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The TV MegaSite's Thursday 8/25/05 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Erica demands that Dr. Madden and Greenlee tell her the "secret" about the syringe. Greenlee tells Erica that it is her only hope for having Ryan's baby. Erica asks what the syringe has to do with her having Ryan's baby. Dr. Madden tells Erica a "story" about it being an experimental drug for Greenlee. Neither is ready to tell her that Kendall is planning on carrying Greenlee's baby for her. Kendall tells Zach that he owes her certain things, since they are married. One of which is to stop putting himself in danger because of Julia. But he lays down the law to her by telling her they are married in name only, it's no more than a business arrangement, and he will do whatever he wants whether she likes it or not. Zach and Julia assume they will not get caught by attempting to dispose of Jimmy's dead body. But Kendall goes down to the police station and rats Julia out to them. Jamie reveals to Tad and Dixie that he has made the decision to go to med school and get the inheritance Phoebe willed to him for that. Hearing that, they assume that JR must have agreed to let up on Jamie. But both JR and Jamie reveal it was not about that. Jamie declares that he dumped Babe and JR better come through on his end of the bargain. Babe goes to see David in an attempt to get the information he must have on Dixie. But he seems to believe it will not help her any if her rats Dixie out.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Katie and Mike tell Henry they are back together again. Henry decides to pretend he is still in pain even though he feels better so that Maddie can have a place to stay until he finds them a permanent place to live. Maddie comes up with another plan to break up Mike and Katie. Holden shares his worries about Keith with Sierra while she shares her concern about Lucinda with Holden. Lucinda shows up at Clinica de la vida in Mexico to consider treatment options. Keith shows up at the clinic as well to pick up a delivery. Lucinda sees Keith but he doesn't see her. The fight for bay Rory continues and gets worse when Gwen shows up for a court ordered visit. Jack tells Carly to play nice with Gwen so her Lawyer Cass Winthrop won't dig up her secret to share in open court. Iris continues to blackmail Carly and asks for even more money to keep her mouth shut about her secret.

B&B Recap Written by Beth

Brooke will not allow Nick to leave in the storm. I love you she declares! All these tragedies made her see that he is her one. They kiss. Thorn and Ridge continue to discuss how "unforgettable" Brooke is with Taylor listening in. Thorn tells Ridge he HAS to tell Taylor. Taylor steps out and tells him she's heard enough. She tells Ridge she cant do this anymore.

Catherine tells Bridget how Brooke and Nick were comforting each other but nothing inappropriate happened. Bridget is now ready to tell Nick her good news. Thomas and Gabby discuss Ridge and Taylor's marriage.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Sami stops by Alice’s Bar to check out the place for her wedding reception and overhears Mimi telling Bonnie about almost sleeping with Shawn. Belle has Shawn help her and Philip get to the hospital for Philip’s doctor’s appointment and while there, Bonnie calls Shawn to get him to fill in as bartender so he’ll be working with Mimi who has come to ask for a waitress job. Sami stops by the hospital and warns Belle that she must get over Shawn. Hope meets Bo and Billie at the hospital where Billie’s sudden reference to Chelsea as her daughter forces Bo to explain why they are really there. The test results come in and Billie, the only one to view the results so far, is shocked at what she sees. Chelsea tries to get Patrick alone to be romantic but Patrick pushes her away. Chelsea uses a plan to meet Max to make Patrick jealous. Abby meets with Josh and he gives her his special pin. Caroline stops by the dance and is reunited with Frankie. Frankie and Jennifer go into the storage closet together to retrieve cups and Jack locks them inside.

GH Recap Written by Lisa

Carly makes an emotional appeal to Sonny. Jason has no memory of his life or Sam. Allegra makes demands on Sam. Elizabeth survives her medical scare. Jax remains unforgiving towards Courtney.

Nikolas thinks there might be hope for him and Emily. Sonny and Reese make love.

GL Recap Written by Jen 

Reva falls down the elevator shaft and has to stay in the hospital overnight. Her and Josh argue again about him leaving her. A girl comes into Crossroads and passes out in Jonathan’s arm. Her name is Ava, and she is running from someone she owes 3000.00 to. When the guy comes looking for her, Jonathan pays him the money. In return she has to work at the bar. Michelle tells Edmund about the labor inducing drug, and he manages to steal some from the hospital. Jeffery and Cassie are having a romantic dinner, but they keep getting interrupted by Dinah paging Cassie. Dinah almost gets caught without the pad on and drinking beer, but she manages to cover.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Blair demands to know if Margaret is in town. Todd makes up excuses to keep from telling her that Margaret is in town or about the baby. This results in them arguing. Margaret has labor pains, and if afraid for the baby. She prays to God to help her not lose her baby. Bo, Paige, and Matthew have enjoyed a Phillies ball game. Matthew is really excited about catching one of the baseballs. Paige goes to the hospital to check on some patients, and is confronted by Vikki to think about the Chief of Staff position although she was recommended by Spencer. Natalie is released from the hospital. Vikki advises her to take it slow with John. Vikki informs her that she is going to London to see a heart specialist. After talking to the P.I. Todd thinks that he knows where Margaret has gone. Todd arrives at the clinic, and demands to know from the doctor where Margaret is.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Noah and Fancy have finally finished "paying off" Payne for the money he gave Noah, and he even gives them dinner of the house since they got the bathrooms so squeaky clean. Fancy's dog ate it all while Noah danced, however. Fancy asked him to take her out on the town in fancy clothes before she leaves for Paris forever (If only!), and Noah agrees, but continues dancing with the cuties in the roadhouse anyway. Simone confides in Eve and is surprised to see that her mother can be so tolerant, but there's still TC to deal with. He's out trying to beat the life out of Spike for what happened to his baby girl, but almost ends up in jail, taking Sam with him. Jessica begs that they not be charged, and Spike agrees to drop it - for now.

Liz and Julian get into it again about Eve, and she slaps him hard after he turns his back on her. Never fear, Julian repays her in kind, telling her that he never strikes a woman, but since she isn't one, it's ok. Eve finally makes her decision, but won't let us in on it until tomorrow. Liz still tries to cause trouble between Julian, TC, and Eve, but hasn't got a chance, and can't quite believe it. Theresa finds out Alistair was totally serious about being repaid for helping her with Jane and Ethan when he comes calling, demanding she pay up. She is left wondering what she's gotten herself into. Sheridan is upset the Christopher is Mark/James' father, but gets happy real quick when he says they are staying at the B&B and she gets to baby-sit. Too bad she wasn't in on his phone calls indicating she is being set up for some reason.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis   **One Day Ahead

Sheila’s lookout alerts her to visitors. Victor’s surprise is so big, it has to go in the backyard. Lily is missing. Scott seems to think that he is going to Genoa City alone. Kevin is pushed into taking a furnished apartment instead of the mansion.

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