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The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 9/14/05 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Erica launches her premiere show of New Beginnings. She goes around New York and talks to Mayor Guiliani, many others from ABC and talks about their lives and their new beginnings. Meanwhile, Zach is almost convincing Kendall and Greenlee that they made a mistake with the arrangement for Kendall to carry Greenlee's baby for 9 months and then give it up to Greenlee. But Greenlee assures them that she will never prevent Kendall from being in her baby's life. Ryan and Erin have come to the realization that their family is not genetically predisposed to mental illness after all. And she asks him to talk about Greenlee. He tells her that he found real love with Greenlee, even thought he never thought he'd find it after losing Gillian. She concludes that maybe he made a mistake to have a vasectomy and assume he could not love a child he'd have with Greenlee.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Mike and Katie are disappointed in Henry when they find out he was faking still being hurt; they are even more disappointed when they think he is also Katie’s secret admirer. Upset, they kick him and Maddie out. Little do they know, Henry was protecting his sister from them hearing what she did with the help of her computer. Dusty goes to Meg for help, and ends up learning Meg knew about Jen’s problem. Meg wants to know who hurt Dusty so he is unable to let anyone in except for someone who doesn’t want his help? Paul continues to drive a wedge between Will and Gwen. Jen informs her brothers she has quit Street Jeans, and will be working with Barbara again, much to Paul’s dismay. She begs Paul to consider joining in the family business as well. At Emily’s urging, Paul considers it. Jen continues to make Dusty look bad to cover herself. Cass dictates what Gwen says in court, but her emotions take over, and she claims Carly drugged her water, but too bad for Gwen, the water came back clean. Will she lose her baby for good? Jack wants Carly to tell the judge what she did, and when Carly doesn’t, Jack leaves. Iris finds out the judge rules in Carly’s favor. Will she attempt to further blackmail Carly? Not if Carly has anything to say about it!

B&B Recap Written by Beth

Ridge comes to talk to Gabby and Thomas at Spectra's offices. They plead their case but Ridge holds supporting Thomas financially over his head if he doesn't get an annulment. Sally over hears this and after seeing his short term contract mutters to herself that she can fix this. Jackie and Eric watch the goings on at Brooke, Bridget, Dante and Nick's dinner. Jackie thinks Nick won't be able to forget Brooke and move on.

Nick is not happy Dante is there, but finally calms down and takes his seat. Bridget wants to dance but Nick isn't up for it. Dante tells her he'll dance with her. Brooke reminds Nick what's important now, the baby and Bridget.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Belle admits to Shawn that she’s always loved him and Mimi, partly due to Bonnie’s prodding, confronts Belle about not letting Shawn be happy. Bonnie orchestrates it so that Mimi and Shawn are the ones who catch the bouquet and garter and urges Shawn to help Mimi get over Rex. Victor receives word that Nico has recaptured Nicole and warns Brady about Nicole’s love letters but Brady is confident that his marriage to Chloe cannot be disrupted. Victor convinces John to do all he can to keep Marlena out of Alex’s clutches. John stops Marlena and Alex from leaving by getting Marlena to agree to dance with him during one of her favorite songs. During the dance, Marlena remembers being in John’s arms. Bo and Patrick argue about Patrick’s intentions with Chelsea. Chelsea apologizes to Billie but Hope doesn’t think it was sincere. Chelsea grows closer with Max. Abby confronts Jack about his pushing Frankie and Jennifer together. Jennifer gets Frankie to agree to tell her the truth about Jack. Sami learns from Roman that Tek found luggage full of disguises in Tony’s getaway car and faints.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Liz does not accept Nik's offer of monetary assistance to fight Jax, who also tells Nik to keep out of the baby issue. Courtney refuses to sign away her rights to the baby. Jason won't leave town, in hopes of remembering more. After nude pictures of Brook are found in Diego's bag, Lucky takes him in to browbeat. Lorenzo is not pleased. Remembering her baby makes Sam sad. Alexis' fears about Ric and Reese grow. Ric sets a meeting with Ruiz.

GL Recap Written by Jennie

Edmund dreams that Cassie finds out about the baby being Michelle’s. He swears never to let that happen and tells Cassie that he has set up a meeting with the Reverend about Hope’s christening and he wants to ask Reva and Josh to be godparents. Rick stops by with a gift from Michelle and tells them about Michelle’s accident and losing her baby. Cassie wants to go and see Michelle since she knows what she is going through but Edmund stops her. Jonathan questions Sandy and gets the name of the town out of him and then goes and meets up with Tammy, who finds out from the minister that Sandy is well known. He takes them to see Sandy, and they find a grave marker with Sandy’s name on it. The minister says that Sandy’s death was tragic and sudden. Sandy asks Josh if he can take some time off and upon returning to Springfield, Tammy wonders again what Sandy is hiding. Michelle wakes up from a bad dream and tells Rick about seeing Maureen and her saying the baby isn’t in Heaven. She asks Rick to take a present to Edmund and Cassie for their new baby and then breaks down in tears over her own. After Rick comes back to the hospital, Michelle asks what the babies name is and Rick tells her it is Hope. Reva and Josh feel uncomfortable about being Hope’s godparents but then decide to do it after figuring out their lives will always be tied together. Later Reva places a mysterious call and Josh receives one. It looks as if they are going to get together, but we find that Josh has been called by a coworker Stephanie, who wants to know if the rumors are true and he is now single.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Dorian overhears Starr telling Todd that she will not tell her Mother about Margaret. Dorian demands to know what she is keeping from her Mother. Nash overhears Tess talking to Jessica. He gets on the phone with someone, and tells them to find out all the information that they can on Jessica Buchanan. Kevin fills Kelly in that Margaret is pregnant with Todd’s baby. Dorian walks in on the conversation, but they will not tell her anything. Todd swears them to secrecy. Todd gets a call from Margaret.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Theresa tried in vain to save the disks Gwen tossed into the furnace, burning her hand and arm in the process. As Pilar tries to deal with taking care of the burns, Gwen gloats about the fact her enemy now has no proof to show Ethan of the Winthrop women's part in the reveal of his true paternity. Theresa, however, tells Gwen he will believe her because of the fact Gwen acted the way she did when she saw Theresa had the disks. Gwen says it will never happen, since she is his wife and he will believe her. Meanwhile, in court, Ethan is still ineffectually trying to defend Eve against the charges against her. Ms. Nanciere is still working the court and jury like the pro she is, and Eve's life is going down the drain. After Liz and Rebecca's testimony, Ethan decides there is no way to save her, and tries to make a deal with the DA. No such luck.

Noah and Edmund start to spar, with Edmund calling Noah out to fight. Once they hear each other's names, they realize they are long lost friends, having attended school together through Junior High. Fancy is shocked, and a bit miffed, too. Noah lets her know that although she rejected him because of his low position in life, he is just as glad because he finds her too full of herself. Besides, there are plenty of willing women lining up at the bar for his attention. Ms. Fancy Pants doesn't like that a bit.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

JT is hired at Newman. Nikki hides her attack. Sheila gets a job. Sharon gives up the coffeehouse. Devon explains why he said his mother was dead.

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