Tuesday 10/4/05 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 10/4/05 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

After hearing Kendall tell her that she has a "loving relationship" with Greenlee that his "grown deeper, Erica assumes that her daughter is gay. And right then, Greenlee comes to tell Erica that she'd better "butt out" of her relationship with Kendall. Josh then goes to talk to Kendall as he's promised Erica, awkwardly asking her if she'd be interested in going out with him and whom she thinks is "hotter"; Brad Pitt or Angelina Joli. She doesn't answer any of his questions in a way that confirms what he is asking and tells him she knows he's playing a game with her. So he blurts out that he is asking her if she is gay and that her mother assumes that she and Greenlee are lesbians and asked him to find out for her. Hearing that, Kendall laughs hysterically and goes to pull a prank on her mother. When Erica and Greenlee are arguing, Greenlee assumes that Erica has found out that Kendall is carrying Ryan's baby for her and has no clue that she's concerned about something completely different. Erica assumes that Greenlee is confirming that she and Kendall are lesbians and still has no clue about the surrogacy. Kendall rushes into her mothers office and whispers to Greenlee that Erica believes they are lovers and they must "play her". Greenlee goes along with it and she and Kendall laugh and Erica's expense until Erica knows that she's made a false assumption. But she urges Kendall to come clean with her and stop keeping secrets. And Kendall tells Erica that she will do that for her mother. Dixie and Julia are ready to scam Garrett by pretending that they are his "students" who are under his spell and in love with him. But he knows that Julia does not trust him. Tad and JR are concerned about Dixie and afraid she is in danger. Babe tells JR that she is with him and wants to help find his mother but she also reveals that there is a secret that she knows in regard to Dixie but he does not know the secret.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna 

BJ continues to make Katie uncomfortable as she feels that he is flirting with her. When she calls him on it, he pretends to have no idea what she is talking about. Katie finds out that BJ was the one who sent her the special, and expensive wine, not Henry. She apologizes to Henry, wanting to rekindle their friendship. Later, BJ presses Mike about Katie and his plans to marry. Mike asks BJ about if there is anyone in his life? BJ admits there is someone he has loved since high school, as he stares at the poster of Katie. Later, Katie is still uncomfortable when she finds out BJ gave Mike and expensive trinket. Henry puts two and two together and realizes BJ is Byron when he answers his cell phone. Tom suggests Casey watch himself with Maddie, but Casey claims that he can’t stand her. Maddie and Casey continue to bump into each other. Casey is stopped in his tracks when Maddie asks about Gwen, thanks to Tom. Iris is sure that Gwen will be getting her baby back today thanks to her and Cass. Carly’s secret past will cause her to have to give up Rory in order to keep it quiet. Carly is ready to leave town that night after a visit from Cass, but Jack calms her down and convinces her to stay and fight with him. They enlist the help of Jessica, who is momentarily angry, when she finds out Jack destroyed the evidence she gave him. He appeals to her, and they join forces to stop Iris and Gwen. Later, Jessica has good news because she thinks she might have convinced a judge to consider keeping Carly’s files sealed, but Carly can’t help herself and she goes to see Gwen.

B&B Recap Written by Beth

Ridge asks Brooke if she replaced her love for him with Nick. Ridge tries to get it out of Brooke whether she is in love with Nick. Bridget walks in on Nick and Stephanie's conversation. Stephanie demands that Nick tell Bridget that he loves her mother. Nick and Bridget force her to leave the Shady Marlin. Nick and Bridget make love and look at real estate listings.

Brooke calls Bridget to make sure she made it back ok. Bridget tells her mother Stephanie was just there and they made her leave. Brooke shows up at Stephanie and Stephanie tells Brooke she knows something happened with Nick and her when Bridget was testing them by telling them she had an abortion. Brooke denies it and Stephanie vows to prove it.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Jennifer recruits Doug and Julie’s help in planning a party for Jack. Jack tries to punch Frankie and accuses him of falling in love with Jennifer as he asked. Shawn helps Mimi see that she is worth loving and kisses her. Alex finds Lexie trying to check up on his other cases and repeats his threat about telling Abe about her affair with Tek. John checks in with Lexie about her attempts to find out about Alex’s past and Lexie urges John to take over the task. John and Marlena convince Alex to let Marlena come with John to see Belle and Claire. Marlena holds Claire and remembers holding Belle when she was born. Alex interrupts the bonding to proclaim it time to go and Marlena instantly switches from loving mother to a cold obedient woman who jumps at Alex’s direction.

GH Recap Written by Lisa

Carly runs off when Durant wants to have her arrested for attempted murder. Sonny won't allow Carly to entertain thoughts of suicide. Reese convinces Durant not to put Carly into the system. Durant leaves after voicing his love for Carly. Sonny takes Carly to Rose Lawn but is conflicted about leaving her there.

Jason refuses to go to work for Javier. Jason believes he and Sam need to leave town in order to be safe and have the life they want together. Sam and Jason plan on going to Hawaii to be near her brother. Jason visits Emily in the hospital. Alexis wants to share custody of her and Ric's baby with Ric but only if he stops working for Sonny. Ric refuses to abandon Sonny. Emily doesn't think she and Nikolas can get back what they lost. Elizabeth tells Jax she won't be a surrogate for anyone again and believes he and Courtney have a chance to get back together. Courtney doesn't share the news of her pregnancy with either Jax or Nikolas.

GL Recap Written by Jennie 

Cassie tries to tell Michelle the truth about Hope but Michelle keeps interrupting. Cassie tries once more to tell her until Edmund comes outside, warned by Jeffrey that Cassie knows the truth. Michelle sneaks out to go to the airport. Jeffrey goes after her but is too late. Edmund tells Cassie that the baby is not Michelle’s but a baby he bought on the black market since it was Dinah’s idea all along to keep her miscarriage from Cassie and he didn’t know until it was too late. Tammy insists that she is going to marry Sandy but Jonathan doesn’t believe her and they fall into the hay, undressing. On his way to get Tammy to propose to her, Sandy sees Tammy and Jonathan and runs away to the job site he is working on with Josh. While there, Sandy steps into some water and then touches some exposed electrical wires. Sandy is electrocuted and Josh calls Tammy to tell her to get to the hospital right before Sandy stops breathing. Watching Tammy leave, Jonathan finds the roses that Sandy dropped outside of the barn.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary 

R.J. is arrested during the custody hearing for being the one behind the smuggling of goods into Llanview. Antonio is awarded custody of his daughter. Nora developed a fever before Spencer could perform the surgery. Tess is reluctant to tell Nash about the baby. She calls to get the number and location of a family planning clinic.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Jessica and Simone seem to be trapped in the hotel room with the dead John while a Keystone Kop threatens to come in. They manage to get out the bathroom window just as he kicked in the bathroom door. Paloma, having just gotten out of the airport without going to jail for smuggling, comes to help them and is amazed at what has happened. Meanwhile, the Kop alerts Sam to the fact his daughter may be involved in the murder. Everyone at the wedding is uneasy, and once Alistair declares all his heirs are now totally out of his will and only have their trust funds to fall back on, the hooey hits the fan. Chad and Fox get in a knock down, drag out fist fight, and have to be pulled apart, while Fancy can only whine and moan about being broke while Noah tries to figure out what her problem is.

Chris continues to harp at Sheridan, asking her over and over if she's sure she wants Luis to come back to deal with Theresa, but on the other side, she continues to have that blank stare on her face and the inability to decide whether she does or doesn't. After all, if he comes back without Marty, she won't be able to look at him, but Theresa needs him to get her away from Alistair. Oh, what to do. She finally tells him to go ahead and start the search, then spends the rest of the evening wondering if she should have, as he keeps asking if she really, really, really wants them to do the search. Little Ethan is named the heir apparent to the Crane fortune, but even he isn't too happy with it. Gwen is terrified of the now powerful Theresa and demands Ethan talk to her and get her to leave Alistair.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Will be late

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