Tuesday 9/13/05 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 9/13/05 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Kendall has a nightmare that Zach appears uninvited on Erica's premier of New Beginnings to announce to Erica and the viewing public that Kendall is having Greenlee's baby. In real life, he promises to keep her secret but tells her he really disapproves of it and is afraid she's ruining her life doing this for Greenlee. Unknown to everybody, Ryan and Erin are with Jonathan in the hospital before he has his surgery, letting him know that he is not crazy or psychotic and hopefully the surgery will save him from all his nightmares. But they warn him that he might die in surgery. Tad tells Aiden that he wants to be able to trust Dixie not to endanger Julia. Zach comes by to ask Babe to "finish the job" and find Dixie's secret. She tells him she has more important things on her mind with what happened to her son. But later that night, she finds a way to sneak into the Chandler Mansion, unseen through the secret tunnel. Tad is also there. Julia also appears. All three of them are intent to find the secret letter that Dixie wrote.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna 

Mike tells Henry that he will help him anyway he can, after seeing that Henry’s MRI came back clear. He asks Henry if there is another reason, beside the supposed back pain he is having, that makes him unable to move forward out of Katie’s house? The guilt is getting to Henry who wants to tell Mike the truth. Maddie (as Katie) continues her online flirtation with Byron, which leads to him send Katie another anonymous gift. When Maddie is cornered into telling Henry her plan for Byron, Henry bans her from using her computer, and goes to lock it in the limo, and in the process runs right smack dab into Katie and Mike, who are talking on the steps about whether or not Henry can really walk unassisted. Guess that question was answered! Gwen thinks the whole town is against her attempts to get her baby back, and Will is worried more and more she is acting irrational. When he voices his concern, they argue and Will storms out. When Casey later sees Will in the park, he tries to salvage their friendship. Carly is sure that her plan will be successful in making sure the judge rules in her favor. Emily and Paul worry about what this means for their cover up. So, Paul comes to Gwen’s rescue by funding more of Cass’ fees, plus a bonus, to make sure Gwen wins back her baby. Meanwhile, Jack tries to get Carly to see what she is doing to Gwen. She is screwing up her life in order to make up for what supposedly happened to Iris’ son. Carly thinks Jack should just accept that fate is going to keep Rory with them. Jack isn’t sure what he wants to do with the information he knows about Carly.

B&B Recap Written by Beth

Bridget begs Brooke to bring Dante to dinner. Bridget shows Nick her ultra sound picture of the baby. Hector reasures Taylor that it's not her fault what's happening with Thomas and Ridge. Nick is furious when he sees Brooke with Dante.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Nicole tries to get away but Nico grabs her and Victor orders Nico to get rid of her. Nicole gets free and watches Brady and Chloe at the reception from afar. Jack gets up to dance with Jennifer and twists his ankle so he sends Frankie in his place. Abby overhears Lexie urging Jack to tell Jennifer the truth and questions Jack about pushing Jennifer to be with Frankie. Sami eavesdrops as Roman, Abe, and Tek discuss how they were only able to get a picture of the back of the female attorney’s head. Later while dancing with Roman, Sami grills him about Tony’s escape. Chelsea makes a deal with Patrick that she’ll be nice to Billie in exchange for one dance with him. Alex and John argue about Marlena’s care. John reluctantly watches Alex grant Marlena’s request to dance. Marlena calls Belle on the fact that she’s in love with Shawn despite carrying Philip’s baby. Mimi eavesdrops as Shawn asks Belle to confirm that she’s still in love with him.

GH Recap Written by Lisa

Jason has a memory of Sam's stillborn baby and begins to remember the love he has for Sam. Jason and Sam share a kiss. Carly starts planning her and Sonny's wedding. Sonny realizes Carly is living in a fantasy world. Ric beseeches Jason to help Sonny. Ric denies to Alexis that he is attracted to Reese and accuses Alexis of creating problems where none exist. Ruiz and Tito threaten Ric.

Emily urges Jax to try and reach a compromise with Elizabeth where the baby is concerned. Jax suggests that he and Elizabeth share custody of the baby, which doesn't sit well with Lucky.

GL Recap Written by Jen 

Ava puts on a fashion show for Olivia and Jonathan. Olivia gives her two outfits from the shop in The Beacon. Michelle has a dream where Maureen tells her the baby is not with her in heaven, so Michelle believes the baby is alive. She tells Danny and Bill the baby is alive, but they do not believe her. When Danny tells Marina about it you can tell Marina believes it may be true. Harley and Gus discuss the board meeting to vote for CEO of Spaulding. Gus and Harley saw Lucy on their honeymoon, and apparently she and Alan-Michael had an ugly breakup. Sandy tells Tammy that he grew up in the town right next to Springfield, so Tammy goes to check it out. She ends up in a church where the priest tells her he knows all about Sandy Foster. Sandy tells Fallon to hurry up and get out of town, so he can work on his assignment.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary 

Adriana helps Dorian decipher the code on the CD that Dorian had copied from Spencer’s computer. Paige agrees to move in with Bo. Blair questions Starr again about the events of the previous evening when she was threatened by Margaret. Todd makes Starr promise that she will not tell Blair about the baby. Spencer visits Starr and Blair, and finds them asleep. He vows to finish his business in town, and he also vows to get Blair. Rex finds out that Todd had been seen talking to Jackie McNaughton. Bo questions Todd about this latest information.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Eve's trial continues to be Kangaroo Court, where fantasy trumps reality at all stages. Today's mishmash included Grace Nanciere grilling TC and Julian, turning everything they say into something sinister and burying her further. While Ethan seemed to at least try to help out, he was still totally innefectual, as usual. Once again, Julian shows what a treasure he is by setting himself up for jail time instead of giving false witness against Eve, but she won't hear of it and basically gives the answer the DA wanted herself. Last up, Liz, who is in her element and ready to spill her poisonous guts, truth be damned, and she's absolutely loving it. Gwen finally heads for the mansion to stop Theresa, but her methods were bizarre, to say the least. Her evil knows no bounds, as proven during her conversation with Theresa before tossing the disks with the evidence against her and her mother into the furnace to be burned up. Or did she........?

Noah, upset at the way his father is struggling with trying to make ends meet wishes he could get a job and help out, and - VOILA! - his wish comes true, via a bartender job one of his friends got for him. Alistair sets Fancy up with a date for the night once he finds out how sad she is as losing Noah. Fancy thinks he's recanted on forbidding her to see Noah and he's the one who's coming to see her, but she's disappointed to find out it's the son of a rival businessman who he's hoping to put out of business with Fancy's help. She agrees to see what she can do, and they head off on their date.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Sheila gets a job as a waitress. Scott sees some odd behavior from his writing buddy. Christine is reunited with her nephew. Lauren plans a party. Sharon made plans for the family but plans were already made that exclude her.

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