Thursday 9/1/05 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Thursday 9/1/05 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Sam concludes that if Lily said she saw Ryan Lavery's ghost, she must not be making that up and it could mean that Ryan is alive. They go and tell Greenlee and Kendall and it's a little too much for them to take. Ryan and Erin discover that Jonathan is not an innocent little child after all. He's gone to get explosives to kill them and refuses to go to an institution as he'd previously told them. Tad tells Julia that he doesn't want her to trust Zach Slater because it could get her killed. She asks him what he knows about a woman named Di Kirby and her boyfriend, Kevin Sturgis. Tad assumes there is no cause for suspicion. But Krystal has found Dell is ready to find out all about his "family" while Adam is waiting for her to get the goods on Dixie.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

A special news report interrupted the last 30 minutes of the show so the short recap will be very short but here is what happened in the first half. Carly has a fight with Emily because Emily suggests that she give the baby back to Gwen. Paul offers to help Gwen get custody of the baby and pay for her education and living expenses if she leaves Oakdale forever. Lucinda is angry and decides never to return to Clinica de la vida but has second thoughts after she sees very good test results after one week of treatment at the clinic. Keith keeps his promise to Lucinda by persuading Lily not to ask Lucinda any more questions about where she went when she was supposed to be at the spa. Hal and Susan open Paul's safe and when Emily arrives home she decides to tell Hal what has been bothering her but Paul arrives home before Emily has a chance to tell Hal the truth about the baby switch.

B&B Recap Written by Beth

Jackie tells Nick he has to be true to his heart, that he isn't doing Bridget any favors or the baby if his heart isn't in it. Nick calls Brooke telling her he has to see her. Bridget gets a visit from Dante wanting to know how things went. She tells him she was insecure and she doesn't want to be that way anymore. She encourages Dante to find someone who's devoted to him instead of being her plan B.

Taylor and the girls compliment Thomas on what a great job he did. Thomas questions why his dad isn't there. Taylor says its not the time to discuss it. She decides to go to bed. Thomas tells Gabby to go wait for him in the cabana. Thomas tells her he loves her and she loves him too. They decide it's the right time to make love. Thomas has to run inside a moment and Taylor catches Gabby in the cabana and questions if they were going to break the rules by making love. Gabby admits they were. Taylor tells her to leave. Gabby tells Taylor, no.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Lucas asks Roman for his blessing and receives it only after promising to trust Sami and make her happy. Kate catches Sami using Roman’s computer to get the codes but Sami denies any wrongdoing and no one believes Kate’s claim. Sami delivers the codes to Bart, who is disguised as a clown. Roman reveals to Det. Adams that the codes on his computer are fake. Bo and Billie stop by the Deveraux home after not being able to find Chelsea during the night and Frankie puts a watch on Max’s credit card to find that Max used his card at the motel. Jennifer, Jack, and Frankie head over to the Lockhart house where they find Hope about to join Patrick in the pool. Hope and Jennifer talk about each other’s love triangles while Jack and Frankie argue with Patrick. Frankie gets confirming information about Patrick’s bad deeds and confronts Patrick. Chelsea tries to seduce Max but Max stops her. Bo and Billie arrive at the motel and Bo assaults Max on the assumption that he slept with Chelsea until Max points out that he slept on the floor. Chelsea comes out of the shower and upon seeing Bo and Billie there, locks herself back in the bathroom.

GH Recap Written by Lisa

Jason doesn't want to live the life he leads any longer. Sam protects Jason from Alan. Carly relives a traumatic moment from her youth. Reese, Ric and Carly's lives are in danger. Nikolas warns Courtney about Jax. Courtney makes a hurtful accusation against Nikolas.

GL Recap Written by Jen 

Dinah is really feeling guilty about lying to Cassie. Rick tries to examine her, but she won't let him. Rick goes to The Beacon, and interrupts Marina and Danny trying to have an evening alone, looking for Michelle. He wants to know if Danny found her earlier. Marina and Danny argue about him not telling her. Edmund also comes to their room acting weird. He is looking for Michelle too, but he doesn't tell them that. Michelle goes into labor after a car wreck. Edmund finds her on the side of the road, but she thinks he is Danny.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

John is busy sparring with an opponent, but then he imagines that it is Christian that he is sparring with. If this is enough, then John imagines that he is having a conversation with his father about Christian. Natalie arrives at the Angel Square Hotel, and asks Roxie to let her into John’s room. Layla is busy searching John’s room, and finds a box with files inside. She finds the file on Christian Vega. As soon as she finds the file, she hears voices on the outside of the room. She quickly hides behind the door when she hears that it is two women. After Roxie and Natalie go into the bedroom, Layla sneaks out.

Layla comes back and starts to knock on the door when she is confronted by Roxie who tells her to leave if she doesn’t find her friend. After Roxie leaves, Layla confronts Natalie about taking John away from her sister. Evangeline and Antonio argue over the impending custody hearing, and the possibility that R.J. and Lindsay might gain custody of his daughter.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Noah and Fancy seem to have made a giant leap from being able to stand being around each other to climbing the walls to get each other in bed, and all in an hour or so on the beach. Everywhere they try to do the deed presents it's own set of problems, until Sheridan, at the B&B, tells them they can use her cottage. Hmmmmm. Ethan defends Theresa from Alistair, who keeps saying he never raped Theresa, and tries to call the police. Gwen gleefully tells Rebecca what she heard at Theresa's door, and the older woman tries to spin it so it seems Theresa actually enjoyed the rape. Ethan doesn't buy it when they repeat it to him, though, and Gwen is none to happy about that. He assures her he won't leave her, but he has to protect Theresa, as he would anyone else.

Kay and Fox start their romantic dinner, provided by Endora, in a happy mood, but it soon turns to anger for Kay, bewilderment for Fox after she spends the time quizzing him about all the models, etc, he dated before, then gets angry at him for it. Chad tries to convince Whitney to leave the convent and come home to be a family with him and Miles, and he thinks for a minute he's succeeded, but she soon lets him know she will do nothing of the kind, only send her breast milk to Miles, since it's the only thing he can eat. Chad leaves reluctantly and alone with Miles, while Whitney prays that God will help her be strong and so she won't lead Chad to Hell. Sheridan still thinks there's something fishy about Chris, and when he shows her a news report he left out in the open by mistake showing him using another name, she is more sure he's hiding something than ever.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis   **One Day Ahead

Tom blows things out of the water. Sheila gives to a new friend advice on how to get revenge. Yolanda is found in the bushes. Daniel makes it to the airport on time. John gets a visit from someone that he has only heard of.

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