Wednesday 8/24/05 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 8/24/05 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Erica is very concerned about how it's just not normal for Greenlee to suddenly appear so happy when she was devastated and terribly depressed not long ago. She goes to see her. Then Dr. Madden comes by and Greenlee goes to talk to him alone, hoping Erica will leave and stay out of her business. While Erica waits, she discovers the syringe that Greenlee and Kendall are experimenting with. She immediately assumes that Greenlee's "sudden happiness" is drug induced and administered by Dr. Madden. She threatens to have his medical license if he does not explain the syringe. Danielle tells Simone that she has a "creepy feeling" about Garrett but no proof and realizes her mother really likes him so she will not tell anybody. Reggie is concerned about Sam being with Lily and spies upon them. Sam tells Reggie he needs to get a life. Kendall tells Zach he needs to stay away from Julia if he doesn't want to get himself killed. But Zach goes and prevents a guy named Jimmy from killing her. Jimmy was apparently her husband's best friend but also responsible for having Noah killed.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Henry knows that Katie is sneaking around with Mike, and tells Maddie it would be for the best for them to leave. Maddie continues to work on Henry to pretend to still be injured in order to keep them at Katie’s (and little does he know, but her in Oakdale with him). Mike and Katie arrive back home with plans to tell Henry the truth about their relationship, but when Henry sees Maddie’s face, he continues the charade. Jen is able to get the vial of meth out of the drawer before Emily sees it. Everyone notices her change in behavior, and how hyperactive she is, especially Dusty, when Jen produces a weeks worth of new designs during the overnight. Later, Jen wants a change of scenery and asks if she can accompany Dusty to Chicago? Emma and Meg talk about her ‘relationship’ with Dusty. Emma worries that Meg is seeing only what she wants to see. Meg plans to surprise Dusty in Chicago, waiting for him with a back negligee and champagne, unaware of the fact; Jen recently invited herself on Dusty’s trip. Emily isn’t sure she can live with Paul if they don’t tell Jen about her baby. She prepares to leave, but in the end, Paul is able to convince her to stay. A worried Susan tells Hal she is concerned for Emily’s safety with Paul. Hal agrees, but wonders if it is simply because he is the jilted husband? However, the last time he saw Emily, he did feel as if there were some sort of threat between them. He tells Susan to keep tabs on Emily, and he will poke around, and if he finds anything, he will bring Paul Ryan down himself.

B&B Recap Written by Beth

Taylor asks Thorn to find out where Ridge's head is in their relationship. Bridget wants badly to tell Nick the truth. Dante discourages it. Brooke puts 2 and 2 together and realizes Nick is going to sail away into a storm. She runs to the Marlin to stop him and in the process professes her love for him.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Chloe removes her bandage to see if Dr. Travis’ treatment is working and becomes discouraged when the scars look worse. Brady reassures her that she is beautiful and the wedding is back on again. Jack sets it up so that he, Jennifer, and Frankie help set up St. Luke’s for a charity dance and uses old records to spark the romance between Jennifer and Frankie. Abby and Chelsea also stop by the dance early to help set up where Abby tries unsuccessfully to convince Chelsea to get to know a guy before sleeping with him. Billie and Bo arrive at the hospital and have Lexie test their DNA against Chelsea’s DNA to see if it matches. Kate refuses Tony’s request for freedom in exchange for what he has on Sami but agrees to allow him use of her cell phone for a hint. Tony uses the cell phone to call Sami and demand she come see him but won’t let Kate know whom he called. Sami dons glasses and a wig to convince the guards that she is Tony’s lawyer. Tony demands that she follow his plan for his freedom or risk being exposed as Stan. Lucas catches Kate trying to break into police files to find dirt on Sami. Kate runs into Sami while she isn’t wearing her full disguise and calls Lucas up to see for himself but Sami disappears before Lucas gets there.

GH Recap Written by Amanda 

Jax offers Liz a great incentive to hold off on her marriage and adhere to the original agreement between them, but her first concern is the baby having a mother. After her rejection, Justus and Jax agree, they have a fight to handle. Then, when Courtney arrives, Justus hands her divorce papers that she refuses to sign. Lucky sees Nik and Courtney kiss, and throws around more accusations, some of which hit home and send Courtney away. Emily tries to explain to Michael why she is divorcing but why that does not mean marriage is useless. Georgie stresses over being in high school, until Jessy shows up and lays into her sister for being at the Pizza Shack. Sam worries about Jason and takes him to the hospital. Emily won't hear Nik's apology. The stalker calls Maxie, but Georgie answers. Jessy plans to go undercover at PCU. Liz and Lucky set up a meeting between quarrelling lovers, but their resulting fight gives Liz pains that make her fear for the baby. Jason wakes with no memory of Sam.

GL Recap Written by Jen

Reva goes to Josh’s hotel room and sets the stage for a romantic night. She wants to redo the night she meet Nate. Josh does not want to make love to her because he doesn’t believe it will fix anything. He wonders why he is not enough for her and Reva says he just isn’t. She is scared that she is losing the wild side to her and she wants it back. She begs Josh to come home but he refuses so she leaves. As she is leaving she falls down the elevator shaft. Sandy and Tammy argue about Jonathan again and he calls her on the fact that she gave him her locket. She goes to get the locket back and finds Jonathan about to torch Crossroads. She tries to stop him by kissing him and he tells her to never do that again unless she is ready to have sex. He sets a document on fire and hands it to Tammy to start the fire with and she realizes Crossroads is in his name. A girl comes into Crossroads after Tammy leaves and passes out in Jonathan’s arms.

Michelle is questioning why Edmund is being so nice to her. She doesn’t think he does anything without there being something in it for him. He pumps her for information on delivering a baby and labor inducing drugs. Olivia lets her insecurities get the best of her when she sees Bill having breakfast with a pregnant woman. She mistakes Dinah for Michelle and Dinah warns her that if she doesn’t lighten up she will lose Bill. Edmund apologizes to Dinah for throwing her out last night and tells her soon it will all be over and, he can put her out of her misery.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary  

Dorian is busy in the kitchen pretending to be cooking, but David reveals that Spencer had indeed brought the breakfast that Dorian is pretending to have cooked herself. Spencer visits Blair at the condo. They once again argue over Starr’s seeing Margaret, and they think that she must be having psychological problems. Rex tells Adriana that Natalie had been found, and Adriana exclaims that she is so happy for him, that she hugs him. Duke comes in, and sees them. Antonio goes searching for Jessica but misses her. They are at the airport together but they just miss seeing each other. Blair confronts Todd if Margaret is in Llanview. Margaret begins to experience labor pains.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Liz tries once again to get TC and Julian to turn their backs on Eve, but it backfires on her. Both still want Eve, with Julian saying he wants whatever will make her happy, and TC saying if she turns him down it's all his fault, and both tell the Lizard to sit down and shut up, basically. She is stunned, while Eve is relieved and confused. Simone tries to talk to Kay about her problems, but Kay is more interested in Fox and the babies and asks her to wait a while. Simone leaves, then runs into Jessica and Spike. Jess ran out of her house because Sam wanted her to do her fair share and went straight back to Spike, ready to lick more happy faces and turn more tricks. Simone confronts them, and when Jess rebuffs her, she leaves, with Spike's goon following behind with a pipe. Later she shows up at the Russell house, bloody and beaten.

Fancy and Noah are told by Payne that after they clean the bathrooms his debt will be paid. One look at the toxic waste dumps called bathrooms, both are aghast, but to Fancy's credit she actually sticks around to help Noah clean. Sheridan finds out that Mark has a father and he is in Harmony to get the boy. She is shocked to find out that Christopher is his father. Sam is at his wits end where Jessica is concerned, not knowing how to help her. The therapist they are seeing doesn't seem to be working, and he simply doesn't know what else to do with her. Ivy isn't much help, either.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis   **One Day Ahead

Cassie’s voice won’t be ignored. Nick throws himself on the mercy of the court. JT gets angry when he sees a man hugging the love of his life. Tom gets the address of the local shelter. Sharon admits that her daughter was up to more than thought she was.

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