Monday 8/29/05 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Monday 9/26/05 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Greenlee finds out that Kendall went to get impregnated with 4 of her eggs. At first she is angry that Kendall went behind her back. But she then admits that she is jealous that Kendall can carry Ryan's baby but she cannot. Meanwhile, Erica just coincidentally goes to visit Dr. Madden, thanks him for the flowers he sent her for New Beginnings and apologizes for falsely accusing him of drugging Greenlee. She tells him how grateful she is to him for helping her stepdaughter and how much of a godsend his son is to her. But she discovers Kendall's wallet in his office and asks when Kendall was there. When she leaves, he has a flashback of the "secret" only he and Hazel know about his connection to Erica. And he relives his wife, Emily telling him that she needs a baby and his promising to get her one at any cost. Erica goes to Kendall's to return her wallet and overhears Kendall and Greenlee talking about her possibly "eating for 5". She asks what they are talking about and why Greenlee is treating Kendall like an invalid. She knows something is up but has no clue what. Josh tells Dani that he feels responsible for Garrett's behavior because he enabled him to be in the right place at the right time. And he's determined to nail him. Derek also comes by and tells his daughter he believes what she told him about Garrett and he knows that Josh is her friend. But Garrett is threatening Dixie and ready to kill Julia, knowing she wouldn't dare expose him. Dixie is almost ready to expose him to Tad but finds she cannot. Julia gets taken out of Pine Valley. But the car has a mechanical failure, she fakes an attack and knocks one of the feds out. She then hitchhikes. And somebody comes to pick her up and it's none other than Garrett.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna 

Lucinda finds out the antibiotics are helping her infection she got at the clinic in Mexico. A shocked Lucinda finds out that her masseuse, that directed her to the clinic in Mexico, died the day before. She agrees to restart her chemo treatments, if Lily goes to Mexico to help Holden find Luke. Carly catches Dusty trying to see if Rory has a stork bite. Meg offers to check the blood work on the two babies to see if they match, and almost gets caught. What will they find? Iris starts to put her plan in motion to nail Carly to the wall, by going to the police, as a supposed witness, who saw the vendor take Gwen’s baby. Jack and Carly continue to fight about how many felonies Carly committed, in the name of protecting Rory. Hal tells Jack that a woman named Iris, has made some serious allegations, and they have brought the vendor in to clear them up. Jack is starting to panic. Emily wants to spill her guts to Susan, who has come by to apologize. Paul goes to see Jen, who disowns him as her brother, since he refuses to help. She will turn to Craig then, prompting Paul; it seems, to prepare to tell her the truth.

B&B Recap Written by Beth

Ridge tells Brooke he needs her support and there's nothing wrong with loving each other. He explains how Taylor kicked him out and how they argue. Taylor is at the fire station with Hector when they have a heated moment. Taylor explains she's still married to Ridge, Hector encourages her to call Ridge. Brooke answers his phone he left behind and she begins talking and never knew it was Taylor on the phone. She tells him she loves him too. A shaken Taylor is held by Hector and they kiss.

Jackie and Eric share dinner and insight into their past relationships. Dinner turns steamy as they melt into kiss.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Patrick takes Chelsea bowling as part of their deal. Mimi takes Shawn bowling to get his mind off of Belle. Sami is forced to admit that she was Stan and faces the wrath of her disappointed and angry loved ones. Lucas and Roman also blame Kate. Austin, after telling his story to Kathy Griffin during a limo ride, arrives at the church in time to find Sami sobbing alone. Belle goes into early labor and it sparks flashbacks for Marlena of when she gave birth. Shawn rushes to the church when Caroline slips and tells Shawn that Belle is in labor but Marlena gets Caroline to agree not to tell Shawn that Belle called out his name. Marlena confides in Alex that she’s been having memories and he, in an effort to stop them, hypnotizes Marlena again. Lexie, her courage having been revived by Abe apologizing for his recent behavior and asking to try and work things out, vows to alert John of Alex’s wrongdoing.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

GL Recap Written by Jennie 

Marina tells Coop that the information that she is looking for on Michelle may make her lose Danny. He advises her not to dig any further if that is the case. She finds receipts for food orders that Michelle had delivered and finds Edmund’s room at Towers. Michelle tells Danny that she wants him back and that she wants to be a family again. Rick calls with news that Robbie found out that Michelle was leaving and ran away to the roof of the hospital. Danny and Michelle find him and reassure him that Michelle isn’t going as far away, but he wants them to be a family also.  Later, after returning to the Bauer’s, Michelle gets an invitation to Hope’s christening which she decides she may stay in town for. Lizzie quits her job as Stephanie’s assistant, after deciding it is beneath her much to Coop’s dismay. He is later happy about her helping Harley get the CEO’s position and gives her some money. Beth tries to get Lizzie to come home. She declines and because she needs money decides to sell her engagement ring. Beth tries to convince Rick that being the CEO of Spaulding will be back for Harley’s relationship with her kids and he accuses her of becoming Alan, he does tell her that he will stick with her because he is her friend. Jonathan tries to get into the house where Edmund is holding Dinah, but Edmund forces Dinah to be quiet while he is there. Jonathan later leaves after getting a call from Tammy asking him to meet her. Dinah tries to convince Edmund that he needs her now that Jonathan knows where the house is but he first threatens to leave her without food and later leaves her alone again. Dinah tries to use a knife to escape but falls and passes out on the floor. Jonathan goes to find Tammy and she accuses him of trying to find Dinah to hurt her family. He says he wants to help Dinah since she is his friend and tells Tammy he only got with Dinah because he couldn’t have her. They try to fight it but wind up kissing instead.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary 

Natalie refuses to let John break up with her because of something that he thinks that she should know. Natalie assures him that this is right what is between them. They kiss. Through a book that Carlo had brought him from the prison library, Chris finds something that will help his case. Adriana books a room at the Palace for her and Duke. Kevin and Kelly argue over her decision to go through with the medical procedure that may or may not enable her to have children. Starr finds out that Margaret had raped Todd, and she was pregnant with his child.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Eve is waiting for the jury to come back and send her to jail, as are Liz and the D.A., but Rebecca, having gotten Julian's signature agreeing to terms he doesn't even know yet, has a trick up her sleeve, and manages to get the judge to come scurrying out to hear what she has to say. Meanwhile, the jurors are still deliberating, while Tabitha searches for the right spell to make them all vote Eve guilty.

Noah turns to Sam as Fancy turns to Sheridan in an effort to figure out what to do about their love life. Should they be together no matter what Alistair does, or not? Neither is happy with the advice given, however. Fancy tells Sheridan she is being hypocritical telling her to hang on to Noah, when she herself gave up on Luis and life in general. Later, Sheridan agrees, but strangely she calls on Chris to solve the problem. Noah tells Sam that love never did anything good for anyone he knows, and decides to meet Fancy in the park and end it for good.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Victor reveals to Ashley how Brad has traded his Jabot stock for Newman ones. She is furious and can’t believe that he didn’t tell her that he was thinking of doing that. Scott gets an earful when Sheila sees that he is bent on getting the information about his mother’s behavior from anyone that will give it to him. Sheila will not let this happen as that could blow her plans wide open. JT doesn’t notice when Mackenzie leaves the mansion upset after Brittany barges in asking who wants pizza right before JT and Mackenzie can share a kiss. Nikki comes home and is suspicious of Ashley and Abby being at her home alone with Victor. She hears him telling them that he will call them when he returns from the cruise. Sheila had Scott ready to get on a plane back to Toronto, but one call from Lauren and now he wants to stay again. Sheila vows to prevent Michael and Lauren’s wedding, even if it kills her.

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