Tuesday 8/30/05 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 9/27/05 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Babe and JR are both stunned to find out that their respective parents have gotten married. JR tells Adam there must be a way to get the marriage annulled. But Adam admits to his son that he cannot because they did consummate their marriage. Krystal privately admits to her daughter that she planned the whole thing so that she can get money from Adam. She tells Babe that she's doing something very similar to what she is doing with JR and they can both tough it out and be able to have the Chandler men right where they want them. Jamie finds David at the hospital and tells him if he cares about his daughter, he must stop her from ruining her life in her attempt to marry JR. Josh runs into Amanda and tells her she's foolish to think she has a future with Jamie, as he knows he does not have a future with Babe because Jamie and Babe are still in love. Right when Julia is on the run, attempting to escape from the feds, Garrett picks her up hitchhiking and gets her to believe that he was her husband's best friend and wants to help her go after his killer. Dixie is still in contact with him and not telling anybody anything about Garrett.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna 

Henry has drinks with a stranger who is very interested in his story. The same man is the new partner at WOAK, and very interested in Katie as well. He ends up going into business with both Katie and Mike. Paul is this close to telling Jen the truth when Dusty enters with results from Jen and Gwen’s babies blood work. They show Rory is not Jen’s baby – supposedly. Paul leaves without having to tell her the truth, while Jen admits to Dusty that she still doesn’t believe her baby is dead. Paul tells Emily he loves her. Jack questions his integrity after bribing the vendor to stay silent on Carly’s behalf. Carly apologizes for putting him in that position, and promises never to do it again. Jack forgives her because he knows he can’t live without her.

B&B Recap Written by Beth

Brooke pines for Nick, crying in her room as she thinks about his wedding to her daughter. Nick is haunted by an image of Brooke standing by the ocean calling out to him.

Bridget comes beaming to her dad about how happy she is to be married. Jackie visits Nick and questions if he is ok or not. She also wants to know why he isn't honeymooning and he's giving her his wedding photos. Jackie and Eric meet up later and talk about how happy they are.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Bonnie cons Mickey into allowing her to take the unused wedding reception food under the guise of donating it to charity. Maggie only agrees after they physically fight over it. Bonnie confronts Nicole about her desires for Austin. Austin talks with Sami and urges her to change her ways. Shawn ignores the advice of Mimi, Lexie, and Alex to stay away from Belle. Belle’s baby is determined breech and Marlena remembers how to turn the baby to allow it to be born normally. Alex tries to prevent Marlena from further remembering but Marlena ends up asking John to take her home as they dote on Belle and Philip’s newborn baby girl.

GH Recap Written by Lisa

Carly panics when she thinks she sees Faith outside on the terrace. Emily and Reese pressure Sonny to have Carly committed but he believes he can help Carly on his own. Javier warns Sonny that he will avenge the attempted murder of Manny. Ric is released from the hospital but has a heartfelt visit with Elizabeth before leaving. Ric vents his frustration about his and Alexis' estrangement to Reese.

Javier's minions plant a bomb in Ric's apartment. Reese notices the tripwire on the bomb and lunges at Ric in an effort to push him to safety as the bomb explodes. Jax blames himself for Elizabeth's miscarriage. Elizabeth, Nikolas, Emily and Lucky vow to always remain friends. Nikolas sees Courtney comforting Jax.

GL Recap Written by Jennie 

 Olivia is still upset about Harley becoming CEO of Spaulding but decides that working at Lewis Oil would be just as good and gets Reva to agree to help her with her quest. Tammy and Jonathan continue to kiss until Sandy comes by. Jonathan leaves Tammy with a beautiful present for the baby. Sandy tells Tammy that they need to move forward and later tells Reva that he intends to ask Tammy to marry him. After Sandy has left, Tammy breaks down. Cassie finds her and tells her to go for the good guys in life rather than the bad guys, although the good guys can seem just as bad sometimes. Jeffrey finds out that Ross hired a bodyguard for him. He runs into Cassie although he has been avoiding her. He tells her that he doesn't think he will be able to be at the baptism. He later tries to drown his sorrows at Outskirts where he and Jonathan bond over their hatred of Edmund. Jonathan finds the letter from Dinah that she had Edmund send to him. Marina almost gets caught in Edmund?s room by him and Cassie but hides in the bedroom, where she finds the syringe he used to drug Michelle. Edmund "admits" his drug problem to Cassie who vows to help him anyway she can. After Cassie leaves Edmund calls for Marina to come out and then threatens her. She escapes after Edmund grabs the syringe back from her, but not before she pockets the cap of the syringe that she calls to get tested for trace evidence.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary 

Nash finds out all about Tess/Jessica/Natalie from the private investigator. David and Dorian find out from Kevin that with the help of Spencer, he and Kelly are going to have a child. Dorian goes balistic. David and Dorian set a wedding date for November 1st. While making love to Duke, Adriana calls him, “Rex”.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

As Tabitha works furiously to get everything working together so Eve will be convicted, Rebecca gets on the stand and begins to tell her fairy tale of how Liz was really poisoned. The spell Tabby casts works on the jury, but Rebecca just keeps talking, even speeding up once the jury burst in, screaming for Eve's head on a stake. In the middle of it all, Endora finally wakes up and starts casting her good spells, blocking her mother's evil. The judge declares a mistrial, and Eve is free to go. For now. Kay tries to quit her job, feeling she's a drag on Fox's chances to excel. He talks her out of it, as Valerie tells Chad what she's done to improve his chances of "winning". Alistair, upset that Fancy is with Noah again, calls all four of them in and tells them what he thinks of each one, then tells them they have to be at the restaurant tonight for an important announcement.

Noah and Fancy decide they need to stay apart, and after some hesitation, they each go their own way. Sheridan walks into the room where Chris is working on the computer, and she's suspicious when he quickly exits the internet. She accuses him of hiding things from her, so he lets her see what he was looking at - word that Luis had been run down by a car at a Seville airport. Chris explains he's not dead, he just found Beth and Marty and tried to arrest them, but was too late, and then the car ran him down. Sheridan decides their date is still on.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Tom considers aloud how great it would be if John were to suddenly just die and Gloria got everything. Just as Jack mentions that at least Brad isn’t marrying his way to success this time around, he spies Brad and Sharon being entirely too familiar and having contact. Mackenzie will not take ‘no’ for an answer when JT tells her of his concerns about going to the Newman party. Nikki feels that the stock trade off that Victor made with Brad is a bad idea. She worries about giving Brad control of Newman through the stock trade. Brad smoothes things over for Sharon when Victoria dislikes her marketing idea, by assuring her that not all ideas get accepted all the time.

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