Monday 10/10/05 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Monday 10/10/05 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Mimi reveals to Garrett that Tad and Zach believe that he is responsible for the threats on Julia's life. But does she believe them? Alone with his wife, Garrett tells Mimi that Pine Valley is not as "friendly" as people say it is and maybe they should pack up and move. She tells her husband she is with him. He knows so well how to charm and fool her. Zach and Tad are ready to tail him and attempt to save Dixie and Julia. Stuarts comes to tell them that he has some very important information. Dixie tells Julia that she must not take the law into her own hands with Garrett. They must hand him over to the cops. But Julia tells Dixie she is too naive to believe that will do any good. He can ruin both of their lives and charm his way through the legal system. They both fight him but he's too clever to be fooled by them. After hearing Greenlee reveal to Erin that she cannot go on without him, Ryan admits to his sister that maybe he did the wrong thing to go away and leave Greenlee after all. Greenlee just happens to help a lady at the Nova Scotia hospital, when she sees Jonathan getting wheeled through the hallway.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna 

Lily and Sierra accompany Lucinda to the hospital to have her surgery. They bring some comforts of home, but Lucinda would like them home and then leave. She needs some time to herself, and she doesn’t want to feel as if she is going to be staying at the hospital for any longer then necessary by having the comforts of home with her. Keith visits Luke to see if he is ok. He apologizes for not being the one to find him. He admits that he owed Lily money, and that is why he was desperate to get the money so quickly because everyone thinks he is a deadbeat. He feels horrible that Lily wants nothing to do with him now. He does encourage Luke to continue flying though. Luke thanks him for coming to see him. As Keith is leaving, Lily arrives home. Casey tells Maddie about Gwen when he learns from Hal that Will and Gwen are on the run. Are they getting closer? Will and Gwen have a close call with the police on their way to New York City to see her old teacher, Ms. Clemens. They arrive in NYC and Gwen asks Will to approach Ms. Clemens for her. Carly and Jack continue to search for Gwen. Carly thinks if they find Gwen’s mom then they will find Gwen – little does she know! Carly wonders if Parker could use his abilities to find Rory that he used to find Jack? Iris tries to manipulate Gwen into having her tell her where she is. Then, she overhears a woman ask Gwen about a bus to Time Sq and sees a postcard from NYC, and then puts it together.

B&B Recap Written by Beth

Brooke tells Stephanie NOT to tell Bridget ANYTHING. Nick walks in and Stephanie tells him she knows about the night on the boat. Nick chases Stephanie out. Bridget has Dante meet her at Chuck's, he brings her the portrait he drew of her. Eric's lawyer brings him the divorce papers. Eric signs. Jackie daydreams about Eric asking him to marry her.

Bridget is at Chuck's when Stephanie grabs her and forces her to leave with her. She brings Bridget to her home and tells her about the night between her mother and Nick. Bridget looks stunned.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Marlena insists that John move out and he reluctantly does so. Kate tries to get John to press charges against Sami for being a drug dealer but he refuses. Alex slips a drug into Marlena’s tea and plays the music again. Bo and Caroline entice Shawn to pursue Mimi. Mimi runs into Caroline at the salon later and Mimi decides to take Caroline’s advice of cooking Shawn’s favorite meal over Bonnie’s advice of literally branding him. Jack has a tearful talk with Jack Jr. Jennifer tries to get answers from Lexie about the pills but Lexie refuses to break the rule of confidentiality. Jennifer then confronts Jack about the pills and he is forced to admit that he’s dying.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Nik resists Courtney's attempts to break up with him. Emily appears to be enjoying her life at Sonny's, though Reese is somewhat off put by this. Lucky and Liz are back to money worrying. Tracy taunts her kidnapper. Sam and Jason's new place is trashed. Luke refuses to ransom Tracy. The kidnapper starts marking Tracy's price down, desperate to get free of her. Liz and Lucky set a wedding date. After Skye threatens to sleep with Lorenzo, Luke agrees to pay the ransom. Courtney asks Sonny to kick Em out. He refuses and guesses her secret.

GL Recap Written by Jennie 

Cassie and Jonathan have a nice conversation and she tells Jonathan about getting cotton candy for Tammy when she is having a hard time. Sandy wakes up from unconsciousness after Tammy promises God that she would never see Jonathan again. His first words to Tammy are “just go”. She figures out that he saw her and Jonathan together. Later when Jonathan shows up at the hospital with cotton candy for Tammy, she tells him that Sandy knows and they can never see each other again. Dinah is caught in the fire and she calls Cassie for help. Cassie tells Dinah she knows what she has done but they get disconnected. Dinah almost dies in the fire but Mallet rescues her just in time. He presses redial on her phone and lets Cassie know what happened. Edmund tries to stop Cassie from going to the hospital to see Dinah but she tells him that he is crazy if he thinks that she won’t talk to Dinah herself. Josh comes to Outskirts after being called by Olivia and after finding Billy drunk he takes him off of the Venezuelan account. Billy fights at first but later admits he is a drunk. After Josh leaves, Billy pours himself another drink. Josh asks Bill to take over the account from his father.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary 

Bo and John find the bodies of Margaret and the baby. Duke and Adriana reconcile. Todd and Blair decide to leave town. Bo and Paige tell Matthew the bad news about his Mother.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Sam tries to find out whether Jessica killed the John or not, and she finally breaks down and admits it. Then he tries to find out if Simone was the one who helped her clean up, and Simone came up with a story to cover them both, saying Jessica was admitting to getting her blood on her clothes when she was cutting herself again. When Sam sees her stomach is cut, he seems to believe her, then pulls the earring he gave Jess out of his pocket and asked how it got beside the dead guy in the hotel room. No answer yet. Theresa tried to get away from Alistair, but he made it clear she could go, but she'd never see Little Ethan again. Once she realized she couldn't leave, he tried to rape her again, but Katherine came in and stopped him, then went to get Ethan. By the time he got back, Alistair had forced Theresa to say words expressing how much she was enjoying herself, although she wasn't. Ethan believed she had lied to him, and a later encounter in the kitchen caused him to attack her verbally.

Sheridan is still upset that Luis might be dead, changing from not even wanting to talk to him until he finds Marty to being in full mourning that he might be dead. Can you say "two-faced"? Martin starts to call Katherine, but Pilar catches him and he tried to make it sound innocent, only for Sheridan's sake. Pilar realizes Sheridan needs her mother, so she tells him to call her, but later overhears him saying he can't get the memories of Katherine out of his head. Chris tells the FBI man he won't leave because Sheridan needs him, and she begs him not to leave her and take James away. Gary gets a call from the FBI lab with the results of the DNA tests on the body they found, but didn't tell the answer today. Is it Luis or isn't it?

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Christine is surprised to learn that the man that she has been selected to defend is Tom Fisher, and that Tom is positive that Michael set him up on these drug charges. Ashley tells Jack that she was a little disturbed when she realized that Victoria didn’t like Abby. Jack feels that she must have misread some signals, but later on is sad to see that his sister is right. In front of Brad, Ashley and Jack Victoria clearly shows her disinterest in Abby when she shies away from the child’s invitation to go riding at the ranch together.

Sheila needs to find a way to be with Lauren at the time of her death. She presumes that Lauren will die that night. She overheard Lauren saying that she wanted to make a romantic rooftop dinner at the Athletic Club that night. Sheila convinces Scott to take Michael out on the town with Kevin. That way, Lauren will be alone and Sheila can reveal what has been going on to her. Neil tries to pretend that he isn’t interested in an offer from Phyllis to join Jabot. Phyllis who has been sent to make the offer by Jack, points out to Neil that he hasn’t been treated very nicely in spite of the years of service he has given Newman. Brad on the other hand is getting everything that he wants and more and he tried to steal the company from Victor at one time. Lauren arrives at the Athletic Club to meet Gloria and Gina for a breakfast meeting to do with the wedding. She suddenly doesn’t feel right and touches her chest feeling that maybe she has had too much coffee that morning.

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