Thursday 9/1/05 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Thursday 9/29/05 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Erica is still not accepting the fact that Dr. madden knows the big secret between Greenlee and Kendall involving Greenlee having Ryan's baby. Kendall indirectly reveals to Greenlee that Zach might be more than just a "business partner" to her. Dixie finally tells Tad that he will be able to find out who the mysterious Dragon is by finding the letter she wrote. She tells him that Alfred would know. He goes and finds Alfred who asks him why both he and Zach are obsessed about the letter. After finding out what Garrett is really all about, Julia goes and runs into the bedroom. He locks her in and invites Dixie to come up to the place to talk to him. After David tells JR that Babe is plotting a plan to marry him, Krystal and Babe try to make it sound like Jamie just made it up to tell David so that he could break up Babe and JR. JR knows better. But Babe actually almost gets through to JR by telling him that she just had a thought about little Adam's parents getting back together.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Katie still can't shake the feeling that B.J. has romantic intentions toward her but Mike persuades Katie that she is wrong and B.J. is harmless. Henry makes Maddie send Byron Glass an e-mail telling him she has been sending him e-mails not Katie. B.J. is the one who reads the e-mail and reveals himself to be Byron Glass. Holden and Lily discover Luke has escaped from his captors. The search for Luke continues to draw Lily and Holden closer together. Dusty is determined to discover the truth about Jennifer's baby. Dusty promises Jennifer he won't give up until he finds the truth.

B&B Recap Written by Beth

Brooke and Nick fight their urges at Big Bear. Stephanie has lemonade with Ridge and they talk a bit. Stephanie says she'll lay off Brooke. Taylor tells Gabby she'll never let her have her son.

Stephanie sees Brooke and Nick out her window touching each other's faces. Ridge asks Taylor about marriage counseling. Stephanie shows up at Brooke's office to confront her about what she saw.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Bo and Hope attempt a romantic night on the boat. Billie and Chelsea argue about Billie and Bo’s attempts to replace the Bensons as Chelsea’s parents. In the argument, it comes out that Billie and Kate really were prostitutes in the past and Chelsea rushes to Bo’s side for comfort. Chelsea becomes angry when Bo agrees with Billie and lectures her on driving recklessly to get there. Nicole drags Kate to Chez Rouge so she can see Austin out with Sami. Nicole catches Austin alone and grills him about his feelings for both Sami and her. Kate runs into Sami in the bathroom and taunts her so much that Sami grabs a candlestick and lunges at Kate. Mickey and Maggie purposefully work toward pushing Mimi and Shawn together as a couple when they come to dine at Chez Rouge.

GH Recap Written by Lisa

A delusional Carly believes Emily is a threat to Michael and Morgan. Lainey insists to Sonny that Carly needs to be institutionalized. Sonny unleashes his anger on Jason but quickly regrets his harsh words. Jason feels a slight connection to Sonny.

Ric and Reese realize where they stand in Sonny's life. Lucky and Jax mend fences. Emily wants her and Nikolas to move on with their lives. Courtney continues to feel nauseous. Jax gives Elizabeth some good news.

GL Recap Written by Jennie 

I missed the first 15 minutes due to a news conference so if something is missing I’m sorry.

Michelle goes to Cassie’s to see Hope before the baptism. Cassie is happy to see her but is taken back when Michelle snaps that she knows what is good for this baby. Later Michelle apologizes and Cassie tells her that she needs to let the people in her life help her through the loss of her baby. Marina tells Jeffrey that she thinks something is up with Edmund, but after Frank interrupts and tells Jeffrey that Edmund is the one who has been sending him threatening letters doesn’t tell him the whole story. Marina comes right back though and tells Jeffrey that she thinks Edmund stole Michelle’s baby to give to Cassie. He tells her that she doesn’t have enough proof. He later tells Cassie that he has been getting death threats and that is why he has been staying away. He promises to be at the baptism and later contemplates what Marina told him about Hope. Jonathan uses Ava to make Tammy jealous. Ava doesn’t appreciate it and tells him so, which leads to a conversation about where the money that Ava is making from her two jobs is going. Lizzie is not happy when Coop suggests she sell the faux engagement ring to Sandy so he can propose to Tammy. Lizzie starts mentally spending the money from the ring, which cheers her up till Coop puts her on a budget. She later spills to Tammy that Sandy plans on proposing. Sandy later tells his lawyer Fallon that he plans on marrying Tammy and his job is to keep him from facing criminal charges.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary 

Blair gets a frantic call from her Mother, Addie. Addie thinks that Margaret is there at St. Anne’s, and is going to kill her. Blair rushes to St. Anne’s to see about her Mother, and has a gun. Todd gets a call from Ginger to fill him in on what has been happening. Vangie starts to leave the picture of Natalie (that Christian drew) on Natalie’s desk, but changes her mind at the last moment. John catches her with the picture. Duke tries to make up with Adriana, on the condition that she leave Rex alone. Adriana refuses.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Today's action mostly took place at the Seascape Restaurant, as Alistair's guests digested the news of his impending marriage to Theresa and reacted to it. Pilar and Martin try to talk their daughter out of this stupid idea, but she remains determined. They even enlist Katherine to help, but that does no good. Their one hope comes in the form or remembering Al is already married to Katherine, but he explains that's not true, since he'd had her declared dead when she disappeared years ago. Gwen tells Ethan to talk to Theresa, since she knows if it happens, she will be in big trouble in many ways. Julian tries to get Rebecca to tell him what, exactly, it was he signed to get her testimony that helped Eve go free, but she is still mincing around. Tabitha tries to take home some lobsters, but Endora shows her the error of her ways. Tabby was not amused, and warns her little darling to stop with all the goody-goody stuff and get evil.

And still no Father Lonigan to get the ceremony started. Ivy wants Kay to leave Fox alone, Noah wants Fancy to be with him no matter what Alistair says, and Valerie is determined to get Chad once Whitney goes back to her convent. Simone tries to get Jessica away from Spike, but he stops her by waving a knife at her and threatening her life. Simone doesn't seem to be in the mood to give up, though.

Y&R Recap Written By Camille   **One Day Ahead

Nick is still beating himself up over Cassie's death and tells Sharon that he doesn't want to come back to work. Tom agrees to tell Sheila all he knows about poisons. Lauren and Mike, Gloria and John, and Tom and Ashley all have dinner at the same time at the club and John punches Tom. Victoria and Brad share a kiss. Yolanda and her doctors tell Neil that she's having a hard time staying with the program. Mac and JT spend the night in his tent. Gina tells Jennifer that they need to talk

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