Wednesday 9/7/05 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 9/7/05 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Zach goes and asks Tad and Aiden to investigate Dixie because he's afraid that she's got some connection to the goons whom Julia is running from. Tad does not believe it or want to believe it. But Aiden tells him it's entirely possible. Krystal talks to Di/Dixie and can tell that something is not right. Babe puts her plan into motion to "make nice" to JR. Jamie and Amanda make themselves look, to JR, as though they are happy together although that's not entirely true. Danielle is really concerned that Garrett has some "agenda" with her. She doesn't know how to talk about it or whom to tell. Myrtle is there, however and knows that Danielle has something on her mind that she is not telling anybody.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Lucinda covers as best as she can when Holden overhears her making plans with Keith to leave town. Because of Keith’s ‘trip’ with Lucinda, he has to back out of a flying lesson with Luke, claiming he has to work. A disgruntled Luke then makes a very dangerous decision, which leads him to be a stowaway on a plane headed out of the country. Later, when Lily and Holden compare notes, he realizes that Lucinda’s story wasn’t as innocent as she was trying to make it sound. After finding Jen with Meg, Dusty becomes fed up with Meg insinuating herself into his life and business with Jen, and tells her so. This is at the same time Meg is trying to tell Dusty about the vial of drugs she found in Jen’s purse. Dusty cuts her off not wanting to hear what Meg has to say about Jen, not understanding what she is trying to say. A frustrated Meg decides to wash her hands of the whole situation. Meanwhile, the bellman makes an offer Jen can’t refuse. Carly sets her sinister plan into motion by asking Gwen to meet her at the park on the pretense of visiting with Rory. Nancy becomes an unwitting participant in Carly’s scheme to make sure Gwen is never able to gain custody of Rory.

B&B Recap Written by Beth

Brooke begs Eric not to tell Bridget about her and Nick. She say's she can handle not being with Nick for the sake of Bridget's happiness. Eric doesn't believe her. Eric leaves Brooke's office to find Bridget in his office. She asks him if she is missing something or crazy. Eric almost tells her about Brooke and Nick when Bridget's pager goes off and she has to leave.

Phoebe spills the beans at breakfast about Thomas and Gabby consumating their marriage. Phoebe claims that Gabby is the reason Ridge left. Taylor furious calls the INS and tells the immigration officer that the marriage is a sham, and that they all lied. Thomas is livid and Gabby sobs. Dante shows up at Brookes office. She thinks of a way she can use him as a diversion to Nick and to keep Bridget from being suspicious. She invites Dante to spend the day with her.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Brady returns to the cottage because he fears that Chloe would run out on him. After Nancy arrives and offers Chloe some words of encouragement, Brady is confident that Chloe will go through with the wedding. Will and his friend Arthur interrupt Sami’s striptease for Lucas. Sami spots Bart watching her from the fire escape and argues with him about the validity of the information she gave him. John gets Marlena to come back to Salem with him only on her insistence that Alex comes back with them to continue Marlena’s treatment. Lexie rushes over to check on Belle and determines that the pain was caused by stress. Mimi seizes the opportunity while they are alone to confront Belle about her anger at seeing anyone besides her with Shawn and warns her not to draw Shawn back in.

GH Recap Written by Amanda 

Courtney announces that she has slept with Nik, then has an insult match with Jax. Against medical advice, Jason leaves General Hospital. Alexis is worried by Ric's continued absence. John tries to get in to see Carly, but Reese won't let him enter the room. He does not realize she's not at Shady Brook until later. Emily is able to guess what happened when Nik is unresponsive to her declaration of love. Tearfully, she wishes him all the best. Durante orders Jason brought into custody, he resists, later to turn himself in. Courtney goes to Nik. Jax offers Liz five million for primary custody of the child. She refuses. When he offers Emily a chance to see if turnabout is fairplay, she slaps him.

GL Recap Written by Jen

Coop goes along with Lizzie’s lie about getting married, when he sees Beth giving her a hard time. Buzz tells Lizzie about Coop’s acceptance to Oxford. Lizzie calls someone about a wedding ceremony for today, and Beth overhears, so she calls Alan for help. Ava tries to get a job with Olivia. At first Olivia turns her down, but when she sees how organized she is, she offers her the job. Michelle starts bleeding, and Marina donates blood to help her. Michelle’s heart stops and she wants to die, but Maureen gives her encouragement to stay. She tells her to hold on to “Hope”. Michelle comes through surgery ok, and Danny tells her about the baby.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary  

Bo invites Paige to move in with him and Matthew. John and Natalie finally make love. Layla searches John’s apartment and finds some interesting information about John Doe a.k.a. Christian Vega. Kevin has bought him and Kelly a house. Bo and Rex find where Margaret has been hiding.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Fox and Kay continue to try to have a romantic moment, but Tabitha keeps causing problems. Fox sees Kay as an old hag, thanks to Tabby, and the more sexy Kay tries to get with him, the more turned off he is. Endora, seeing what Mommy has done, casts her own spells to get Kay back to her real self, and to keep Mommy Dearest from causing any more problems. She finally ties her mother to a chair. Noah and Fancy have a long chat about what each wants, and Noah feels what she wants is someone to mess around with on the sly until the right rich guy comes along. He ushers her out of the house, refusing to be her boy toy. Jessica comes home, finds Ivy, and decrees that either Ivy goes or she does. Sam won't choose, so Jess is out the door.

Sheridan continues to listen to Chris' story of being a mob informant and being in the witness protection program. She isn't sure for a while but finally decides he must be telling the truth, especially when he says he wants her to take care of James if anything happens to him.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis   **One Day Ahead

Gloria sees some redeeming quality in her ex. Ashley resorts to violence. Michael is warned that he could lose it all if he doesn’t get control of his emotions. Tom becomes frightened when warned that he might let a monster loose. Sheila reveals her true self.

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