Thursday 9/22/05 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Thursday 9/22/05 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Garrett reveals that he's had a "mentor" relationship with Di, where they had a thing together when she was a young girl, and he lost interest in her and all others when they become grown women. Reggie tells Dani that he still cares about her and wants to be there for her. She asks him why he'd care after what she did. Why does he believe her when her own mother does not? Doesn't he think she's an idiot to attract the type of behavior that Garrett is doing. He tells her no way. It's Garrett's problem. Not hers'. Mimi meets with Zach after the wedding, while Garrett is with Di. She tells him she wants both him and Tad to stay out of her investigation and let her do her job. He tells her he must protect Julia Santos and does not trust the cops to do so. She informs him that Kevin Sturgis was killed this morning. Zach goes to inform Tad of Kevin's death. Dixie gets Julia to trust her and urges Garrett not to endanger her. But as soon as she gets home, Mimi and Derek are ready to put Julia in handcuffs and take her away. And Julia assumes that Dixie ratted her out.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Dusty begins to investigate Jennifer's claim that her baby is alive. Barbara , Hal , and Will come together to help Jennifer. Carly tells Jack that Iris blackmailed her and Jack offers to help keep Iris under control so the custody battle doesn't get messy. Jack thinks Iris is trying to use Gwen to get her hands on part of the money from Rory's trust fund. Maddie moves in with Tom and Margo. Casey and Maddie get along like oil and water.

B&B Recap Written by Beth

Bridget asks her dad to supply another dress for another wedding. Dante tells Ridge he and Brooke are dating. Dante also tells Ridge that the last thing on Brooke's mind is Ridge. Nick tells Brooke NOT to come to the wedding. Bridget begs her to come to the wedding.

Jackie tries to talk Nick into realizing that he cannot promise himself as a husband to Bridget when he loves Brooke. Nick doesn't want to hear it. The wedding begins, Brooke is there, Nick pauses on his "i do's".

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Mimi tries to get out of the wedding dress and realizes that it is stuck. The zipper breaks during a tickle fight between Shawn and Mimi after they toast to their friendship. Chelsea tries to make Patrick jealous by seducing Max in his presence but when Max turns her down, Chelsea tries to negotiate a real date from Patrick. Lexie subtly alerts John to Alex’s hypnosis of Marlena but he arrives to confront Alex only after Alex has prompted Marlena to believe that John and her family are out to harm her. Sami faints at the sight of Stan. After Sami comes to, Stan pulls off the disguise to reveal that it is really Kate.

GH Recap Written by Lisa

Durant lures Carly away from Sonny with tragic results. Jason can't turn himself into the man he used to be.

Elizabeth and Jax reach an amicable agreement. Lucky surprises Elizabeth with an impromptu wedding but doesn't get the ending he was hoping for. Dillon makes a shocking discovery in his dorm room.

GL Recap Written by Jen 

Gus tells Frank he wants back on the police force. Frank tells him okay only if he agrees to be partners with Mallet. Mallet and Gus both agree to this after a lot of arguing. Marina tries to get information about Michelle from Bill and Michelle overhears. Michelle is very upset that Marina is dragging it up, but finally agrees to give her some information. After Michelle and Marina talk about Danny, Michelle gets upset and decides not to give Marina any more information. Olivia is upset that Harley was offered the CEO Job, and tells Bill she wants to be part of Lewis Construction. Harley decides to take the job.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary 

John is unable to find the DNA test results. He finds out from Roxie that an African-American girl had been hanging around outside his door. Evangeline finally manages to get through to Christian. He finally admits that he wants out of there. Bo spends the day with Matthew. Natalie vows to go after John regardless of what anyone thinks.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Martin and Pilar try to talk Theresa into staying home with them, but she will have nothing to do with her father, so he leaves. Pilar continues to talk to her daughter, but she can't convince her to stay away from the Crane Mansion. Theresa want's her daughter back, whether she gets Ethan or not, and the only way is to work with Alistair, so back to the mansion she goes. She walks in on Gwen and Ethan celebrating and bragging about her being gone for good, and she quickly dispels that idea. Meanwhile, Martin walks to the wharf and runs into Katherine. They are drawn to each other and embrace lovingly before she reminds him he is trying to reconcile with Pilar and shouldn't be with her like that. She leaves, not noticing that Pilar is standing back a ways, having seen the embrace and now crying while watching Martin hurting and watching his love walk away.

Alistair is angry enough to kill Fancy or Noah, or both, but his gun won't fire. He decides to set Noah up by putting his gun and a pound of cocaine in his car, then alerting the police to where it is. Noah and Fancy's love fest is broken up when he is arrested and hauled away to jail. His sister, Jessica, is already there, having been picked up for prostitution. The policeman who nailed her tries to get her to cooperate and make it easy on herself, but she refuses to rat on Spike and he comes and gets her out by paying her bail, then puts her to work immediately so she can pay him back. Simone trys to stop her, but Spike knocks her down and drags Jess off. Simone had been at the jail with Whitney and Chad, saying goodbye to their mother and trying to cheer her up. They tell her Julian might be able to save her. He is at home, doing everything he can to get Rebecca to admit she poisoned Liz while trying to kill Eve, but no dice. Gwen tells her mother to keep her mouth shut, and she does. He heads to the jail to let Eve know it hasn't worked, but tells her he hasn't given up yet.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Jill returns with Josh in her arms after everyone believed that the baby had been snatched; and after Brittany had her dream of the baby being kidnapped. Victoria and Brad shake hands on their new deal. She has come up with the great idea of trading shares with Brad. She will give him Newman shares, dollar for dollar, and take Jabot’s shares for her own. Sheila’s image in the mirror tells her that she made a terrible mistake telling Scott about who the heroine in the book really is. Lauren offers to deliver Brenda’s gift from Scott to her room at the Motor Arms, and takes that opportunity to meet with her unexpectedly. Kevin advises Lauren not to tell Scott the truth about his past, as that would just be dredging things up that he needs to know nothing about.

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