Tuesday 9/6/05 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 9/6/05 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Babe runs into Jamie and Amanda together and it's clear that Jamie is not over her nor she-him. She runs into Zach and he is able to persuade her to let him in on what she knows about "Di Kirby". She takes him to the Chandler house so he can see the woman who is her son's nanny and claims to be JR's mother. Tad urges Dixie to tell him what she knows about Kevin because he believes that Kevin might get Julia killed. But she tells him she doesn't know anything more than what she is telling him. Julia tells Sam that he must realize that although the Martins are his biological relatives, Maria and Maddie are his family. Greenlee and Kendall grapple with the possibility that Ryan might still be alive. But they still want to go through with Kendall having the baby for Greenlee.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna 

Lucinda pressures Keith into flying her to Mexico by threatening to tell Lily about his illegal involvement with organs. Keith finally relents, as Holden overhears their flights plans though. Meg befriends Jen in order to better understand Dusty and her relationship. When Jen leaves the room to talk to Jasmine about getting more drugs, Jen searches for a non-existing love letter to Jen from Dusty, but receives the surprise of her life, when she finds a vial of drugs instead. Emily and Paul wonder if their nightmare is over with people finding out about the baby switch. Emily thinks they are in the clear now that they have burned the evidence, but Paul is still fearful of Gwen. He subtly pits Gwen against Will and vice versa, while supposedly playing the hero to Gwen when he hands her an envelope of money with the stipulation that she leave town and never tell Will who helped her. Thanks to Paul’s clever manipulations, Gwen finally agrees to his terms, as Will now wonders about their friendship. Carly must face the fact that she will probably not win custody of Rory, and puts into motion her sinister plan against Gwen, when she shows up at her apartment, olive branch extended.

B&B Recap Written by Beth

Thomas and Gabby enjoy the afterglow of their lovemaking. Thomas wants to stay in her room but she is afraid they will be caught. They are interrupted by Phoebe asking questions about homework. Thomas hides in the bathroom. When his sister leaves he hastily gathers up his clothes and a condom wrapper and sneaks back to his room. Brooke breaks off hers and Nicks kiss by telling him she'll take the kids and move if she has to. He has to stay with Bridget and make her happy. Nick wants to tell her everything.

Bridget comes home to find Nick and Brooke together. Brooke tells Bridget Nick has come to see her. Nick tells her he needs time to get over everything. Thomas gets to his room and is horrified to notice the condom wrapper is missing. Phoebe walking in the hall finds it. She confronts Thomas with her discovery.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Belle and Philip discuss the possible names for Baby K. Philip leaves to get his new prosthesis at the VA hospital and Shawn finds Belle overcome with stomach pain. Chelsea ignores Abby’s advice and cozies up to Kate, Billie, and Bo in hopes of using their money. In return and to spite Sami, Kate offers Chelsea Sami’s old job at Basic Black. Sami and Bart argue and exchange threats. Sami overdoes a last dance with Lucas to spite Kate. Roman literally runs into Kate and criticizes her for ruining Sami’s wedding. Kate turns to Victor for comfort even more determined to bring Sami down. Chloe and Brady share one last dance before separating to spend the night alone. John confronts Alex about his true intentions and Alex tries to explain it away but John doesn’t buy it. Marlena becomes alarmed when she finds herself fantasizing about Alex. John wants Marlena to come home with him but Marlena refuses to go.

GH Recap Written by Lisa

Carly attacks Reese but can't bring herself to kill her. Sonny and Ric find Carly and Reese. Sonny asks Ric not to turn Carly over to the authorities when they arrive. Reese insists to Sonny that Carly should be institutionalized but understands Sonny's need to try and heal Carly himself.

Jax swears to Elizabeth that he wants to make his marriage work but remains privately determined to divorce Courtney. Meanwhile, Nikolas and Courtney give into their passion. Emily admits to Elizabeth that she wants to get back together with Nikolas. Emily asks Nikolas if it is too late to give their relationship another chance. Courtney tells Jax about her night with Nikolas. Monica and Tony inform Sam that Jason's brain damage may be treatable with medication but a high risk operation will be necessary if the pills don't take affect. Jason tells Sam he isn't sure he wants his life back but agrees to take the pills for her sake.

GL Recap Written by Jen 

Josh sees Reva kissing another man and ends up getting into a bar fight with him. Reva tells Josh he is not enough for her anymore, so Josh sets her free and tells her to have fun. Edmund gives Michelle’s baby to Cassie as their baby. Dinah wakes up and finds herself prisoner in a replica of the farmhouse. Michelle is taken to Cedars. Everyone assumes the baby died when the car blew up. Rick tells Marina and Danny about the baby.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary 

John visits Christian in prison. They talk about Natalie and John’s possible involvement with her. Christian doesn’t like the idea of them being together, but he relents. He tells John that if he ever hurts her, he will hunt him down and kill him. Natalie catches Layla and Antonio hugging. Dorian, David and Spencer have dinner together. Dorian steals Spencer’ hotel key. Tess wakes up just as Nash comes back with her medication. When he tries to comfort her, she yells for Antonio. Todd hires Jack to get rid of Margaret. Margaret and Ginger have a talk about the Mannings. Ginger tells her that she will not spy on the Mannings anymore for her. Margaret draws a gun on her.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Theresa tried to convince Ethan they have an inseparable bond, and she does a good job, but his robot-self clicked on and he pulled away repeating "I love you, I want you, I need you, but I cannot leave my wife, I cannot leave my wife, I cannot leave my wife..." He leaves and Alistair comes in, demanding Theresa come to his room in a few minutes. He had searched Sheridan's cottage top to bottom for Fancy's beau, who he thought was hiding in the bedroom, but found no trace of anyone. Fancy was surprised Noah had left, too, but happy that Grampy wasn't mad at her and her money line was safe. Noah, however, went home and told Ivy what Fancy did, and she sympathized even though she'd warned him before. Fancy came looking for him after Alistair left, but the reception she got wasn't what she'd expected.

Tabitha is very upset that Kay and Fox are using her house for their love trysts, since a witch's home is supposed to be for pain and other bad things, not love and happiness. Endora listens to Mommy, but has her own ideas, and she likes her big brother being with Kay. She sets about to counteract the spells Tabitha casts on the two lovers in an effort to help them get together. However, Tabby casts one last spell that has Fox seeing Kay as an old, haggard woman. Yikes! Chris/Greg tells Sheridan he is in the witness protection program and that's why he lied to her, but she's not in the mood to believe him. She tells him to tell his boss, Alistair, that she won't fall for his tricks this time.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Michael is banned from the Abbot house. Gloria is genuinely shocked at who visited her husband at the office. Sheila gets repayment for her assistance. Tom makes a toast, “Here’s to getting everything that we want in life…” Jack feels like he is being pushed to the sidelines.

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