Tuesday 8/23/05 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 8/23/05 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Babe is forcing herself to get over Jamie and focusing all her energy on getting her son back. She wants to help her mother find out if there is a secret about Dixie. Dell tells Tad that he must know that the woman he believes is Dixie, really is not, but Tad does not believe a word Dell says and tells him he's probably just there to get money from Dixie and when she refuses, he's making threats to her. Ryan finally goes behind Erin's closet to see Jonathan. Jonathan is behaving like he is mentally ill and afraid that Ryan will kill him. Erin tells Ryan she saved Jonathan and needs to protect him from Ryan. Ryan is worried that he will have to protect Erin from Jonathan. Kendall offers Julia money to leave town and leave Zach alone. Julia refuses. It looks like Danielle has a secret.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna 

Lily is worried about Lucinda’s secretive trip, and how Keith continues to come into such large sums of money for just delivering medical supplies. Lucinda keeps everyone in the dark about her trip to Mexico, including Meg, whom she “pays off” to say she is going out of town with her. Margo continues to have blinders on with Casey, but Tom seems to be wise to him. The DNA tech shows up to take a swab from Casey, but he is nowhere to be found. Little do they know, he is pleading with Will to claim he is really the father of Gwen’s baby. When Will doesn’t go for it, Casey lashes out at him, and heads home, and comes face to face with his baby son. Will he go through with the test or own up to his part in Gwen’s pregnancy? Jen is full of energy, as she has taken the meth. She feels back to her old self, but Jasmine cautions how regularly Jen is trying to take it. Unhappily, she gives Jen another vial, but cautions her that the elated feeling of being able to conquer the world will wear off, but it falls on deaf ears. Emily tells Paul she is telling Jen the truth today, and finally Paul gives in, but asks to go with her. They arrive at Street Jeans, as Jen is about to take some meth. Jen covers, and is acting very hyperactive. Emily is skeptical, but Jen assures them the medicine is working because it feels as if the fog has lifted, and she is finally feeling good again. She feels everything that happened with her baby now is for the best. Emily is in disbelief, but Paul is happy he doesn’t have to admit to the secret he has been hiding. Later, Emily is searching for a pen, as Jen looks on in horror, as Emily starts to open the drawer she has hidden the vial in.

B&B Recap Written by Beth

Bridget regrets telling Nick she aborted the baby. Dante reassures her that she did the right thing to see if Nick really loves her for her or if he will run to Brooke. Nick tears up his boat like newspaper in a deep fit of grief. Brooke calls him quizzing him about Bridget and when he acts strange she tells him to come over right away. Nick tells her Bridget had an abortion and they both cry in each others arms. Brooke blames them for Bridget's decision.

Bridget calls Catherine to the hotel where her and Dante are. She asks Catherine to keep her eyes open to see if her mother and Nick are together. Catherine goes home and opens the door to find Nick and Brooke hugging.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Bo and Hope walk in on Patrick kissing Chelsea and Bo, assuming that Patrick was the one coming on to Chelsea, punches him. Hope guesses correctly who was the initiator and separately counsels Patrick and Chelsea about staying away from each other. Patrick flashes back through intimate moments with Hope while Chelsea uses the knowledge of Bo running off to meet Billie to taunt Hope. Kate heads to see Tony but instead runs into Billie who informs her of Tony’s declaration. Kate uses it to try and push Billie to be with Bo. Kate, after her attempts to use Roman’s name to get in to see Tony fail, calls John and gets him to grant her clearance on the belief that she wants to speak to Tony about Georgia. Billie has Bo meet her at the pub where they each relay their news. Caroline overhears them talking and privately counsels Bo on keeping his marriage together. Marlena, inspired by a flashback of shower sex with Alex, begins to make love with him. Alex stops the lovemaking and tries to calm Marlena by telling her pieces of her past. Alex secretly delights in Marlena’s desire to stay with him at the cabin rather than ever see Salem again.

GH Recap Written by Lisa

Courtney fails to convince Emily that Nikolas didn't commit adultery and that Nikolas wants his marriage to work. Meanwhile, Jax refuses to accept the fact that Courtney always loved him and still does. Courtney takes her anger out on Nikolas and they end up in a passionate kiss.

Alexis and Ric take a step towards reconciliation. Ric urges Sonny to forgive Reese. Sonny warns Emily not to become the person he is. Sonny apologizes to Reese but can't bring himself to forgive her for lying to him. Carly unleashes her fury on Alcazar, Skye and later Alexis. Carly's behavior scares both herself and Michael as she breaks down in tears. Alcazar tries to explain to Skye why he can't allow himself to be in love with Carly.

GL Recap Written by Jen 

Beth tells Lizzie that she married Alan and Lizzie is furious. She comes up with a plan to get back at her mom; marrying Coop. Edmund offers to let Michelle stay at his suite in Towers. She agrees to stay there as long as Edmund will let her do something to help him. Edmund agrees to this with an evil glint in his eye. Dinah runs into Mallet’s car in the parking garage and they banter back and forth for a while. Danny and Marina make love. Alan calls Rick to his room and they argue about Phillip. Alan insists he is alive and that they both know it and Rick threatens if he doesn’t stop talking like that he will never get out of the hospital. When Rick finds out that Beth and Alan got married he almost tells Beth Phillip is alive but he stops himself.

Recap Written by Mary 

Dorian babysits for Blair, and Todd, but she has a visitor in Spencer. While he is there they discuss a number of things including his interest in Blair. While he is there, Starr comes rushing downstairs, telling Dorian that she had had a bad dream about Margaret killing Blair and Todd. Dorian tries her best to calm her down, and orders her back upstairs. But when Dorian and Spencer aren’t looking Starr sneaks out, and goes to Todd’s office where she sees Margaret on Todd’s computer. Nash and Tess have a talk, they both admit that they love each other. They decide to go to California. Antonio rushes to the park to find them, but he is too late. John and Natalie get closer. He vows that things are going to be different since she is back. Evangeline tries to make her sister, Layla believe that she doesn’t love John, or cares what he does.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Fancy and Noah have to work their way out of the mess she got them into, no matter how distasteful it is. Seems it's never-ending, too. Sheridan refuses to talk to Luis again, but has no problem throwing herself into Christopher's arms at the least provocation. Julian and Ethan work to find a way to get Eve out from under the charges of attempted murder, but Rebecca and Gwen work just as hard against them. Before Julian leaves he tells Ethan to pay attention to Theresa's side of things, leaving the younger man thinking for once. Later he finds her feeling low while visiting with her kids and ends up with her in his arms.

Fox and Kay want to take the babies out for some fun, but since the park and everything else is ruined thanks to the tsunami, the only thing left is a bike ride, but there are no bikes, and he has no money. Endora takes care of it all, much to Tabitha's chagrin, and even manages to block her mother's spell to cause problems for Fox. Ivy is no happier with the situation than Tabby is, but Fox isn't caring. Liz rags on Eve again, then tells her and TC they deserve each other. Eve is upset at Whitney leaving and Simone stomping out angry, and he pulls her to him, planting a big kiss on her, just as Julian arrives to talk strategy with her.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Kevin gets an invitation to move into a mansion. Daniel stands to hear the verdict. Michael refuses to pay rent for another. Jill orders everyone out of her house. Nikki suffers a vicious attack.

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