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The TV MegaSite's Monday 9/12/05 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Dixie finds out that Zach is hiding Julia and concludes she cannot trust him anymore. Jamie comes to see little Adam in the hospital as a "junior doctor" now that he can. He knows what happened, due to JR's negligence and how Babe saved little Adam's life. Zach tells Kendall and Greenlee that they are making a big mistake to have the baby in order to "keep Ryan Lavery alive". He tells them that Ryan is genetically messed up although they do not believe that. But Zach is able to get Greenlee thinking that maybe she is being very selfish to expect Kendall to go through with this pregnancy for her. When Jonathan is in the hospital, the doctors inform Ryan and Erin that Jonathan is not "genetically" messed up, not psychotic, needs no medication. He seems to know that Jonathan suffered many injuries growing up and that is the cause of his violent and irrational behaviors. Hearing that, they are both surprised to find out for the first time that there is nothing genetically wrong with their family. And Ryan recalls that Greenlee was right. Does that mean that he would reconsider having a baby and might want to go back to her?

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Dusty confronts Jen about her drug use. Jen goes from denial, anger, and then finally to severing all ties with Dusty. Dusty meets with Barbara, to let her in on Jen’s extra curricular activities. Barbara, who has already been manipulated by Jen, doesn’t believe Dusty’s words, but can't hide her concern with his words. Score one for Jen though! Carly’s plan seems to have come off without a hitch in her plan to discredit Gwen by making it look as if she lost Rory at the park. Carly pays off the vendor who gave the spiked water to Gwen. Gwen is convinced Carly set her up, but will anyone believe the little girl who again seems to be crying wolf? Lucinda learns Keith told Lily about their whereabouts, but this is put on the backburner when Keith discovers Luke stowed away on their plane, and now has gone missing. Meanwhile, Lily is bemoaning to Holden about Keith’s betrayal, and Holden takes the high road and defends Keith. Holden and Lily soon learn of their son’s location from Lucinda. Keith goes in search of Luke, and ends up being knocked unconscious.

B&B Recap Written by Beth

Hector is fixing Taylor's alarm system. She mentions that Ridge doesn't live there. Hector tells her he's sorry and goes to find a circuit breaker. Ridge stops by and he and Taylor discuss Thomas and Gabby. Ridge bitterly explains to Taylor how she messed up, how they should have done what he thought in the first place. Taylor whines how she did her best, and how she wanted to make a life with him. Ridge reminds her how much he didn't appreciate her idea about the counseling. They continue to bicker when Hector walks in and stops it.

Dante daydreams about the kiss he shared with Brooke. Bridgette arrives at Insomnia and Dante tells her about the time at the pool he spent with Brooke. At Brooke's, Brooke and Eric discuss her way of trying to mask her feelings for Nick by using Dante. Eric still wants them to come clean to Bridget. Bridget comes in and asks her mom about Dante.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Once at the altar, Chloe reveals that her face has been restored to its natural beauty. The wedding takes place despite Belle fainting during the ceremony and Victor’s attempts to keep Nicole locked in the bridal room until he could dispose of her. That attempt is botched when Caroline surprises Nicole and after Nicole knocks her out with a vase thinking she was someone sent to do her harm, lets Nicole escape. Tek and Roman go over the list of Tony’s visitors and Roman confronts Kate about being on the list. Sami overhears Tek discussing her pseudonym as Tony’s lawyer with Roman. Marlena flashes back to being at the altar with John but claims to John that she was only making it up and now no longer desires to be with either him or Roman. Alex eavesdrops on the conversation and after Marlena runs off in tears, John warns Alex that he’ll hold him responsible if anything happens to Belle or the baby because of what Alex is doing to Marlena. Chelsea and Billie argue over Patrick but Patrick makes Chelsea feel better by inviting her to the reception. Bonnie, in between her multiple attempts to convince Mimi that she’ll soon be marrying Shawn, fantasizes about what it would be like to marry Shawn, Brady, and finally settling on John as her ideal husband.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Sonny is angry when Jason refuses to be a killer anymore, then he goes to the hospital and tells Ric that he appreciates what he did and it's too dangerous for Ric to work for him anymore. Durant plants seeds of doubt in Reese. Alan dreams of having Jason Quartermaine back. Jason runs into the new mob bosses thugs and tells them he's not part of their war. That thrills them, because it means Sonny is vulnerable. Nik and Lucky get into a fist fight. Ric intends to stand by his brother. Nik and Courtney console each other. Lucky vows to be there for Liz and the baby. Sam tries to talk Jason into going to the island, he refuses. Carly dreams of remarrying Sonny, again. Jason considers brain surgery. Alexis begins to wonder about what has gone on between Ric and Reese.

GL Recap Written Jen

Harley and Gus save Coop and decide to investigate what happened. They tell Lizzie and Coop to stay away from each other until they know what happened. Coop finds out from the minister that Lizzie and he were supposed to be getting married today. Michelle tells Danny she still loves him, but Marina interrupts the conversation. Ray doesn’t believe that Danny is over Michelle. Marina presses Michelle for details on the delivery and the accident. She asks Mallet about the 911 call. Dinah calls Cassie but when Cassie sees the call is from Edmund’s cell phone, he takes the phone away and then cuts the phone service off.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Blair arrives just in time to save Starr from being killed by Margaret. Todd arrives and overhears Starr telling Blair about the baby. Spencer intrudes on the Buchanan’s celebrating the Cano-Buchanan merger. John is on stake-out, but spies on Natalie (through binoculars) through her bedroom window. Vangie and Phil discuss the DNA test results and why John has them hidden in his closet. She decides to have them analyzed. Chris begins a letter to Natalie, but tears it up.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Eve's trial is in full swing today, and once Ms. Nanciere gets Simone on the stand, all heck breaks loose. Somehow she knows about Simone's sexual preference and starts asking questions designed to get her to admit to it without actually asking her directly. Eve gets upset and pitches a fit. To top it all off, Liz starts in ranting and raving about all the things Eve supposedly did to her throughout her life, and Ethan sat on his hands and did absolutely nothing. Looks like Eve's goose is cooked. Gwen and Rebecca are still arguing about whether Theresa will or won't find the hidden disk, while Theresa and Pilar are tearing the mansion up to find it.

Fox lists all the positives of Kay accepting the job he offered her as his executive assistant, and although Ivy, still eavesdropping outside the door, hopes and prays the girl won't accept. After thinking about it, however, Kay realizes the advantages, and that she does have enough skills to do the job, so she accepts. Ivy is beside herself, almost blowing a gasket in the hallway. However, she manages to get an ally, Valerie, to promise to keep an eye on Kay and report to her.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Gloria gets a new best friend. Scott gets an address to go meet a friend and work on his book. Tom gets cash and plane tickets for Las Vegas. Sharon’s work details are suddenly changed. Jill’s mothering instincts rise to the surface.

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