Tuesday 9/20/05 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 9/20/05 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Greenlee is freaking and afraid of something happening to Kendall during the pregnancy that could cause her to lose Kendall and the baby just like she lost Ryan. She then goes out and talks to Ryan telling him she cannot go on without him. Right then, after Jonathan's surgery has proven successful, Erin calls Greenlee with Ryan listening to their conversation. She tells Greenlee that she heard about Ryan's death but admits she doesn't remember much about her brother. Greenlee tells Erin she remembers how highly Ryan spoke of his little sister and encourages Erin to come to Pine Valley some time so they can meet in person. But Erin cannot let that happen and hangs up. This does encourage Greenlee, however and Ryan seems almost tempted to go back to her.

Tad tells Zach that he believes he will sell Dixie out and get her killed in order to look like a hero for Julia so he can win points with Maria. But he tells him he can save them both without Zach's "help". Danielle tells her mother what Garrett is up to. At first Mimi believes it might be true. But Garrett tells her Dani is making it up because she has a crush on him, is angry at her mother for abandoning her and jealous that there's another man in her mother's life. Dani protests that Garrett is coming on to her and her mother must believe her. But Mimi tells Dani she needs to get out of her home and go live with her father and she apologizes to her pervert fiance for her daughter.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna 

Mike and Katie decide to move in with each other. Maddie and Casey instantly don’t like each other after their first meeting. Maddie continues her online flirtation with Byron as ‘Katie’, even though she promised Henry she wouldn’t. Katie and Mike come close to finding Byron’s messages. Bob urges Will to act his age, and go have fun. He finally takes his advice, and shows up at Casey’s house for his party. Jen is rushed to the hospital, and is forced to admit to her drug addiction. Barbara and Hal prepare to search the hotel room and Street Jeans for Jen’s hidden stash. Emily wants Paul to finally tell Jen the truth, but he continues to falter. Jen wants Paul to get her out of the hospital so she can go see her baby. Paul refuses to help, so Jen sneaks out of the hospital, without thought to her precarious condition.

B&B Recap Written by Beth

Bridget comes to see Brooke at work and gushes about her and Nick making love. Taylor starts her job back in her old office. Hector comes by to wish her well with a plant. Ridge bullies him away and then tells Taylor his plan, she is not impressed.

Dante comes to Nick's office to berate him about Brooke. Brooke daydreams about Nick as he daydreams about her. Bridget comes by to see Nick where he tells her they are getting married TONIGHT!

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Alcazar warns Ric that Javier Ruiz wants revenge. With Sam's help, Jason sets out to forge a new life for himself. Jason gets a job on the docks but doesn't know that Alcazar is his boss. Reese wants Sam to help her convince Jason to go back to work and protect Sonny and Ric. Reese returns to Durant, who is still handcuffed to the bed, with a prostitute and takes compromising photos of him.

Reese them blackmails Durant into clearing Ric's name. Suspicion that Dillon could be the stalker continues to grow. Elsewhere, Lucky and Jesse enlist Lainey's help with creating a profile of the stalker. Georgie defends Dillon to Mac. Maxie comes up with a plan to prove whether or not Dillon is guilty.

Mimi flashes back to spending late into the evening watching Jurassic Park with Shawn. Mimi confronts Belle about trying to hold onto Shawn. John gives in to Marlena’s terms of letting Alex stay in exchange for her staying. John questions Alex’s behavior to make Marlena’s demeanor change but Alex denies it all. Caroline helps Sami prepare for the wedding. Sami breaks a mirror and fears that it means she’ll have bad luck but then feels her luck has changed when Marlena agrees to walk down the aisle with her and Roman. Belle lets Sami borrow Marlena’s pearls. Sami joins Lucas at the altar and they reach the part of the ceremony where Lucas says ‘I do.” Nicole stops by to see Kate and reveals that Sami was Stan. Austin calls Kate to let her know that his flight was delayed and he will be arriving too late to attend the wedding. Bart receives a package he’d been desperately waiting for and rushes to get it to the church. Kate receives a surprising delivery.

GH Recap Written by Lisa

GL Recap Written by Jen 

Jonathan finds out that Tammy has a new baby sister, and that Edmund somehow got rid of Dinah. Dinah begins to see all the men in her life who have wronged her. She decides that she is the only one she can rely on now. Danny decides to ask Marina to move in with him. Michelle decides to leave town after a conversation with Edmund. Jonathan meets Hope. Cassie and Tammy have some bonding time and discuss the men in their lives. Jeffery decides to let Edmund tell Cassie about his ‘drug addiction.’ Tammy lies to Sandy. Jeffery receives a threatening letter.

Dinah tortures herself with visions of Ross, Edmund, Jeffery, and Jonathan. She realizes she brought this all on herself. She doesn’t think that anyone will save her, but Jonathan has figured out Edmund did something to her when Tammy tells him about Hope. He almost tells Cassie but doesn’t when he sees how happy Tammy and her are. He tells Edmund he knows and demands to know where Dinah is. Tammy is jealous that he is worried about Dinah.

Danny asks Marina to move in with him tonight, but Marina doesn’t think they need to rush things or rub it in Michelle’s face. Edmund sees Michelle holding Hope, and tells her to stay away from Cassie. He plays like he only has her best interests at heart. He also convinces her that moving to California to work with her dad is her best choice right now.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary 

David finds the file on Buchanan Enterprises on the computer. He wonders what Spencer is up to. Kelly has a terrible nightmare. Todd arrives back home, and tries to assure Blair that things are over with Margaret terrorizing their family. They kiss. Ginger tells Duke about the kiss between Rex and Adriana.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Julian manages to get bail set for himself and is released, but he can't get the judge to accept bail for Eve, so she stays in jail. He is determined to find the evidence he needs to prove Eve innocent, and once he's home and thinking about it, he hits on the answer. Upstairs, Rebecca is settling down for a good night's sleep before going after Julian for more support money in their divorce settlement, but Julian prefers hearing her tell him why she's allowing Eve to go down for crimes Rebecca committed. Ethan tells Gwen he asked Pilar and Martin for help with Theresa instead of getting the court to take away her visitation rights, and Gwen is not happy about that. Theresa, believing Gwen's lies, lets Alistair know she is ready to accept his terms and become his partner, no matter what he asks in return. She feels she won't get Ethan back, but it is the only way she can get her daughter, so it's worth it.

Noah and Fancy are getting drunker and closer in the Blue Note store room, while an angry Alistair watches and silently urges his granddaughter not to go any further with Noah. Once Liz finds them and lets them out of the store room Noah says he can't work any more tonight and takes Fancy back to the beach, where they make love as Alistair watches, getting more and more angry. Kay sends the important e-mails Fox asked her to, but Valerie takes her chance to mess it all up by deleting them before they can be sent. Later, when Fox realizes the Asian representatives never received the e-mails and the time limit is up, he thinks Kay made a mistake. She was willing to accept that, too, until she realized there had to be someone else who set her up. She tells Valerie, who feigns innocence and shock.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

JT moves out of the mansion and decides to camp out in Katherine’s backyard instead. Brittany gets angry with Mackenzie for not jumping at the chance to be with JT, while she only gets to dream about being with the man that she loves. Drucilla patches up her relationship with Sharon and the both of them agree to start again. Yolanda agrees to go into rehab but then is missing when Devon shows up to see her.

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