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AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Erica tells Kendall that she urges her to come clean and stop keeping the secret from her about what she and Greenlee are up to. Kendall then reveals to her mother that she volunteered to carry Ryan and Greenlee's baby when Greenlee cannot. She clarifies that it was her decision and Greenlee did not ask her. Greenlee tells Erica that Kendall saved her life. Erica appears supportive to the two of them, but secretly goes and tells Dr. Madden that he cannot get her daughter pregnant or she will make him pay. Dr. Madden tells Josh that it is crucial that he does not consider having anything "romantic" with Kendall although he cannot tell his son why. Krystal and Babe have still not told the others that Dixie is a fake. And David thinks it's hilarious that he will have the opportunity to devastate JR, Adam and Tad. Krystal does not think that is funny however and doesn't want to hurt them. While Jonathan is recovering from brain surgery, Erin tells Ryan that he really should consider going back to Greenlee and their baby. Jonathan even indicates that he wants to return to Pine Valley. But Ryan cannot. Greenlee reveals to Kendall that she has had a P.I. track down Erin Lavery for her and she plans to go and surprise Erin. Little does she know what she is in store for if she considers doing that.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Holden and Lily discuss their future. Lily is unsure because they had so many problems, but Holden is sure enough for the both of them. In the end, Lily admits that she never stopped loving him. Lucinda arrives and is thrilled to see Lily and Holden close, but admits later that she got a second opinion, and she will be getting a mastectomy. Katie is still uncomfortable around BJ, and so Mike tries to distract her by giving her a snow angel, and the key to a suite at the Lakeview, where he plans on romancing her till she forgets her concerns. Henry, with help from Maddie’s computer knowledge, figures out BJ and Byron are one and the same, and he calls BJ on it. After some back and forth, BJ finesses Henry into staying silent by asking him to become his assistant, complete with a competitive salary and a suite at the Lakeview. Henry wonders why BJ wants to stay quiet about who he is, but after BJ/Byron convinces Henry he will keep him honest, Henry accepts. Carly rails at Gwen about not meaning to hurt her brother, and she continues to babble on and on, until she realizes Gwen doesn’t know about what Iris and Cass are doing. In the middle of this heated exchange, Carly finds out Rory has to go to the doctor, and she hightails it out of there, much to Gwen’s anger and confusion. Gwen corners Iris and demands to know about Carly’s past; Iris tells her that Carly killed her baby brother, forgetting to mention that he was also her child. Gwen goes ballistic. Cass and Iris try to calm her down and have her trust them, but after Gwen overhears them talking about her chances, she yells to Iris that she will get her baby back on her own – without her or Cass’ help!

B&B Recap Written by Beth

Bridget stops at Stephanie's and leaves angry because Stephanie cannot let it go that Nick is in love with Brooke. Eric questions Brooke about Big Bear and seeing Nick there. Brooke sticks to her story that Nick wanted to go where he and Bridget fell in love. Brooke assures him she can put him in her past for her daughter.

Dante stops by Nick's office to warn him not to hurt Bridget. Nick tells him to stay away from Brooke. Dante questions which bothers Nick more, how he feels about Bridget or how he doesn't want Brooke to find a new man. Eric tells Stephanie and makes her promise to keep it quiet about the night on the boat. How they declared their love but once they found out Bridget didn't abort the baby they decided to put it behind them for Bridget's sake. Stephanie appalled threatens to warn Bridget again. Eric stops her.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

John discovers that Alex has not practiced psychiatry in 10 years but Alex has an excuse for the time lapse. John drives Marlena to her salon appointment but while he waits in the car, Alex uses a familiar tune over the phone to lure Marlena out of the salon. Kate runs into Roman at the Java Café and learns that while Roman agrees that Kate was right to turn Sami in, he still blames her for pushing Sami to that point. Lucas meets Kate at the café to return her wedding gift. Lucas stops by to talk to Sami and ends up arguing with Sami and Austin. Roman arrests Sami for treason.

GH Recap Written by Amanda 

Skye disrupts Lorenzo's meeting with Ruiz. Carly is checked into Roselawn. Despite Emily's asking, Jason tells her and then Monica he and Sam are leaving. Jax and Courtney have an amiable conversation in which they release some of their negativity. Courtney tells Mike that she's pregnant. Lainie is sure Justus is investigating her secrets. Lorenzo tells Skye she's going to have to choose between him and Luke soon. Small, beautiful moments, that's what life is made of.

GL Recap Written by Jen

Harley and Gus prepare to move into the Spaulding mansion and after Beth’s over the top welcome lets Beth know that she is now the owner of the mansion also. She tells Beth that Lizzie and Coop are welcome to come and go as they please without anyone interfering in their lives. Gus lets Mallet know that he thinks that he is butting into his and Harley’s lives and later starts to read Blake’s book. Beth uses Blake’s book to get back at Harley with the help of Alan. Ava tells Billy and Reva the Jonathan is upset over a girl and Reva later tells Jonathan to go after her and once he gets her to never let her go. Olivia pressures Bill to go after a new account at Lewis Oil, one that Billy decides to take on himself. Tammy arrives at the hospital to find out that Sandy is still unconscious but is breathing again. She blames herself for not being with Sandy at the time of the accident when she was with Jonathan. She later slips on Sandy’s engagement ring on her finger.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary  

Kelly and Dorian argue over the idea of her having a baby with Kevin. Duke and Ginger kiss. Bo finds out that Nora might not ever wake up. Bo faces a crisis as to what to tell Matthew if this should happen. Spencer catches Ginger in his office, and harasses her that she doesn’t know who she is messing with. They keep showing Llantano Lake. Kevin insists that Adriana let Duke go for good.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Fancy is upset that she won't have money to live the way she loves anymore, so Noah tells her to get a job. She reacts as if he told her to suck on a toad. He explains that she can either get a job and stay with him, or stay away from him and hope Alistair will write her back into his will. She decides she wants to stay with Noah. Simone and Paloma get Jessica home, and burn all the evidence against her Simone had gathered from the hotel room where the dead John is. Paloma is worried about being arrested herself for smuggling drugs into the country. Sam and Eve arrive at the hotel room and start collecting evidence, etc, before the homicide team gets there. Sam finds an earring he knows is Jessica's, but tells the cop who is helping him he found nothing.

Julian tells Rebecca he will find a way out of her contract, one way or the other, but she's sure there is no way. Gwen tells Ethan to talk to Theresa again so she will leave Alistair and the power marrying him gives her. He does so, but Theresa is only willing to leave the marriage if Ethan agrees to be with her and the children, and he refuses. Ivy works on Valerie some more, urging her to go against Kay at work, but later gets upset when she hears Tabitha talking about Endora marrying Little Ethan when they grow up, since they share the same father - or do they? Sheridan tells Chris to have the FBI find Luis, and when he comes back later saying they found him, she is thrilled. A bit premature, maybe.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis   **One Day Ahead

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