks Diego after Diego insults Brook Lynn. Lucas admits to Georgie that he's gay. Tracy explains to Luke how she had Vinnie kidnap Skye. Tracy will only release Skye if Alcazar signs over his ELQ stock to her. Luke goes to Alcazar, who claims he doesn't care what happens to Skye

GL Recap Written by Jennie 

Harley has invited the Coopers over to supper, including Lizzie; to Beth’s disappointment that Lizzie won’t accept an invitation from her but will from Harley. Harley and Beth argue. Lizzie and Coop exchange anniversary gifts and Coop is a little upset with Lizzie for spending so much. Beth overhears this and plants more seeds of doubt in his mind. Lizzie later finds out from Ava about borrowing money from a loan shark. Gus admits to Harley that he has been reading Blake’s book. Mallet, Ross, Cassie, and Edmund all wait to find out what Dinah has to say but a nurse kicks them out of her room. After Edmund pulls the fire alarm, Cassie and Edmund go back into Dinah’s room so Cassie can get her purse to find she is gone. Mallet slaps handcuffs on Edmund after he won’t give answers to what he had to do with the fire. Cassie goes back to the farm and Dinah is there and collapses into her arms.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary 

Spencer threatens David if he doesn’t keep Dorian out of his business. Bo gets the forensic reports back, and it is definitely murder in the case they are investigating. Rex offers his help to obtain information. Tess is at the clinic to have an abortion. Jessica emerges, and vows that she will not let her destroy her baby. Antonio heads to Brennan Winery. Nash renames the winery, “Free Spirit Winery”. Bo enlists Todd’s help in running an ad in the, “Sun” to obtain information on anyone who might have information in the Jane Doe case.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Ethan rants and raves at Theresa for supposedly lying to him, tricking him, and liking sex with Alistair, until she slapped the snot out of him and set him straight. He finally got the message as to what's really going on, and he still feels the need to try to protect her. Sheridan continued to wail and mourn for her own loss once the FBI agent told them Luis is dead, but leave it to her to cry the hardest because his death means Marty is gone for good now. Chris finally leaves, and then she cries about losing him, too. Oh, boo hoo! Meanwhile Pilar and Katherine have kind words for each other, and the mother who is grieving the loss of yet another son has to put her grief aside to minister to the woman who sent her son off to his death in the first place.

Sam continues to grill Paloma, Simone, and Jessica about the dead john and Jess's earring that he found near the body. They come up with one tale after another, until he says it would be better for him to take them into the other room seperately to see if their stories hold up. The girls are afraid of what will happen, but Noah and Ivy talk Sam out of doing what his police instincts tell him is the right thing, meaning the girls are off the hook, at least for now.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Drucilla learns from Yolanda’s doctor that her coverage for rehab has run out and that Yolanda hasn’t been cooperating all that much. She has been clean for a while now, but the doctor feels that Yolanda will be using on the streets again in no time. Drucilla would like to help, but Neil says that he can’t deal with Yolanda’s problems right now. He has problems of his own. Brad is offended when Ashley asks him if he is interested in Victoria’s company, or her ‘company’. Brad tells Ashley that her concerns stem from the fact that he is not the available stay-at-home-dad that she had at her beck and call. “I have moved on Ashley and that bothers you.”

Neil gets his back up when Victoria dismisses his concerns about the way that the campaign is going. Victoria is disappointed when Neil shows signs of concern about Brad moving in and taking over. Neil sees that he can get nowhere with this woman and apologizes for being the one to tell the emperor that she has no clothes. Once Neil gets home, he gets on the horn and leaves a message for Phyllis that he would like to have a chat about her job proposal. Tom is in a pickle. He gets angry with Christine when he doesn’t receive bail like he expected to. He lied to Christine forgetting to tell her about an outstanding warrant that he had pending. Due to that, the judge doesn’t let Tom out of jail and bail is set at half a million dollars. Victoria gets word from Jack that she is being played both in the office and personally. Victoria says that she has no idea what Jack is talking about. He tells her that Brad is still married to Ashley and hasn’t even filed for his divorce papers yet.

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