Monday 8/22/05 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Monday 8/22/05 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Jamie catches Babe and Josh, red-handed, in bed, just as she'd planned. But he does not buy that it is real and tells Babe he knows she's just doing it to force him to break up with her so that he can have Phoebe's money and go to med school. JR and Amanda also come to witness the two of them in bed. JR doesn't buy it either but knows he has no more arguments to prevent Jamie from inheriting. Only Amanda is happy. Both Jamie and Babe are devastated. Brooke is very worried about her son throwing his life away to marry Babe. Little does she know that she now has nothing to worry about in regard to that happening. At Greenlee's, Kendall answers the phone to get a mysterious, anonymous call from Erin, where she asks to give the message to Ryan's wife that he is alive. Kendall believes it's a crank, hangs up and doesn't want to think about this call or tell Greenlee about it. Zach tells her it's false. Ryan demands to know what Erin's secret is that she is not telling him. He looks through her house and discovers the room behind her closet, opens the door and is shocked to see Jonathan!

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Dusty tells a disappointed Meg he can’t be in a relationship because he is too focused on his work right now. Meg hides her sadness, and further tries to get closer to him anyhow, by seducing him at the Street Jeans office. Lucinda widens her treatment options with a clinic in Mexico, thanks to her masseuse. She hides that decision when she tests the water by telling Lily and Sierra she wants to look into other treatment options, and it upsets them. She later calls the clinic when more of her hair falls out. Lily and Sierra decide to accompany one another to get mammograms. Gwen tells Tom and Margo Casey is her baby’s father, but Casey later denies it. Tom is suspicious, but Margo has her blinders on. Tom talks to the judge and receives a gag order with the case. He also sets up a DNA test, which panics Casey. Iris tries to blackmail Carly, and Will walks into the middle of their heated conversation, which he later tells Gwen about. When Iris taunts Carly by saying she is going to Gwen, Carly gives her some money. Carly later promises herself that will be the last dime Iris gets from her, but Iris at the same time, is telling herself the money Carly gave her is just a nice start.

B&B Recap Written by Beth

Bridget and Nick on the beach. Nick gets hysterical and tells Bridget she killed him, the baby, them and her. He storms off beside himself. Taylor calls Dante and asks him if he's seen Bridget. She's afraid Bridget has done something rash. Dante tells her it's too late.

Stephanie encourages Brooke to kill herself. She gives Brooke the gun with two bullets. Brooke turns the gun on Stephanie and Stephanie begs Brooke to shoot her. Brooke aims, and shows the door. She tells Stephanie to leave. Stephanie tells her its the only way to free Bridget and the baby.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Roman questions Sami about Tony but Sami lies about having worked for Tony. Lucas runs into Nicole and Nicole taunts him about Sami. Lucas heads home even more determined to find Stan so Sami seduces him to get his mind off of Stan. Kate stops by the pub to talk with John about the chance that Marlena could only remember her time with Roman and receives an icy welcome from Caroline. Kate watches Nicole’s credit card get declined when she tries to pay for food and shells out the cost of the food and an extra $500 to get enough clues from Nicole to deduce that Sami worked for Tony. John and Roman argue about John’s decision to send Marlena away with Alex. Marlena admits to Alex that she remembered being in love with him and Alex plants flowers and a romantic bathroom setting to spark Marlena’s memories of their relationship. Moved by the romantic setting after taking a bath and remembering bathing with Alex, Marlena steps out of the bathroom and kisses Alex. Chelsea seizes the opportunity while Billie isn’t home to seduce Patrick and gets him to kiss her. Billie, desperate to find out if Patrick’s theory is correct, uses her ISA clearance to tearfully plea to Tony for the truth. Tony reveals that Chelsea is indeed Georgia.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Jax, Lucky, and Liz argue about the baby's lack of a mother. Sam confesses who she is to Andrew. On the flight home, Nik and Courtney fantasize about being forgiven. Sonny advises Emily that forgiveness would be a great gift to give herself, but it's a case of do as I say, not as I do for him. Then, he gives her the gatehouse and tells Nik off when he comes looking for Emily, who has gone to get her things. After Jax leaves Liz and Lucky, Courtney comes looking for him. Andrew, though unsure of what happened, agrees to help Sam rescue Jason, then betrays her. Ally takes her mother prisoner, then gets caught by a guard. Other guards retake Jason. Jax and Emily reject their spouses. Alexis refuses to help Jax get a divorce before six months pass. After Jason blacks out, Andrew is killed, possibly by him, but Allegra lets Jason and Sam escape and says an unidentified intruder will be named as the killer. Lucky asks Liz to marry him now, so that he'll be the legal father. Sonny and Lorenzo argue on the docks. Alicia disappears from her mother's house.

GL Recap Written by Jen

Jeffery sings at the wedding with reception with Cassie and Reva as backup. Edmund drugs Dinah again so he can go talk to Vince Russo. Vince tells him he found a baby for him but it will be a couple of months before the baby is born. When Dinah wakes up she stumbles into the reception acting drunk. Cassie accuses her of drinking and wants to take her home, but Jeffery talks her out of it. Dinah runs into Vince in the parking garage and says something about the farm and figures out that Edmund is lying about the farm.

Michelle almost goes to the reception but runs into Edmund. They talk about their failed relationships and he tells her it is for the best. You can tell he is up to something with Michelle and her baby. Coop calls Lizzie on her stealing from Harley and Gus. She tells him she did it because she is embarrassed about not being able to get them a gift. Coop gets her an interview with Josh at WSPR. Beth marries Alan with Lillian there. Lillian tells the reverend that Alan is competent enough to get married. Beth tells Alan she will try to get him out soon but tells Lillian he will never get out.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Nash finds Tess in the park, but when he confronts her, she tells him that her name is not Tess that her name is Jessica. Natalie is moved into a room. John is there with all the time. After talking a while, they kiss. Evangeline and Rex shares drinks at a bar, and discuss their love interests in Jen, and John. Evangeline comes to the realization that now it is left up to John, and Evangeline. David fills Dorian in on the fact that it was Spencer, who had costed Buchanan Enterprises a lot of money, and who had broken up Kevin, and Kelly. Dorian is overjoyed that Spencer has killed two birds with one stone. Despite many obstacles, Kevin, and Kelly reconcile.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Rebecca is running scared, sure Ethan and Julian knew she was lying about seeing Eve poison Liz, and when Gwen asks why she's so upset, she confesses that to her. Gwen is shocked, but more than willing to help her mother keep her secret, even if it means Eve spends the rest of her life in jail. Julian vows no one will ever keep him and Eve apart again, signaling that is exactly what will happen, and soon. When he and Ethan decide to go talk to Rebecca again after discussing their reasons for believing she lied, they walk in on the tailend of her statement of her guilt to Gwen. Did they actually hear her? Fancy has Alistair's men find Noah for her, then sets about to go to him and tell him Grampy is protecting him, too, so he doesn't have to leave Harmony. Good intentions, I guess, but she still managed to put his life in danger again by making him miss the winning pool shot.

Whitney's trip to the convent is short lived when the Mother Superior, after listening to her shocking story, tells her to go tell everyone a proper good-bye and then come back. She can stay as long as she wants to, but won't be allowed to join the convent as a nun, at least not now. Simone shows up at the Russell house and begins accusing her parents of neglecting her in favor of Whitney The Perfect. When Chad clues her in to Miles' parentage she is shocked, but still rants at her parents. Fox and Kay are still basking in the afterglow of last night's love fest, but Tabitha still isn't happy about it. Leave it to Endora to foil her mom and help the lovers get closer, tho.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Kevin comes up with great ideas about how to sell coffee. Phyllis gets angry when a friend suggests that her son might be found guilty. Nick wonders if he suffers from his mother’s mental illness. Victor sees nothing but a hand when he peeks through his window. Jack doesn’t take it well when he is told that he has bad energy.

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