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The TV MegaSite's Thursday 9/15/05 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Erica goes to meet the Yankees, the Mets and the Giants teams. She also recognizes former Mayor Koch as an old native New Yorker and then goes to meet a new born baby to acknowledge as a very young native New Yorker. Kendall and Greenlee go to Dr. Madden's office to extract Greenlee's eggs and get ready to get Kendall pregnant. When they return home, Greenlee gets a call from her mother and decides she might want to be cordial to her realizing she will soon be a mother herself. Zach is still concerned about their little agreement and goes to ask Myrtle Fargate what she thinks he should do. While waiting for Jonathan at the hospital, Ryan and Erin run into an old acquaintance who discovers that Ryan lied about his death and that he can expose Ryan to the cops and the press and make a lot of money doing it. But Ryan finds out that this guy is scamming insurance companies and patients and the cops and the press would like to know what he is up to. Ryan motivates the guy to leave him alone or else he will have him thrown in prison. Erin is very impressed by Ryan's smooth moves. But he tells her that was easy. And they might not be so fortunate the next time they run into somebody who recognizes Ryan.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Lily and Holden arrive in Mexico and are even more worried when Lucinda tells them Keith went to look for Luke and now they are both missing. Lucinda passes out when she tries to stop Holden from hitting Dr. Hendrix. Will's doubts about Gwen cause them to have another fight. Emily continues to feel guilty about keeping Jennifer's baby away from her. Jennifer passes out after having a hallucination that a nurse from the hospital puts her baby in her arms because he is still alive. Iris has a strange reaction when Carly informs her Gwen is Rory's birth mother. Gwen gets a visit from her long lost mother Iris.

B&B Recap Written by Beth

Eric has to stop Jackie from butting in on the foursome at dinner. Eric takes Jackie to the beach house. Sally offers Thomas a big salary and a fat check to set him up to be independent from his parents. He has to give up college though.

Bridget wonders what her mom and Nick are talking about as she and Dante dance. She's beginning to feel insecure again. She tells everyone she wants to go to her mom's and hang out by the pool. Brooke convinces Dante to pretend they are into each other and kiss in front of Nick and Bridget to ease Bridget's mind.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Chloe and Brady leave for their honeymoon after Victor grants Brady indefinite job leave and a promise that he’ll take care of Nicole. Bonnie convinces Shawn to pursue Mimi. Belle and Mimi argue about Belle’s control over Shawn and Shawn overhears the latter part of the argument. Max takes Frankie’s advice and decides to pursue a more meaningful relationship with Chelsea. Frankie refuses to break his promise to Jack and only tells Jennifer that the information Jack confided in him was that he loves Jennifer. John escorts Marlena on a horse drawn carriage ride through the park but it doesn’t spark any more memories. Despite Victor and Kate’s separate warnings to not mess with John and Marlena’s relationship, Alex stops the carriage ride by convincing Marlena that it could be detrimental to her progress. Sami comes to and Kate accuses her of fainting because of Roman’s mention of the disguises but Roman, Lucas, and Will defend Sami. Alone, Sami admits to Kate that she was Tony’s mystery attorney knowing that no one will believe Kate’s word. Roman receives word that the trunk contents were burned beyond recognition and Sami is confident that she’s in the clear.

GH Recap Written by Lisa

Ric finds himself in over his head with Ruiz. Ric crosses the border into Sonny's world of violence. Sonny fears that Carly's condition is growing worse.

Jason's old instincts kick in. Mac wants answers from Dillon. Maxie and Jesse come up with a plan to clear Dillon's name. Georgie has bad news for Dillon.

GL Recap Written by Jennie

Coop is not happy to find Lizzie at the garage and warns her that they were supposed to stay away from each other. She tells him he needs to take the threats serious and Coop asks if why Alan would try to hurt him unless it was over something big like a wedding. He lets Lizzie know that he is on to her and later forgives her but tells her if she pulls anything like it again he will leave her. Alan goes to the hospital complaining of pains and calls Beth to tell her to get back in time for the board meeting at Spaulding. He tells her that he has some allies that are going to vote her in as CEO instead of Gus. Lizzie later comes to visit Alan and tells him that nothing he can do will keep her away from Coop, she later arranges it so that neither Alan or Beth will be available for the board meeting. Reva discusses Josh with Billy who tells her that she is the one who made this mess and now she may just have to live with it. They encounter Josh and Stephanie at Company and Reva tries to hide her hurt by saying she has a blind date with a friend of Billy’s herself. When Josh tries to explain, Reva won’t let him and teases him until he tells her that he plans on going on a second date with Stephanie. Edmund visits Michelle at the hospital and asks her not to tell anyone about him helping her out before her accident. She doesn’t want to keep it a secret but agrees to since Edmund is so adamant on it. Danny asks Marina not to pursue her questioning about the night of Michelle’s accident and then takes Robbie to reunite with his mother. Marina agrees but later questions Edmund about his actions that night and Edmund tells her to worry less about that night and more about where Danny is at the moment. Michelle thinks she may leave town again to escape the memories of the baby but Danny tells her that Robbie needs her and adds that he needs her also.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Marcie shares lunch and small talk with Hugh. Michael and Spencer come in. Michael sees Hugh kiss Marcie on the cheek. Spencer suggests Michael to do a surgery with him assisting. Todd talks to Margaret on the phone, and agrees to her terms. Layla, Antonio, and Jaime have a meeting with the social worker. Lindsay is upset that Layla is living with Antonio on the pretense of supplying a steadfast family for Jaime. Todd agrees to leave Blair and his children to be with Margaret. They both agree to meet unarmed, but unbeknownst to the other, they both have guns.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Ethan argues with Grace Nanciere about what Eve's sentence should be for a plea, then is totally blindsided by how long she would have to serve if the jury finds her guilty. Eve became incensed, too, and Grace withdrew the "offer", saying she'll see her in court. Rebecca and Liz are thrilled, of course, but Julian tries to convince Eve she has to let him take her away. She's not to happy with that idea, feeling it will point to her being guilty, but he says there is no other way if she's convicted. Ethan goes home to prepare for his defense tomorrow, but gets sidetracked by Gwen and Jane. Theresa, having failed to incinerate Gwen thanks to Pilar, tells her mother she will tell Ethan the truth, and if he won't believe her, she'll work with Alistair again to get her child and Ethan back, saying no price is too great to pay.

Fancy gets fed up with Edmund's admiration of Noah, and his constant praising of Noah as his personal tutor and hero in all things. Noah tries to help Edmund impress the witch by cluing him in to her favorite wine, but the doof just couldn't help telling her Noah chose it for her, and she gives up and storms out of the restaurant. Noah's ego was inflating faster than Fancy's anger at Edmund, though, and together it was not a pretty sight.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Sheila’s medical training comes in useful. Brad puts his boss in her place. Mackenzie gives up one date for another less romantic one. Scott announces that he might not go back to Toronto. JT toys with opening a detective agency.

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