Wednesday 9/21/05 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 9/21/05 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Mimi and Garrett are ready for their wedding with only the preacher and a few guests. Jack, Reggie, Livia and Derek are the only people attending. Everybody except for Garrett and Mimi wonder where Dani is. They assume she is not coming. But she arrives with Josh. He comes and punches Garrett and tells everybody what that perv did to Dani. Everybody believes him except for Mimi. Reggie says he believes Dani. Livia takes Dani aside to "play lawyer" with her and returns telling everybody that she knows a false testimony when she hears it and did not hear that when Dani told her what Garrett did. But Mimi tells them all that she will marry Garrett with or without anybody's blessing. Everybody leaves except for Jack and Livia who are the two witnesses they need for the wedding to go off. The preacher declares them husband and wife. But strangely enough, when Garrett is alone, Di/Dixie comes to see him and reveals that they have a past or present "thing" together. Babe takes JR to a CPR class. They both feel very awkward since they are the only "parents" who are not still married. Krystal and Adam wake up in bed together terribly hung over and discover that last night they messed around and got married.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Will shows up at Casey’s party and the two reconcile. It looks as if they are all heading towards a new start. However, after some of the other kids continue to be rude about Gwen, Will loses his temper. Will that ruin Casey and Will’s renewed friendship? Iris continues to support Gwen, even though she does have an ulterior motive. Iris decides to call in on some favors at the hospital to get some answers. Carly and Jack continue to argue about her setting up Gwen. When Carly steps out of the room, Jen, who was hiding in the bushes, takes Rory. Carly panics when she sees he’s gone, and assumes Gwen has snatched him. Jack promises to find him, and puts out an APB on Gwen. Meg tells Dusty about Jen being admitted to the hospital, but later when he comes to visit, he and Paul realize she has snuck out. Paul calls Carly to ask if she’s seen Jen because she has left the hospital. Carly realizes Jen, not Gwen, took Rory. Jen later runs into Paul as she and the baby are trying to leave town.

B&B Recap Written by Beth

Dante shows Brooke and Eric his ideas for combining art and fashion. Brooke daydreams about Nick. Bridget tries to get Nick to make love in his office and they are interrupted. Against Nick's protests, Bridget invites Brooke to the wedding.

Dante gets a job at Forrester, Bridget congratulates him and tells him she's getting married that night. Nick shows up in Brookes office telling her NOT to show up at the wedding.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

The wedding is interrupted before Sami can say her vows by the threat of a terrorist on the church grounds that send everyone into lockdown. Belle is jealous when Mimi gets to try on Caroline’s wedding dress and have Philip and Shawn compliment her. Alex sneaks Marlena away to hypnotize her but is caught by Lexie. Alex threatens to tell Abe about her sleeping with Tek. Billie and Chelsea have a heart to heart talk that is marred by Sami’s harsh words to Chelsea that send her running out of the church despite Patrick’s attempts to console her. The wedding resumes after the church is deemed safe but once again interrupted by the reveal of Stan who enters the church and greets Sami by name.

GH Recap Written by Amanda 

More evidence fingering Dillion as the stalker emerges, and Mac is determined to convict. Alcazar warns Ric that revenge will be taken, prompting Reese to tell Sam Jason needs to do something. Jason has done something, gotten a crane operator's job, at a company Lorenzo secretly owns. Durante drops all charges against Ric.

GL Recap Written by Jen

Jonathan and Edmund argue about where Dinah is and where Edmund got the baby. Jonathan comes to the wrong conclusion about the baby. He thinks Edmund bought her on the black market. They are about to come to blows about Dinah when Cassie and Reva come outside. Tammy comes up as Jonathan is ready to tell Cassie the truth and he changes his mind. He tells Edmund he doesn’t want the baby to be yanked from the only home it has known, but secretly he is still planning on finding out what Edmund did to Dinah.

Josh goes on a date with Stephanie, and Billy harasses him about it. Billy tries to get Reva to go find Josh before it is too late, but instead she gets drunk at Outskirts and he takes her home. Tammy confronts Sandy about the tombstone, and he tells her it was his maternal grandfather. He says he took his name when he left town. Jeffery shows Ross the death threat and asks for his help. Ross agrees if Jeffery will help him find Dinah. Edmund is the one who had the death threat sent.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary  

Kevin serves Kelly breakfast in bed. Duke confronts Adriana about her kissing Rex. Evangeline visits Chris at prison, and finds out that he is really Christian Vega. She vows to work to get him released. John finds out from Layla that the DNA test is missing from the box in his closet.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Eve has an emotional meeting with all three of her kids, and she explains what happened and why when she tried to leave with Julian. Meanwhile, Julian is working on Rebecca, telling her he knows she's the one who poisoned Liz when she tried to kill Eve. He offers her anything she wants if she'll get Eve off. Martin and Pilar pay a visit to their daughter, Theresa, and try to talk her into leaving the mansion and getting away from Alistair. When she refuses, Martin throws her over his shoulder and carries her out the door. Ethan is beginning to put 2 and 2 together, finding it hard to believe Theresa would stick her hand into a lit furnace for dirty pictures of Rebecca. Gwen does her best to convince him it's just because she's crazy, but he's still not sure.

Fancy and Noah make love as and angry Alistair watches from the bushes, gun in hand. When Fancy makes Noah promise not to tell anyone, especially Grampy, that they are an item, Alistair gets ready to shoot one of them. Jessica is tired of turning tricks and wants to go home, but Spike tells her she has to keep working, then pushes her in front of a car. The driver gets out to help her, and she ends up propositioning him. He gives the money to Spike, then arrests Jessica for prostitution, since he's a cop. Jess calls to Spike for help, but he's already way down the street, running to save his life.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis   **One Day Ahead

Brad asks Jill if his old job is still available now that Victoria has given him an ultimatum regarding his Jabot shares. Gina tried to find Jennifer but the address and telephone number that she had given on her resume are incorrect. Devon breaks through and reaches his mother’s heart after giving her a present that he promises will give her good luck. While working on the book, Scott finally realizes that Brenda is the woman in the story that Sheila has been telling her about. Daniel meets Yolanda and has a talk with her over breakfast about Devon and how he wants her to go to rehab.

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