Wednesday 8/31/05 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 9/28/05 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Garrett takes Julia to an apartment that is his secret hideaway. She trusts him all the while until he reveals a Dragon tattoo on his back. She is ready to get out of that place and he holds a gun on her. Derek and Mimi hold Zach in jail until he tells them what he knows about who is threatening Julia. He tells them he knows nothing. Kendall comes to help him although Greenlee wants her to walk away and leave him there. She admits to Derek that Zach killed this Jimmy guy out of self defense and saved Julia's life. Krystal informs Dixie, Tad and David that she has married Adam. They all think she's crazy. She privately tells Babe that she needs to do this because her daughter will need her help if she plans on marrying JR. When David finds out that Babe will not listen to him and realize she's crazy to want to marry JR again, he tells JR about her plans.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Katie, Mike and Kim talk business, but when Kim and Mike leave to make some calls, Katie feels as if BJ may be coming on to her. He knows almost everything about her. She feels he is a little strange, but Mike, who has made some calls to check him out, thinks he is harmless, and that he will probably not be involved directly with them much longer, due to how busy and rich he is. Later, BJ assures Kim he will be involved with every aspect of this project involving Katie. Maddie is out trying to get a job and bumps into Casey. After some friendly sparring between these two, he ends up putting in a good word with Kim at WOAK, and so she hires Maddie as an intern. Are they finally warming up to one another? Gwen finds out that Jen kidnapped Rory and she goes to bring Jen a present because she understands her deep rooted need to be with her baby above all else. In the process, she runs into Will and they trade apologies and make up. Iris finds out nothing was done about her false statement that the vendor took Rory because Jack handled the interrogation personally. Later, Hal arrests her when he finds her up to no good at Jack’s desk. Lily and Holden try to find Luke and end up speaking with a woman who used to work at the clinic. When Lily loses her cool, Holden drags Lily out of there. Later, Holden admits he knew she was lying, but he didn’t want to tip her off. They will find a way back into her place to find some evidence that will hopefully lead them to Luke. Both, exhausted after their emotional day, Lily and Holden decide to share a bed. Later, we see the woman does have Luke, and ultimately decides not to kill Luke because he is obviously valuable.

B&B Recap Written by Beth

Brooke is thinking about Nick when Dante catches her. She tells him she has to leave town and think. Taylor calls Hector and tells him she cant see him. Taylor and Thomas argue about the fashion show. Taylor and Gabby argue about Thomas, Taylor telling her she'll never accept her into the family.

Nick is also losing it over Brooke, Massimo walks in and demands to know what's going on. Nick confesses to Massimo what's on his mind and leaves town too. Brooke and Nick run into each other in Big Bear and try to resist their urges.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Victor and Lucas visit with Belle, Philip, and baby K and discuss possible names. Kate stops by to visit and Victor and Philip try to keep her from going in so as not to run into Lucas. Lucas spots Kate anyway and lets her know how angry he is with her. Mimi and Shawn return home after stopping off to visit the baby and wish the new family well to find that Rex has sent Mimi back all of the little gifts and trinkets from their relationship. Shawn invites Mimi out to dinner to cheer her up. Sami gets into an argument with a neighbor who taunts her and then accuses Nicole of giving Kate her Stan disguise when Nicole stops by to taunt Sami. Nicole ends up making a date with Austin, who has come home with Sami to keep her company, for the next day but forms a new plan when she overhears him insist to Sami that they go to Chez Rouge for dinner instead of spending the evening whining and complaining.

GH Recap Written by Amanda 

Carly freaks out when she can't find the boys who are at the guest house. She believes Faith is alive. That upsets Michael. Emily is uncomfortable with Sonny's protecting Carly from the consequences of her actions. Liz tries to resettle into her home. Mac busts of Dillon and Georgie's make out session, suspecting that Dillon is the stalker. Alcazar and Ruiz plot against Sonny. Ric advises Jason and Sam to leave town. Evidence indicates Dillon's guilt. Dillon is released, as a ploy to lure the real stalker, him or someone else, into complacency. Lorenzo and Skye flirt. Liz feels like she failed Jax who refuses to take a refund on his money. Jason saves Ruiz's life.

GL Recap Written by Jennie

Michelle and Danny talk about their kiss, which Marina overhears and worries about her and Danny’s relationship. Danny assures Marina that she is the one he is in love with but she is not so sure. Marina gets the information on what was in the syringe and wonders why Edmund would need a labor-inducing drug. She is unaware that Edmund is following her and out to silence her. Edmund tries to convince Michelle to move on and realize that Danny has done the same and later Danny tells Michelle that they can not go back to the past. Blake’s new book based on Harley and Mallet comes out much to Ross and Harley’s displeasure and Beth’s pleasure. Harley later gives Alex reason to help her with her term as Spaulding CEO. Mallet assures Frank that the book isn’t true and uses it as an excuse for he and Gus not to be partners anymore, Frank has a different idea though and tells Mallet to convince everyone that they are the best of friends.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary  

Nash finds out that Tess is really Jessica Buchanan. Antonio finds out through Rex about the deal going down at the docks. Antonio fills John in about the deal, and John offers to help. Viki confronts John, and tells him not to break Natalie’s heart. Natalie signs the papers to sell Christian’s paintings. Chris gives Vangie a picture to give to Natalie. Chris vows to fight for Natalie.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

The citizens of Harmony began to gather at the Seascape today, each thinking they'd been invited by a loved one. Once they were all there, however, they began to realize none of them had sent the messages that summoned them all there, and they realized it had to be Alistair. As some were about to leave, Alistair stepped out of the shadows and told them to stay. He began to announce his surprise - that he is going to marry Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald.

Eve was relieved to be free at last, even tho the news that the jury had voted her guilty was upsetting. Rebecca continued giving everyone her smarmy smile, and when Julian asked why, what was the paper he signed, she put him off, telling him he'd find out soon enough. Noah and Fancy decided to stay away from each other, then decided to continue seeing each other, no matter what Grampy wants. Sheridan and Chris surprised Pilar and Martin when they showed up at the Seascape together, but they managed to assure each of them nothing was going on. Whitney agreed to support Theresa in what she had to do, but her arrival at the restaurant caused ripples for Chad and Fox both.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis   **One Day Ahead

After hearing about Brad and how he has been getting along with Victor in the office, and now seeing Brad with Sharon in the Athletic Club, Jack smiles knowing exactly what he is doing. “Bradski is going for gold this time!” Victoria appears from behind a corner outside the main house at the ranch right after Sharon has walked off, leaving Brad alone and ready to go home. Neil tells Drucilla that he is seriously considering changing his career and becoming the kind of businessman that works in an entirely different field, or runs his own business. Mackenzie sneaks back into the Newman ranch to find out why JT is still there with the Newmans, but then quickly leaves when she sees that JT was just doing his job again. Nikki pummels about the head and shoulders when she eavesdrops and overhears him about to tell that she had her panic attack.

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