Tuesday 8/30/05 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 8/30/05 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Dell is hanging around the Chandler house ready to expose Dixie as a fraud. Nobody wants him there except for Adam who seems to know that he knows something. Babe tells her mother that she has a plan to marry JR and make him think she loves him, in order to manipulate him into letting her get her son back. At first, Krystal thinks she's nuts but later agrees to go through with it and give her away if necessary. Ryan and ERin observe Jonathan behaving like a little boy coloring on the floor with his crayons. SHe tells him that Jonathan is ok this way and cannot be institutionalized. But Ryan tells his sister that he is worried that Jonathan is not well and could be dangerous. Kendall reveals to Zach that the reason she ratted Julia out to the cops was not to get her in trouble so much as it was because she was afraid of losing him because she cares about him.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna 

Jen is having withdrawals from the drugs, and is acting erratic, which Dusty is suspicious of. His suspicions are even more piqued when he runs into the dealer Jen has frantically called. When his prying and questions send her over the edge, a now high Jen, tells him to leave her alone! Maddie ups her plan to break up Katie and Henry when she emails Byron, a geek from high school that liked Katie, under the guise of being Katie. He later anonymously sends her flowers, to Maddie’s pleasure. Gwen wants to see the baby at Carly’s, because she will know if the baby is hers. She considers a maternity test after she wonders if the baby is hers. She needs money to pay Cass in order to keep his services though. Will promises to come through with the money. Later, Casey bitterly threatens to get Gwen back for trying to trap him into being the father to her baby. He will make sure Will deserts her for what she has done. Gwen worries about Casey’s threats. Will asks Bob if there could be a chance of a baby switch, and Bob assures him it is very unlikely. Paul wants Daniel to move in with him and Emily, but Emily is still unsure of how she feels about her and Paul keeping quiet about Jen’s baby being alive. Will interrupts them by asking for Paul’s help, explaining what happened to a suddenly nervous Paul about Gwen and her ‘baby’ in court. Is all of Paul’s plotting going to blow up in his face because of Gwen’s situation? What can he do? He decides to go pay Gwen a visit.

B&B Recap Written by Beth

Brooke is shocked, angry and hurt. Bridget begs for both their forgivenesses. Thomas prepares for his first showing. Gabby brings cookies to her husband. Darla and Gabby talk and Darla warns her not to upset Taylor.

Eric tells Jackie about the "abortion". Jackie is upset but almost relieved that Brooke and Nick admitted their feelings. Bridget gets a pain in her belly and Brooke tells her to go lay down. Brooke and Nick go outside and Brooke tells Nick to marry Bridget and make her happy.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Victor and John announce to Brady and Chloe that they’d like to bankroll their wedding. Brady calms Chloe’s fears and convinces her to have the big wedding. Alex finds Marlena baking bread and lies about her cooking skills. Victor warns John to act on his suspicions of Alex and Alex forces Marlena to call John and tell him not to come up to the cabin as he plays on Marlena’s desire not to see John. Philip and Belle spend the evening at Alice’s Bar to show off Philip’s new prosthesis. Mimi and Shawn discover that they are now both working at Alice’s Bar and while Shawn insists that he’s over Belle, he promises Belle that he’ll talk to Mimi on her behalf. Kate asks Victor to use his Dimera contacts to get the dirt on Sami. Bart dresses as a priest to visit Sami and reveal photos of her transformation into Stan as blackmail to get her to bring them codes from Roman’s computer. Kate watches Sami burn the torn up fragments of the photo set that Bart let her keep. Hope, Billie, and Max arrive to break up the fight between Bo and Patrick and Chelsea reluctantly admits that neither man was hurting her. Hope cautions Bo to be wary of Chelsea but Bo doesn’t believe that Chelsea could be so manipulative. Billie, Bo, and Hope track Chelsea down at the docks and reveal that she is their daughter. Chelsea refuses to believe it and slaps Billie.

GH Recap Written by Lisa

Sonny stops Carly from attacking Reese. Sonny promises Carly that he will take care of her. Ric asks Alexis not to tell the police that Carly is at Sonny's instead of Shadybrook. Reese and Sonny realize they will have to put their relationship on hold until Carly gets better. Sonny finds Carly missing from her bed. Emily agrees to look after Michael and Morgan.

Nikolas can't stop thinking about Courtney. Emily tells Nikolas it is over between them. Jax reveals to Justus that he's only pretending to have forgiven Courtney until after he gets custody of Elizabeth's baby. Jax warns Nikolas to stay away from Courtney.

Dillon and Lucas will be roommates at Port Charles University, as will Maxie and Brook Lynn. Jesse begins his undercover operation to bust the drug ring and will room with Diego. Someone slides nude photos of Brook Lynn under Maxie's door.

GL Recap Written by Jen 

Sandy gives Tammy a promise ring, and she starts asking about his past, but he won’t reveal anything. Sandy tells her some things are better left alone and leaves. Tammy tries to call him after he leaves, but he is drinking at a bar and doesn’t answer. Danny starts beating up on the guy who attacked Marina, but she stops him before it goes too far. Michelle wants to tell Danny the truth about the baby, but when she sees him telling Marina he loves her; she changes her mind. She starts going into labor in her car. Dinah starts faking labor pains, but Edmund convinces her to wait. He sends Jeffery and Cassie out for a night on the town, and Cassie tells Jeffery she loves him.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary 

Todd continues to choke Margaret. Kevin tries his best to separate them .When he finally manages to separate them, Margaret pulls a gun on Todd, and escapes. Todd makes Kevin not to say a word to Kelly about this, right before he leaves to go search for Margaret. John and Natalie continue to kiss, but he draws away. He tells her that he needs to tell her something. She doesn’t want to hear anything about Christian.

Tess and Nash have arrived in California. She assures Nash that she is never going back to LlanView. Duke and Adriana meet at Capricorn. Before they can spend the night together, he gets a phone call that makes him have to go back to the office for a couple of hours. This infuriates Adriana. Antonio questions Ginger about Tess. Ginger has a run-in with Adriana in which Ginger tells Adriana that she doesn’t know who she is or what she can do. Rex confronts her as to what she had said.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Theresa runs from her upsetting date with Alistair straight to Ethan, but finds him otherwise occupied with his wife. He decides maybe he'd better go see what has happened to her, making it known to her that he does care, but he still says he will never leave Gwen for her. As she heads to her room, Katherine tries to give her good advice, which she tries to take, but Alistair shows up and breaks it up. As Ethan and Gwen begin anew in their own room this time, down the hall, Alistair is overpowering Theresa and showing her who is the boss.

Julian tries drowning his sorrows, but TC and Eve show up for a celebration dinner because of her decision to go back to her ex-husband. However, when TC is called away for an emergency, Eve can't stay away from Julian, and they have a talk about how he should handle losing her, while she tells him she still loves him more than life itself. The talk ends in a passionate kiss, which TC gets back just in time to witness. Fancy and Noah end up night fishing on a boat, although she had other designs on him, and she manages to lose the costly bracelet Grampy bought for her. She soon forgets about it, tho, when they fall into another lip lock.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Nick meets with an unlikely visitor. Lily begs her ‘uncle’ for help. Gloria learns that her secret is on the way out. Ashley has to consider who she wants as her date to the wedding. Kevin brings home a better roommate.

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