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The TV MegaSite's Monday 8/29/05 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Simone tells Greenlee and Kendall that she wishes she had been considered for being Greenlee's surrogate, or at the very least told about the plan they have. At that point the three of them decide to keep this secret among them. Some gunmen blow up the windows and statues of Wildwind and try to kill Zach and Julia. They escape. But Derek and Mimi find Zach and tell him he better tell them where Julia is. He says he has not seen her and they don't catch her. But he is very angry at Kendall and knows she has ratted Julia out to the cops. Danielle tries to find out from Garrett if he has special "feelings" for her. And he doesn't answer he question but addresses it as if she has a "crush" on him. She then asks her aunt Livia what her opinion of Garrett is. She cannot tell Livia specifically what she is afraid of and Livia assumes that Dani is just concerned about Garrett trying to take the place of her dad. Babe is ready to put her plan into motion to "get JR back". Krystal tells her she might be making a mistake. Amanda and Jamie sleep together. Myrtle sees Jamie with Amanda and tells him that she is very angry at Phoebe for giving him that ultimatum in her will and encourages him not to give up on the love of his life.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Lucinda thinks she is making a deal with the devil when she and Keith decide to stay quiet about each being in Mexico…she for her alternative treatment consultation, and he for his transporting of human organs essentially for the same purpose. Meg and Holden commiserate over their relationships. Holden shares his advice on how Meg should handle Dusty in the future... back off. Jennifer wants more from Dusty then he can give her. Is she trying to forget her loss or are her eyes finally open to see Dusty as someone she wants a relationship from? He is tempted by her flirtation and kiss, but he feels he needs them to stay friends so he doesn’t ruin the relationship they have. Can they stick to that plan? When Casey is declared not the father of Gwen’s baby, Carly, Jack, Tom, Margo and mostly Casey feel vindicated. Cass thinks Gwen still has a chance to regain custody of her baby if she admits to lying about Casey being the father, but Gwen knows he is. She poses the question to Will (who is now unsure of Gwen), if Casey is not the father…could there have been a mistake when her baby was put up for adoption? Could this baby be hers?

B&B Recap Written by Beth

Bridget apologizes up and down begging Nick for forgiveness. She explains it was a test and Nick is infuriated and demands they go talk to Brooke NOW! Brooke tells Eric how her and Nick feel about each other. Eric is very disappointed and upset with Brooke and leaves abruptly.

Nick and Bridget show up and Bridget apologizes but doesn't tell her mother why right away. Nick yells at Bridget to TELL YOUR MOTHER NOW! She tells Brooke she didn't have an abortion and Brooke sinks down floored by the news.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Kate eavesdrops on Nicole’s phone conversation with Sami. Lucas walks in as Sami is telling Nicole that Lucas will be upset if he knew but claims to him that she was talking about using his name to get faster blood work. Will comes home from camp and wants to move back in with Sami. Kate bribes Nicole in exchange for more dirt on Sami but Nicole only gives her enough to deduce that Sami was disguised as a man. Kate offers Nicole the chance at a new life but Nicole turns her down until she can give Sami a chance to help her get Brady back. Bart calls Sami and threatens the loss of her family should she not comply with Tony’s request.

Billie and Hope return with Bo to the Lockhart house and have to convince Bo not to have Patrick arrested. Max spills cider and rips Chelsea’s blouse but still turns down Chelsea’s advances. Max heads back to the house where he runs into Bo, Hope, and Billie and leads them to Chelsea. Meanwhile, Patrick finds Chelsea and she uses her tears over the torn blouse to claim that Max assaulted her. Bo overhears Chelsea’s adamant refusal to let Patrick lead her back to the house and in assuming that Patrick is the one assaulting Chelsea, punches him out.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Emily can tell the Nik is more distant with her, despite his declarations of love and feels she has lost him. However, he tells her he's just stunned and she believes him. Jax tells Courtney that he wants to work things out. After he leaves, she goes to see Nik and sees him holding Emily. Emily sees her and adds two and two to get that Nik called Courtney to come over to Wyndermere. Jason is horrified by his past. Carly confesses she tried to kill Sonny when the police arrive following her breakdown. Sam enlists Allegra's help to find Jason when he runs off. Jax overhears Emily telling Monica what happened at Wyndermere. Ric is hired to get Carly out of jail. Courtney and Nik say goodbye to each other. An islander tells Sam and Allegra that Jason hopped a plane to Portugal. Then he heads to Port Charles. Sonny takes Carly home to take care of her. When Courtney comes home, Jax accepts her.

GL Recap Written

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Natalie visits John at his apartment. He is reluctant to let her in at first, but then he finally agrees. After a little talking they get it on. They are busy kissing in the bed but John puts the brakes on, and tells her that he has something to tell her. Viki leaves for London to see the heart specialist. Michael and Evangeline go out for a burger at Rodi’s as long as they don’t run into John and Natalie. Todd finds Margaret and is choking her in the hallway when Kevin comes in and sees what is happening.

Marina makes her bust but is very shaken up by the attack. Mallet lights into her for taking matters in her own hands, but accidentally calls her Harley. She talks to Olivia about the attack, and Olivia reveals she was raped when she was younger. Danny can tell something is wrong and fishes the information out of Mallet, and he decides to get revenge.

Danny shows up at Edmund’s door looking for Michelle. Michelle calls him when she hears his voice and tells him she is on her way to DC. When he leaves she tells Edmund she wants to go find him and tell him the truth, but he talks her out of it, or so he thinks. Michelle sneaks out to go find Danny. Lizzie asks Coop to marry her, but he turns her down. She tells her mom she is engaged anyway to make her mad.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Theresa goes on her mandatory date with Alistair and finds he has more hands than manners. She gets fed up, leaving him on the dance floor, and heads back to the mansion, hoping Ethan will be waiting for her. Ethan and Gwen talk about his worrying about Theresa with Alistair, and they finally decide she made her choice and has to live with it. They set out for a night of romance, and are in the throes of passion by the pool when Theresa arrives. Sheridan dreams someone is trying to take Mark/James away from her, then wakes up to find Christopher there trying to take him to bed. She tells him he can't have the boy, but Chris tells her he's his son and he will take him anyway.

Fancy and Noah have their formal date - on the beach! She decides it's not that bad, and they have a good time, even dancing and ending up with a makeout session. Fox and Kay are wishing they could go out to dinner and Endora grants their wishes by making him win a non-existant contest for a romantic dinner for two. Kay thinks Tabitha did it, but the old witch knows who really did, and realizes she's given birth to a (horrors!) good witch. She worries about what the Boys in the Basement will do if they find out.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Malcolm tells a loved one that it is time that she was told the truth. Lily gets her notice to vacate the premises. Ashley decides to rethink putting a friendship on hold. Michael arranges a meeting at the Abbots’. Scott arrives in town but his mother is nowhere to be found.

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