Friday 9/23/05 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Friday 9/23/05 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Dani goes to confront Garrett. He tells her that he can make her a winner in her career and in her life. But she knows what he's up to and tells him she will not be fooled by him. Mimi and Derek find Julia and are ready to place her in protective custody. Tad and Dixie protest that she cannot do that. She first suspects Dixie for ratting her out. But then she suspects Dell. And it looks as though neither of them are responsible for what happened to her. It was probably Garrett. Kendall goes to the hospital and is ready to get pregnant. Greenlee goes to see Zach and asks him what is going on with him. She knows he cares about Julia and is in love with Maria. But she does not buy that he cares for Kendall nor could ever love her. Jonathan wakes up from surgery. He's a little out of it and has a seizure. Ryan and Erin are worried but the doctor tells them this is normal.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Jennifer refuses to follow Barbara's advice and lie to Dr. Michael's to get released from Deer Brook. Casey and Lia cost Maddie a potential job at Java. Dusty visits Carly so that he can see if Rory has a stork bite the same as John Dustin did when he was born. Jack promises Carly he will do whatever he has to do to stop Iris. Jack over hears a conversation between Iris and Gwen in which Iris tells Gwen she got the water vendor to admit that Carly paid him to drug her water bottle. Jack and Gwen don't know that Iris is lying to them both and the water vendor didn't admit he helped Carly drug the water.

B&B Recap Written by Beth

Brooke looks on with Eric, Jackie and Massimo as Bridget and Nick say their vows and are pronounced man and wife. Taylor is dining alone at Cafe Russe when Hector shows up in a suit and tie and joins her. He tells her how they are both underapprieciated. They begin to connect as Hector tells Taylor that they should get out of there.

Brooke is alone, daydreaming about Nick and whispers good-bye to him, in Eric's office when Ridge comes in. He tells her Taylor kicked him out and that he needs her more than ever. Bridget and Nick consummate their marriage.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Jack’s symptoms worsen and Jennifer calls Lexie over to check on him. Jack lies to Jennifer that he only has a bug but confides in Lexie his plan to disappear. Frankie finds a letter Jennifer wrote to him about her feelings shortly after they parted ways and confronts her about it. Roman, Lucas, and Will stand up for Sami when she claims that the photos Kate reveals of Sami turning into Stan are fakes but even they question their loyalty when Kate reveals ISA reports proving that Sami’s DNA was on the Stan disguise. Mimi stops Shawn from rushing to Belle’s side when the cramps return. Marlena asks Alex to take her back to his cabin but decides to remain by Belle’s side when Lexie determines that Belle’s cramps signify early labor.

GH Recap Written by Suzanne

Jesse and Georgie catch Dillon burning the naked pictures that he found in his dorm room. Dillon announces to everyone in the dorm that he is not the pervert that is drugging girls and taking pictures of them. Maxie and Georgie argue about Dillon's innocence. Skye has come back to town; she meets with Lorenzo at Kelly's, but he sees Javier Ruiz there and tells her she in danger and should meet him at the park instead. Javier tells Lorenzo that he is there to kill Sonny; they agree to stay out of each other's way. Later, Javier overhears Georgie and Maxie arguing, so he makes some comments to Maxie about sisters, flirting with her. Jesse sees them and asks Durant who that is, and Durant tells him it's Javier, who's there to kill Sonny, so they should stay out of his way. Lorenzo meets Skye in the park and kisses her, which affects her, even though she tries not to show it. She wonders if Lorenzo is really out of the mobster business or is hoping Ruiz and Sonny will get rid of each other.

Nikolas and Courtney go surfing on their vacation and make love; later, she is nauseous. They talk about the differences in and similarities in their backgrounds. Meanwhile, Jax and Courtney wake up from their car crash, but she is hurt. He phones 911, not seeing Sonny outside the car. Sonny takes Carly and gets out of there so she won't be blamed, but he phones Elizabeth to get her to find out how Elizabeth is and whether they know about Carly's involvement. Elizabeth is checked out and seems fine. Lucky and Jax argue but then they apologize to each other when Elizabeth is found to be ok. Lucky takes her home and they are getting ready for bed when she collapse on the floor in the kitchen in pain. Jax talks about his father and the baby to Emily. Durant tries to bully Sonny into letting him take Carly because he knows she was involve din the accident, but Sonny and Reese know he has no proof. She shows Sonny the naughty pics she took of Durant and threatens Durant again with them. Carly is still confused about day-to-day events. Sonny is relieved that Elizabeth and her baby are ok. He gets Reese and Emily to cover for Carly but says that if Carly hurts anyone else, he will have her committed. She overhears that.

GL Recap Written by Jen

Marina tells Danny that Michelle is leaving town, and tells him to go find her and do what he has to do. Danny tries to convince Michelle to stay and they end up kissing. Harley takes starts her new job, and even though she is nervous, she manages to give a great press conference. Cassie doesn’t understand why Jeffery is avoiding her and ambushes him about it. Dinah tries to choke Edmund, but he manages to stop her. When he sees Cassie and Jeffery together, he sends Jeffery another threat. Jonathan goes to Company and asks Marina about finding a missing person. When Edmund comes in Jonathan follows him back to where he is hiding Dinah. He tries to pick the lock.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Todd has memories of when he was in the boat with Margaret. Starr catches him deep in thought, and wants to know what is going on. David finds the file on Buchanan Enterprises on Dorian’s laptop computer. Kelly goes to Spencer’s office to have some tests run to see if she is able to carry a baby full term. While at a bar, the bartender recognizes Tess as being Jessica Buchanan.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Alistair is rampaging around the living room, yelling at Fancy about how she's disgraced the Crane name by consorting with Noah Bennett. Ivy tries to stick up for her daughter, but Alistair won't hear it, any more than he'll listen to Fancy explaining herself. He tells her he will make her pay for going against him and lying by forcing her to watch him systematically destroy Sam and Noah Bennett. Once Fancy has run off, he starts on Ivy, telling her he won't go easy on his granddaughter, and he has plans for Ivy, too. He even kisses her, which she finds repulsive, but he promises more. Noah is still in jail, waiting for someone to come up with his bail. Sam offers to sell his beloved boat, but Noah makes him promise to wait until he tries to get money from some friends. After Sam leaves, the guard brings Thumper to be Noah's cell mate, courtesy of Alistair, and the huge felon begins to go after Noah. Luckily, Noah is faster and ducks away every time, and finally they come to get him. Fancy paid his bail, then tells him she has to stay away from him for his family's own good.

Eve testifies, and seems to get through to the jury until Naniere cross-examines her, making the jury believe it was all lies. Rebecca comes in just in time for the jury to start deliberating, and seems to have an ace up her sleeve. While Liz thanks her for saying the mean things she did about Eve, Rebecca thinks about Julian's promise of anything she wants in exchange for getting Eve off. Tabitha, with Endora still sleeping, begins causing more mayhem with her evil curses, knowing her daughter isn't there to overturn them. Sheridan and Sam have been chosen by Chris to be James' godparents, but Sam is worried Sheridan is getting to chummy with the guy and reminds her of all Luis has done and continues to do for her. She says she won't forget him, but when Sam leaves, she wonders what she will really do if Luis comes home without Marty. Chris then asks her on a date, but she says it's too soon.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Tom corners Lauren in the hallway of the Motor Arms, and threatens to put his hand over her mouth and drag her to his room suggesting that she would like that. Nikki takes a good long look at the bottles of liquor along the shelf behind the bar at the Athletic Club; and then she runs out of the bar when the bartender asks her what she would like. Victor wipes the smile off Jack’s face when he reveals that he now owns a significant part of Jabot now, and that Brad is still firmly in place over at Newman Enterprises. Phyllis can tell that something must be terribly wrong over at Newman if Drucilla is desperate enough to come to her house and offer her the job of Website Designer. Brad chuckles when he hears Victoria lay down the law about what his role is going to be in the company. He expects to be doing a lot more now that he has a significant amount of Newman stock.


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