Thursday 10/6/05 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Thursday 10/6/05 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Erica confronts Dr. Madden telling him that he is corrupt and unethical to want to implant Kendall with how it will damage her. He tells her that he has an honorable profession and he has proven that Kendall physically and emotionally ready for it. But she does not buy that and she threatens to take his license to practice medicine. Greenlee tells Kendall she wants to take a trip to Nova Scotia and pay a surprise visit to Erin Lavery. But Kendall tells her that it might not be a good idea. They know nothing about Erin's emotional state or if she wants a visit from Greenlee. It might just devastate Greenlee if Erin in any way blames her for her brothers' death. Sam, Anita and Lily go to confront Zach for Julia's disappearance. In Nova Scotia, after Jonathan's surgery, he tells Ryan that they need to go back to Pine Valley and see Greenlee and all the others they know. But Ryan says they cannot. Erin asks Ryan what the harm would be in going to Pine Valley. Right when Greenlee is alone, she gets on the phone to book a flight to Nova Scotia and plans to go alone.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Lucinda tells her family that the cancer has spread rapidly and she has decided too have a mastectomy. Meg remains determined to help Jennifer find her baby so Dusty can concentrate on her instead of Jennifer. Carly remains determined to do everything possible to make sure Gwen doesn't take Rory away from her. Keith returns to Oakdale to face an angry Lily. Gwen kidnaps Rory from the hospital and packs her things to leave town with him. Paul is determined to keep Dusty and Meg from discovering the truth about Rory. Paul makes plans to take Jennifer and Emily to live in Italy. Dusty and Jennifer discover the whereabouts of Nurse Thompson and pack their things to go pay her a visit.

B&B Recap Written by Beth

Stephanie and Eric continue to battle over telling Bridget about Brooke being in love with Nick. Eric forbids her to tell. Stephanie heads right over to Nick's boat. Bridget point blank asks Brooke if she still has feelings for Nick. Brooke admits she does, because he loves Bridget so much.

Brooke and Nick discuss how to keep Stephanie quiet when Jackie walks in. They explain their plight to Jackie who vows to defend Nick and Bridget's marriage. Jackie shows up on the boat to drop off wedding photos where she finds Stephanie. Stephanie threatens to get Bridget to believe her. Jackie vows to stop her.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

John gets word from Tek that Alex has left the penthouse and John heads off in search of Marlena. Alex lures Marlena to the Java Café where he uses the pendant to place a request with her claiming that it will prevent any further damage to her recovery. John finds Marlena sitting alone at the Java Café and they share a pleasant conversation until Alex catches Marlena’s eye with his pendant again and Marlena declares to John that she wants a divorce. Austin comes with Sami and Roman to the police station only to run into Kate there who claims to have more news to add to Sami’s list of crimes. Roman takes Sami into his office for questioning once Mickey arrives but Sami proclaims that she’ll kill herself first if they give her the death penalty. Kate mentions how Sami committed several crimes while over in the war zone while talking to Austin and it gives Austin an idea on how to get Sami off. Mimi and Shawn talk about their kiss the night before. Shawn claims that the kiss was a mistake and to save face, Mimi agrees. Secretly, they each think about how the kiss really meant something to them.

GH Recap Written by Lisa

Sam and Jason try to settle into their new life in Hawaii but Jason can't escape his past. Jesse has no choice but to reveal his status as an undercover agent to one of his female professors.

Georgie becomes jealous when she sees Dillon with another girl. Seth suddenly collapses at the dorm party. Skye gets a lead on Luke's whereabouts

GL Recap Written by Jen 

Olivia still pushes Bill to let her be a bigger part of Lewis Oil. Upset at seeing Billy with the new clients she switches out his drinks for one of the clients, allowing Billy to fall off the wagon. Tammy takes off the engagement ring but tells Sandy that if he just wakes up she will never disappoint him again. Harley admits that she likes being CEO of Spaulding despite all of the work. Jeffrey gets an item with DNA out of a locker at the hospital, unknowing that Edmund has switched Michelle’s nameplates. The DNA tests that Jeffrey runs shows that Michelle is not Hope’s mother. Edmund later tries to get his lawyer to draw up fake adoption papers for Hope. Dinah finds a hole in her captivity. After Mallet saves Gus at their bust, Gus wants to know if Harley and Mallet slept together while in prison.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary 

Dorian blackmails Spencer into canceling Kelly’s medical procedure or she will go to the Buchanan’s with the information that she obtained off his computer. Tess goes to the family planning center to get help on her pregnancy. R.J. blames John for him losing custody of Jaime. R.J. and Lindsay say a sad farewell to Jaime. Antonio invites Layla to go to Napa Valley with him to search for Jessica.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Alistair brings his bride home, and the servants are lined up, ready to pledge their loyalty to her. She tells them there's no need to bow, etc, but Alistair says it's her due. Gwen has conniptions when the nanny asks Theresa if there's anything else she wants her to do with Jane now that she's down for the night. Gwen reminds her that she and Ethan are Jane's parents, but Alistair lets it be known that won't be for long. Gwen runs, whining, upstairs, where she continues to rant and rave and blame Ethan. He goes to get her some warm milk to calm her down. Alistair tells Theresa to get ready for their honeymoon night, but the disgusted woman makes an excuse and asks for a little time. He says it's ok, but she'd better hurry and get upstairs to get ready for him. She changes clothes and goes to the kitchen, where she finds Ethan, and he tries to convince her to leave Alistair and Jane there and he'll help her and Little Ethan run away where the Old Lizard will never find her. Once he tells Gwen about it, she pooh-poohs it, saying it will never happen. As Theresa is packing her bag, Alistair bursts in, ready for his night of pleasure with his new bride. She tries not to puke.

Simone and Paloma burn Jessica's bloody clothes, then bury the ashes in a planter, but when Sam gets home it's still smoking, and he pokes around, finding parts of the bloody clothing. He enters the house, where Noah and Ivy are thrilled to have Jessica home, and starts talking about the murder, then asks Jess if she knows anything. She says no, but later tells her friends she thinks her dad doesn't believe her, which he doesn't. He wants to turn her in, but Noah and Ivy question that move. He feels it will go easier on her if she does. Sheridan and Chris talk about Luis coming back, and she is seeming a bit more excited to see him again, when a man bursts in and starts yelling at Chris. Seems he's FBI, angry that Chris blew his cover, and then he has some bad news for Sheridan - Luis is dead.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Jill offers to carry the baby to the airport in her car so that she can spend a little more time with him before he leaves. Sheila learns that the woman that she was convicted of killing is alive. This gives her hope for clearing her name. When Tom isn’t nearby, Ashley plants drugs from her shoulder bag in the bags on Tom’s motorbike. Michael comes face to face with ‘Jennifer’ but doesn’t recognize who she really is. Jill has a gun shoved in her side and she is ordered to hand over the baby chair with the blanket over it.

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