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The TV MegaSite's Friday 8/26/05 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Ryan notices Jonathan regressing to being a little boy abused by daddy. He sees Ryan as their father, ready to please him and do everything daddy wants. Erin tells Ryan that she will take care of their sick brother because she is more fortunate than he was. Daddy abused him and she was spared. But Ryan tells her he already tried and failed to "take care" of Jonathan as she is doing. He needs to be hospitalized. But Erin does not want him in an institution. Danielle asks Simone and Greenlee if they can detect of Garrett has sexual interest in her. They meet him and are not certain what to think. Kendall tells Mimi and Derek that she wants to protect Julia's life but doesn't want to get Zach in trouble. She promises to tell them where Julia is only if they can promise her immunity and protection from whomever is after Julia. They agree. Right when Zach and Julia are in Wildwind, assuming they are safe, machine guns fire through their windows and blow the place to smithereens. It looks like they will be ok but Wildwind is destroyed.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Meg surprising Dusty in Chicago backfires when she discovers Jennifer came with him on the trip. Dusty tells meg he isn't ready for a serious relationship but Meg isn't ready to give up on him yet. Jennifer does drugs in her hotel room while she sketches new designs. Lucinda discovers Keith works for Clinca de la Vida picking up human organs and delivering them all over the country. Iris asks Carly for $10,000 to keep her secret. The DNA test results arrive and the Hughes family, Jack, Carly, and Gwen wait for the judge to read the results to them.

B&B Recap Written by Beth

Brooke and Nick keep kissing and figuring out how much they love each other. They want to be together and decide they should have been from the start. Bridget calls Nick to see him. Bridget shows up and tells Nick she kept the baby. Nick is shocked. Taylor asks Ridge to leave till he figures things out once and for all.

Days Recap Written by Suzanne

Sami lectures Belle about the baby and giving up on Philip.  Belle is shocked to hear from her that Mimi claims she almost slept with Shawn.  Shawn tells Belle that they only kissed but advises her to move on with her life like he is.  Someone phones Sami to threaten her about helping Tony to escape from jail. 

At the church dance, Jack locks Jen and Frankie in a closet with their old costumes from the 80's and plays old music that they like through the door.  They try on the costumes and dance; Jen gives him a peck on the cheek.  Caroline opens the door just as that happens.  Jen and Jack are not happy to spot Abby kissing her date, Josh.  When Caroline comments that Jen looked 17 again in the costume, Jen admits she felt like it, too, as she thinks about kissing Frankie.  Patrick tries to apologize to Chelsea for not being interested in her more than as a friend.  She rushes off to meet Max.  He surprises her with a romantic setting on the beach.  Meanwhile, Bo and Billie find out that Chelsea is indeed Georgia, their daughter.  Billie worries that Chelsea won't be too happy to hear it.  Hope promises not to tell anyone the news, but when she runs into Patrick, who is worried about Chelsea with Max, she spills the news as she helps him look for Chelsea.  Patrick sees them and heads forward to save Chelsea's virtue, not knowing that Bo and Billie are close behind him for the same reason.  Bo and Billie were not happy to hear that Hope told Patrick the news, nor that Chelsea might be with him.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Nik and Emily admit they love each other, and he will wait for her until she can be with him again. Courtney overhears. Jax decides he wants to repair his marriage. Jason is shocked when he kills his assailants. To avoid feeling like a hypocrite, Sonny makes love to Reese as a sign of forgiveness. Then, with Carly secretly listening, invites her to move in. Allegra takes Sam back to the island to get her to sign papers to turn Andrew's money over to Allegra. Then, the cops arrive and arrest Sam (Ally supposedly) for Andrew's murder. Allegra goes to Jason to get his help rescuing Sam and Ally comes in to announce that she, herself, killed Andrew. Nik and Courtney continue to daydream about forbidden love. When Sonny and Reese go out on a date, Carly comes out of hiding to commit vandalism. Nik gives in and calls Courtney, moments before Jax comes home. Allegra and Jason switch Sam and Ally. Carly holds a gun on Sonny.

GL Recap Written by Jen

Mallet is Marina’s commanding officer and he gives Marina her first assignment. He needs her to look sluttish and flirt with a guy making fake ids. He sends her to Crossroads and tells her not to leave the bar with the guy, but she does and he tries attacking her. Lizzie tells Beth she will move back home, so Beth gives her a blank check and she buys an engagement ring with it. She asks Coop to marry her. Buzz sent in an application to Oxford University for Coop and he was accepted but it means leaving for 4 months. Rick catches Edmund in the supply cabinet and Edmund plays it off like he is addicted to pain killers but he manages to steal the drug he needs. Michelle tries to leave the suite to have a paternity test and finds the door jammed. Edmund comes back and talks her out of going. He injects her with the labor inducing drug.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Vikki brings Natalie home from the hospital to a welcome home celebration. Todd demands to know from the doctor where Margaret is .Todd enters the exam room where he thinks that Margaret is thought to be, but he finds her gone. Instead, he finds some keys, and the ultrasound of the picture of the baby. He questions the nurse whose baby this is, and the nurse informs him that it is his. John looks at the file on Christian Vega, and he remembers the conversation that he had had with Christian that Natalie wouldn’t find out from him that he is alive. Rex gives Natalie advice on John. Bo calls Asa into his office to question him about Margaret, and Todd.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

TC and Julian wait expectantly for Eve to make her choice between them, but Liz continues to rant and rail about how stupid the two men are for letting a "loose woman" like Eve make fools of them. TC and Eve both tell Liz to leave, but she stays anyway, and hears Eve choose TC. Julian, heartbroken but trying to be understanding, has to leave, and he grabs Liz, pulling her with him. Once home, Julian heads for the Brandy, and Alistair questions him a bought what has him so upset. When Julian tells him, Alistair makes rude, uncalled for comments about Eve, and Julian lets him have it in the kisser. Theresa is commanded to go to dinner with Alistair and pay him for what he's done for her, so she tries to dress as ugly as possible. Alistair won't have it, and forces her into a slinky black dress instead. She goes to the pool to say goodnight to her kids and Ethan notices her new bracelet, making comments about why Alistair gave it to her.

Sam and Noah talk about why Noah was going to leave Harmony but has now decided to stay. Sam isn't happy with the story he hears, but he's glad his son is home to stay, and lends him his tux for the big night out with Fancy. Grampy gives Fancy a bracelet that matches Theresa's, except where Theresa had rubies, Fancy gets Sapphires. She is sure Noah will be impressed by how great she looks and can't wait to go on their date. Simone calls a friend and complains about how things are at home because she's not getting the attention she wants from TC and Eve. Pilar and Sheridan have a heart-to-heart about Mark/James, and while Sheridan assures the woman she is living in reality, Pilar isn't so sure.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Daniel has been suspended from his college. Lily says she will not follow the rules. Kevin gets the worst roommate ever. Katherine becomes a silent partner. Phyllis finds a shocking scene at the hideaway.

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