Monday 9/19/05 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Monday 9/19/05 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Garrett is up to no good. He cannot be trusted alone in the apartment with Dani. When she is in the shower, he "accidentally" walks in to see her without her towel. He apologizes. But he stands outside the door looking like he's had a real sexual thrill. Mimi goes to investigate the secret that Aiden is trying to uncover with Kirsten Wood. She blames Aiden for Kirsten's death and tells him that he and Tad need to leave it in the hands of the police. Aiden tells her that she is the reason for Kirsten's death. But Amanda tells them they must stop arguing about who's better than whom and realize this is a person who died. At that point, Aiden begins to listen to Amanda. When Mimi returns home, Dani tells her she cannot marry Garrett because he is up to no good. Jamie comes to tell Babe that he knows she's attempting to "play" JR and warns her not to go through with this because JR can ruin her. JR, however, might be ready to take the bait or at least he looks that way. Adam and Krystal run into each other at the bar, discuss whether they should work together to uncover the Dixie secret, and they end up participating in a "drink off" where everybody guzzles big jugs of moonshine. Julia overhears Dixie telling Tad that she cannot spend her time looking out for Julia because her own life is more important to her. And Julia enters, pulls a gun on Dixie and tells her that she either discloses the secrets or she dies.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna 

Henry finally moves out of the cottage, and Maddie is relocated unhappily to Tom and Margo’s. Katie and Mike are finally alone, but will they notice the laptop with the message from Byron on it? Casey and Maddie meet on bizarre terms. Carly and Jack continue to butt heads regarding her handling of the Rory-Gwen situation. Jen sees Rory and is convinced he is her baby, and will not put him down. When Rory is finally safely back with Carly, Jen has a breakdown, and Dr. Michaels is called. Barbara learns Jen has been ducking Dr Michael’s calls. Paul realizes how bad off Jen is, but still is unable to tell her the truth. Emily is adamant that they be honest with her. Jen’s disturbed emotional response to Rory convinces Jack that Carly’s scheme against Gwen, could have the same detrimental effect on her, and they grow further apart.

B&B Recap Written by Beth

Ridge and Taylor discuss Thomas. Taylor places blame on herself. She enquires about their marriage and Ridge tells her anything but counseling. He suddenly tells her he has an idea how to get the family back together. He rushes out of the house.

Sally tries to coerce Thomas into signing her contract. She enlists Thorn in her quest who advises him that his sales figures are amazing however he might not be able to turn back if he signs. Gabby says she'll support whatever decision he makes. Ridge pops in right as Thomas is going to sign. He challenges Thomas to beat him on the runway. If Thomas wins, he gets to work at Spectra and they will respect his marriage. If Ridge wins Thomas goes to college and he annuls his marriage. Thomas accepts his father's challenge. Hector stops by on the pretense that he is checking on her alarm system. He ends up asking her out for coffee and cooing over how beautiful she is. She tells him she wants to work things out with Ridge but appreciates his friendship.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Chelsea and Abby, prodded by Chelsea, both try to get away with wearing revealing outfits to Sami and Lucas’ wedding but are unsuccessful. Chelsea cons Bo during their talk about what to wear. Billie decides that she doesn’t want to go to the wedding and Kate prefers to hold on to the hope that Sami’s own wedding curse will stop the wedding. Kate and Billie argue about Kate spoiling Chelsea. Alex flashes back to using taped subliminal messages to get Marlena to believe that Alex is the only man who can protect her. John stands in shock as Marlena pushes him away despite their breakthrough last night. Abe agrees to keep Roman informed about any news that may come from having Tony’s cell bugged. Roman visits with Sami and Caroline in the bride’s room and Sami spends the time urging him to fight for Marlena.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Sonny tells Jason he can always come home when Jason announces he wants to break with the mob and leave town. Sam tries to figure out what to do with Emily's help. After Sam leaves, Carly shows up and apologizes to Emily for being mean in the past, then, with something borrowed in mind, asks for the loan of Emily's earrings. Jax threatens to destroy Lucky and Liz if Lucky does not agree to joint custody. Lucky tapes the conversation for blackmail. Nik whisks Courtney to a romantic island. Durant offers to exchange keeping Ric out of jail for her in his hotel room. She shows up, and leaves him handcuffed and gagged.

GL Recap Written by Jen 

Harley is voted in as CEO of Spaulding Enterprises. She asks Gus to help her, but he refuses. He thinks she is perfect for the job. Beth and Alan are extremely upset about this turn of events.

Michelle holds her baby in the hospital. Cassie talks about her baby that died. Dinah plans on drugging Edmund with her sleeping pills, but Jeffery catches Edmund with the prescription. He plays it off like he is hooked on them. He even brings up that Rick knows about it. Edmund does not look very happy when he goes to the hospital and sees Michelle holding Hope.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary 

Rex has a run-in with Jackie at the gym about Margaret. Jackie threatens him to let it drop. Todd manages to get Margaret into a row boat with him. He takes her out to the middle of the lake, and drops the anchor. He then swims back to the dock without her. Starr suggests to Blair what would happen if Margaret was pregnant with Todd’s baby. David inquires of Spencer as to what he expects to gain from pursuing Blair. Dorian coerces Adriana into lying to Duke about what they were looking at on the computer.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

"Monday, Monday, can't trust that day..." Words from a famous song, but it fits the show today. Gwen and Ivy talk to Ethan about keeping Theresa away from Jane, but he isn't ready to do that. The women are upset and talk about making sure Theresa never sees her baby again. Theresa overhears, of course, and tells them Ethan will never do that to her, but Gwen lies once again, telling her that Ethan is going to do just that and he's at the court right then filing the papers. Actually, he is meeting with Pilar and Martin, trying to get them to help him protect Theresa from herself. Alistair was surprising today, warning Theresa that if she really chooses him she will never get Ethan back because number one, she will be damaged goods in his eyes, and number two, she will belong to Alistair and he won't allow her to be with Ethan ever again. He gives her a chance to decide what to do, then gets called away to chase down Fancy, who he finds getting closer to Noah in the Blue Note store room. He's not a happy camper.

Fox and Kay talk about her new job, and he tries to show her how happy he is she's working with him, but she prefers to keep it on a business level at work. He gives her a big assignment to do, something that could cement his position in the company, and she sets about doing it as requested. However, Valerie watches her and is determined to do what Ivy told her and block Kay at every turn. She is working on Chad, trying to get him to fall for her, but for the time being he is still hanging on to his memories of Whitney. Eve and Julian are about to take off for parts unknown on the Crane Jet when it is surrounded by cops and they are caught. Later, in jail, Eve apologizes for getting him in trouble, too, but he isn't worried and still promises he will get her out of the mess she's in.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Mackenzie ends things with JT during his romantic date with her. Scott tells Brenda that he will hurry and finish up the outline of their book so that she can get back to Toronto. Sheila sees her black wig sitting under the chair where Scott is sitting as he is talking to her about the server that saved Gloria's life that night. Daniel is horrified when a girl from his new school tells him that they needed some famous guys there. Victoria puts her foot down telling Brad that he has to get rid of his Jabot shares if he wants to remain an executive at Newman.

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