Monday 10/3/05 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Monday 10/3/05 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Erica tells Kendall that it's odd that she's spending so much time with Greenlee, going everywhere with her, taking care of her and having nothing else in her life. Kendall tells her mother that she loves Greenlee and Greenlee loves her. Hearing that, she asks Josh if he can find out for her if her daughter is gay. He agrees to do it although a bit uncomfortable. Babe tells Krystal the information that David confirmed to her about the true identity of "Dixie". Finding out that her real name is Di Henry and she's Dixie Cooney's half sister, Krystal knows it will devastate Tad to find out that this woman is a fake. Dixie sends Tad a letter telling him about the letter he will soon receive that will change everything. But she does not reveal her true identity to him, nor that the "dragon" is Garrett. She does, however, reveal her secret to Julia when Garrett is holding them in captivity. She tells Julia that she was able to fill an empty void in many people's lives by playing Dixie. And that is the reason she did not expose Garrett for getting Noah killed. She knew that ratting him out would cause him to rat her out. And she urges Julia to team up with her to make Garrett think they are both his "students" and see him as their lord and master. And if he believes that, she tells Julia, then they can outsmart him.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna 

Lily and Holden try to convince Blanco to let Luke go and take them instead. She doesn’t need their money; she wants them dead for their organs. After Lily pushes Blanco, Holden is able to wrestle the gun away from her goon. The police take them away and Blanco refuses to admit to knowing what happened to Keith. Holden and Lily decide to talk about their relationship when they get home. Dusty and Jen partner up to find out the truth about her baby, but tell no one else. Jen gets released from Deerbrook, and Paul and Emily hope it is over, but when Emily sees Meg brushing Jen’s hair, they are suspicious again. After talking to Eli, Meg learns the baby’s father is a close relative to Casey…could it be his uncle Craig? Meg gets a hair sample from Jen to compare to the baby’s DNA, unbeknownst to everyone. Iris persuades Cass to go have him talk to Carly about a ‘deal.’ Carly has earlier bumped into Gwen and told an emotionally overwhelmed Gwen that she is leaving with Rory for Switzerland - indefinitely. Later, Cass tells Carly he suggests that she take his deal with her giving Rory back to Gwen or risk having family and friends find out she murdered an innocent helpless baby boy.

B&B Recap Written by Beth

Ridge tells Eric that he agreed to marriage counseling with Taylor. Thorn pops in for a visit and the 3 men discuss Stephanie, just as they hear a disturbance in Brooke's office. Brooke, Stephanie and Bridget are all arguing. Bridget has taken her mother's side. The men arrive and make Stephanie leave. Bridget announces her marriage is fine.

Massimo tells Nick the only way to get over Brooke is to take Bridget and move out of LA. Nick can't fathom doing that. Stephanie shows up at Nick's boat. Nick isn't happy to see her. She tells him to tell Bridget the truth and end the marriage, Bridget walks in and demands to know what she's doing there.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Philip gets Mimi to agree to be Claire’s godmother and Shawn readily agrees to be Claire’s godfather. Billie and Patrick head to the new dance club, The Craze, where they run into Chelsea and Max but both Chelsea and Billie remain cordial to each other despite their true intentions. Hope isn’t happy to hear that Bo gave Chelsea $250 without proof of what she truly planned to spend the money on. Austin is forced to come between Sami and Kate to stop them from arguing but turns Kate down when she asks him to leave Sami and come home with her.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

After Emily is hurt, Nik finds her and Sonny takes Carly away. Carly insists that Emily fell, that she didn't stab her. Lucky tells Jax that Liz will not be his surrogate again. Courtney goes in for a pregnancy test, that reveals she is pregnant. Jason refuses Sonny's guards. Sonny realizes Carly has to be institutionalized. Emily gets through surgery okay. She does not want to press charges. Ruiz forces Sam to hear his offer of a job for Jason, guarding him, in return for guaranteed protection. Nik stays with Emily.

GL Recap Written by Jen 

Jeffrey tells Cassie about Hope being Michelle’s baby. Cassie refuses to believe it at first but after seeing evidence breaks down in Jeffrey’s arms. Jeffrey tells Cassie that it is her decision when and how to tell people. Cassie at first decides to keep the information to herself and finish the party. Seeing Michelle holding the baby after she arrives at the party, much to Edmund’s dismay, makes her break down and start to tell Michelle. Harley and Mallet discuss Blake’s book and Gus wonders what they are talking about. Harley offers to tell him about the book but Gus says he doesn’t need to know since he is living it with Harley. Marina tells Tammy about almost losing Danny due to her own fault and Tammy tells Marina she thinks Sandy is going to propose. After sneaking away to get some air, Jonathan confronts her in the barn and they fall into yet another embrace. Sandy is upset to find out that Fallon hasn’t done what he has asked of him as he waits for Tammy, he insists she can’t say no.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary 

Tess finds out that her and Jessica are going to have a baby. The custody hearing begins for Antonio. Nora faces immediate surgery for a brain aneurysm. Chris finds out that Carlo was behind his brainwashing.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

The wedding finally takes place, after Alistair grabs a couple of waiters to be the Best Man and Maid of Honor, since no one else would do it. Once it's over, he brings Little Ethan in and announces he's adopting him and will raise him in his image to take over the Crane Empire when Alistair dies. He tells his kids and grandkids they have no part in any of it. Simone finds the hotel room where Jessica is waiting with the dead John. She gets the story from her friend, as much as her drugged-out mind can remember, then tells her to clean herself up while Simone cleans the room. They will then leave before anyone finds out anything is up. Sadly, a neighbor called the police about the noise coming from the room, and they show up just as the girls are getting ready to leave. They are trapped in the apartment with the dead man.

Sheridan continues to waffle over whether Luis should come home to stop Theresa or not. She whines about how she used to love him, but if he comes home without Marty she'll never forgive him, blah, blah, blah. Tabitha is the only one who's happy about the wedding taking place, and she is almost giddy when the evil forces brew up a wild thunderstorm that strikes as the ceremony ends, then quickly goes away. The other guests are confused by it. Paloma and her friend come back to town through the airport, and she's carrying something in her luggage that has her upset. She is told to go talk to the inspectors, who search her luggage and find nothing, but are then alerted to a suspicious package being checked in her name before she passed through customs. What could it be?

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Sharon instigates when she leads Nick to believe that Victoria was the one to come up with the idea to give away Newman stock to an outsider. She watches as Nick orders his sister over the phone to come and meet him immediately. Brad has to take a sudden business trip to Chicago to push 'Seasons'. He told Victoria that they have to fly out on the jet that day, but she can’t make it. She tells him to go alone. When Brad tells Sharon later that he has to take the trip alone, she gives him every reason why she should be the one to take Victoria’s place. Brad makes the arrangements for them. Nick tries to make Victoria see sense, by warning her that she will regret having handed Brad the keys to the kingdom. Nick believes that Victoria is doing what is best for herself and not what is best for the company. Victoria responds by telling Nick that she will not be second-guessed by anyone. Ashley gets Gloria to admit that Tom has been threatening her, and has been talking about her father suddenly dying. Gloria has nothing to worry about as Ashley has promised her that she will not tell her secret. Michael laughs in Tom’s face when he talks of having a chance with Ashley after all. Michael knows that by refusing to believe that Ashley would ever be with a man like him, Tom will try his best to make it happen with Ashley. That is just what Michael wants him to think.

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