Friday 9/16/05 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Friday 9/16/05 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Zach goes to see Kendall in an attempt to tell her he will support her in her decision to get pregnant and carry Greenlee and Ryan's baby. At first she doesn't buy it. But he kind of indicates that he wants to be a real husband to her during her pregnancy. But again, neither of them can admit to caring for each other. Amanda is in the bar trying unsuccessfully to get Aiden to notice her. But he blows her off and meets with a woman who is suspicious to the cops. ANd she gets murdered or somebody attempts to kill her. Garrett shows Danielle a necklace, looking very much like he's putting moves on her but not coming out and saying it. And right when she's ready to confront him about it, Mimi enters and he gives her the necklace. Dani, then feels ashamed. But Josh encourages her to know that she is not crazy to suspect Garrett. He's very smooth but Josh can see right through his game. Reggie looks like he might consider talking to Dani again. But when he sees Josh with her, he walks away from her angrily. Babe, Tad and Julia are all entering the Chandler house through that secret tunnel. Babe sneaks into Dixie's room and JR catches her. She does not let on to the reason why she's there. He has no clue that she wants to get the goods on Dixie for Zach. But he tells her he does not buy her "nice" act. Tad enters and Dixie catches him and they agree to rekindle what they had. Julia listens to their conversation.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

The fact that Carly won't tell the judge the truth about what she did to Gwen causes Jack and Carly to have a fight. Hal confronts Jennifer about her drug abuse but Jennifer denis she is taking drugs. Iris tels Gwen she will help her get her baby back but the truth is she wants to use Gwen and the baby to get revenge on Carly. Lily takes Lucinda back to Oakdale while Holden stays behind to look for Luke. Holden finds something Luke left behind inside a secret room at the clinic. Jennifer holds baby Rory in her arms and is sure he is her son.

B&B Recap Written by Beth

Jackie tells Eric she'll give up on trying to get Nick and Brooke together and be happy for Nick and Bridget. Thomas entertains the idea of riding his wave of success in lieu of college. Nick gets more and more irritated watching Brooke and Dante. Bridget and Nick argue, Bridget says shes going to go home to her mom's. Nick tells her to stay and they make love.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Brady and Chloe consummate their marriage. Belle and Mimi neglect to tell Shawn what they were arguing about. Philip comes home to find Shawn and Belle in the loft and Belle allows Philip to think that she is upset because of not getting along with Mimi. Shawn arrives home early to find Mimi in only a towel. They both remember Bonnie’s advice to pursue the other and decide to spend the evening watching a movie. John and Marlena share a dance on the penthouse balcony after John gives Marlena a pendant which unknown to her is connected to a device that allows John to monitor whether Alex comes near Marlena during the night. During that dance, Marlena recalls dancing to the same song at a wedding. Lucas convinces Sami to make love one more time by promising to leave by midnight so he won’t technically be seeing the bride on their wedding day. Sami is confident that nothing will disrupt her wedding tomorrow. Unknown to her, an intact picture remains of Sami being transformed into Stan.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Jason rescues Ric from potential death at the hands of the Ruiz family. Jax tries to work out some kind of mutual custody arrangement with Liz. Courtney goes home to Wyndermere with Nik. Emily tells Sonny that Carly is lucky to have his love. Despite his gratitude to Ric for taking a risk, Sonny's ticked that he took it. Michael goes off on Nik and Courtney when he and Emily run into them at Kelly's. Jason is profoundly disturbed by his quick trigger finger. Ric collapses when he goes to get Jason and Sonny free from Durant. Emily and Sam talk about Jason's problems. Jason tells Sonny he wants no part of the business.

GL Recap Written by Elizabeth

Harley and Gus both make speeches to the Spaulding board. One of them surprisingly gets elected as the new CEO. Alan gets a visit from his son as well as India in the hospital. Danny and Robbie have planned a surprise BBQ for Michelle to try and lift her spirits. Michelle wants to see Cassie and finally meet Hope, even though Danny doesn’t think it’s a good idea. Jeffery is sick, and finds Edmund with a prescription for Dinah. Ross fills out a missing persons report on his daughter. Dinah realizes what Edmund has done in order to secure a baby for himself and Cassie.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Margaret holds Todd at gunpoint as they head for a deserted island. Margaret reveals to Todd that she can’t swim. Asa wants to build a family fortress for all of his family. They all refuse his offer except Clint. Bo confronts Asa about Margaret Cochoran. An officer searches the grounds, and finds no trace of Margaret on Asa’s property. John kisses Natalie in front of everyone at the police station. Chris reveals to the Father that he is really Christian Vega. The Father wants him to reveal his identity.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Theresa tried to convince Ethan of Gwen's deceitfulness, but he still can't seem to put 2 and 2 together. Besides, Ivy steps up and swears she was there and Gwen is telling the truth, and of course he has to believe Mommy Dearest. I wonder what she'll say when she learns Gwen and Rebecca really are the ones who sent her private information to the tabloid? Meanwhile, Theresa decides she's wasted enough time trying to show Ethan the truth and it's time to turn to the dark side. She tells Alistair she is all his from here on out if he will get Jane and Ethan back for her. This could be interesting.

Eve and Julian discuss the repercussions of leaving before her trial is over, but in the end realize she needs to go with him. She visits Whitney to tell her good-bye, then they hurry off to the waiting Crane jet to begin their new life somewhere else. Noah is bringing lots of single women into the Blue Note, which thrills Liz, and once Rebecca gets a look at him, she's thrilled, too. She makes no bones about wanting to get together with him, which he finds amusing. In the end, while searching for a rat in the store room, he ends up staring face to face at Fancy. She is upset that Alistair is trying to push her to marry Edmund Sinclair so the two companies can merge. Fancy doesn't believe he's serious until Ivy let's her know that's how her marriage to Julian happened, and that she doesn't want Fancy to end up the same way.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Sheila will make Gloria pay for almost getting her discovered at the party. Lauren appears to Sheila in her mind cackling and taunting her about not being the real mother. John gives Kevin business advice on the coffeehouse. Gloria tries to put the pieces together as to how ‘Jennifer’ fits into her relationship with Tom. JT tries to seduce Mackenzie out of the party to spend time with him instead.


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