Wednesday 8/31/05 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 8/31/05 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Ryan is able to convince Erin, and it seems he convinces Jonathan also, that Jonathan needs to go to a psychiatric hospital and get some help. But Jonathan reveals, when he is alone in his room that he is faking the "little boy" act and is ready to put them all in their place.

Zach Slater informs Julia that he knows about Di Kirby's ex-boyfriend, Kevin and believes he has something to do what Noah's murder. Krystal agrees to help Adam expose Dixie, and coincidentally runs into Zach who asks her about her former cell-mate, Di Kirby, whom she knows as Dixie and whom she intends to expose. Tad and Mimi tell Sam about their plan to help Julia. He tells Lily. She tells him she saw the ghost of Ryan Lavery. And Tad is shocked to run into Julia Santos Kiefer.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Jack almost catches Carly pilfering their accounts to pay Iris, but she covers claiming that she is getting the funds together for the lawyer. She almost changes her mind to tell Jack, but chooses not to when Iris interrupts. Carly pays an additional $10,000 in hush money to Iris, as Emily, who thinks she recognizes Iris, runs into them with Rory. The guilt seems to get the best of Emily when she finds herself defending Gwen to Carly. Susan tells Hal that she is worried about Emily moving Daniel into Paul’s apartment to prove to everyone she is fine. They later use the key Emily gave Susan to check out Paul’s apartment to see if they find anything suspicious…will they see the baby footprints? Paul subtly directs Gwen into assuming Carly messed with the paternity test results. He tells her he will help her if she only listens to him. He claims he is helping her because of Will, but when he hides from Will when he comes to see Gwen, she pointedly asks Paul if Carly isn’t the only one playing her? Mike is concerned the flowers anonymously sent to Katie are from Simon. Maddie is interested in hearing the story of Simon now, hoping this will help her cause further to break up Katie and Mike, as she continues to email Bryon as ‘Katie.’

B&B Recap Written by Beth

Bridget shows up on the boat to talk to Nick and get her lab coat. She apologizes again and tries to get through to an aloof Nick. Jackie shows up telling Nick she heard the news about him and Brooke. He shushes her as Bridget is down in the cabin of the boat. Bridget says hello to Jackie and takes off. Jackie tells Nick he has to level with Bridget.

Thomas has a hit fashion show. He is hopeful his parents will reunite. Ridge tells Taylor he wants to come home. Taylor tells Ridge he will have to go to counseling. Ridge becomes angered and leaves the show. Thomas stands on stage is one tear fall down his cheek watching his dad leave.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Roman tells Kate that he wants a divorce. Kate tries to talk him out of it, including accusing Sami of working for Tony, but Roman still wants the divorce. Sami, Lucas, and Will spend the evening at Alice’s Bar and Sami lies to them about having no more secrets. Sami gets Roman to let her use his office computer under the guise of using it for wedding plans. Roman questions Sami about working for Tony but Sami denies it. Kate overhears Lucas tell Sami that Austin called and is coming to the wedding. Victor relays to Kate that his contacts reveal that Tony is blackmailing Sami. Kate crosses her fingers behind her back as she promises Victor that she won’t cause trouble between Bo and Hope. Bo and Billie try to reach out to Chelsea but she pushes them away. Chelsea breaks up a fight between Max and Patrick but then has Max take her for a drive. Max takes Chelsea to a motel. Bo and Billie go off in search of Chelsea while Patrick questions Hope on whether she trusts Billie to be alone with Bo.

GH Recap Written by Amanda 

GL Recap Written by Jen

Bill teaches Ava how to make a drink when Jonathan leaves her alone at the bar. Bill also tells her when she can to call Olivia for an assistant job. Jonathan goes to see Reva at the hospital and he tells her to lie to Josh about her injuries to keep him. Josh tells Billy about the fight him and Reva had and asks what HB would say. Billy tells him HB would tell him to cut her loose. Billy wants to be Jonathan’s partner at Outskirts. Josh thinks it is a really bad idea. Tammy tells Sandy that they are not going to work out if he doesn’t tell her about himself, so he tells Tammy that his dad left when he was young and then his mom died. You can tell he is still hiding more and when she leaves the room he pulls out a Private Investigators card.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary  

Evangeline and Nora share breakfast, and some girl talk. Natalie awakens with John looking at her. They kiss. Antonio has a visit with his daughter, Jaime. Evangeline runs into John and Natalie at the police station, and they are kissing. Tess has made a sign for Nash’s winery. He tells her that he has loved her since the first time that they met. They kiss. R.J. blackmails Ginger into giving him information on Jessica or she will never be allowed at Ultra-Violet again. Evangeline explains to Layla that she had had another key made to John’s apartment. Layla tells her that she will take care of it. Layla hatches a plan to find out what John is hiding.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Whitney begs the Mother Superior to forget the years of training and just make her a cloistered nun right now so she never has to see Chad, Miles, or any of her family again, but MS says the convent isn't for hiding, it's for dedicating your life to God and refuses. They are interrupted when Chad and Miles come for a visit, and MS tells Whitney she has to see them. Chad begs her to nurse the baby again, since he's not keeping formula down, and she does. She tells him she doesn't want him to keep bringing the baby to her, tho. Simone visits a woman who listens as the girl talks and talks about how horrible her family is. They end up in bed together, as Simone says she's finally found who she really is.

Ethan and Gwen continue their lovemaking in their room, secure in the knowledge that Theresa will be leaving the mansion tomorrow. However, Alistair has other plans, and he rapes Theresa in her room. On a water break, Gwen hears what's happening to her enemy, but says nothing to anyone, not trying to help Theresa at all. After Alistair leaves, Theresa cries on her bed, and later, Ethan runs into her in the hallway and is alarmed by what happened to her. TC walks in on Eve and Julian in a passionate kiss and becomes upset, and both men start vying for her heart. She becomes upset by all the arguing over her and tells both men she's choosing no one and will live by herself until she can decide which man she really wants to be with forever.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis   **One Day Ahead

Lily can’t reach a loved one. Sheila makes her first contact in Genoa City. Tom moves out. Gloria thought she was safe, but the truth will still come out. Kevin asks about a new book in the works.

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