Friday 8/19/05 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Friday 8/19/05 Short Recaps


AMC by Jenn

Babe and Josh put their plan into motion. Amanda arranges for Jamie to find them together. They make it look like she's dumped Jamie for Josh. But Jamie knows what she is really doing. Right behind Jamie, JR and Amanda come to see them after Amanda has told JR that she can prove to him that Jamie is undeniably going to dump Babe. Krystal works with Adam to get David to disclose the secret he knows about Dixie so that she can hopefully save Babe from this situation, and Adam can hopefully "save" his son from Dixie. Tad believes that she is the real Dixie. But Dixie's brother, Dell comes by, confirms to Tad that he recognizes his sister, but tells her in private that he knows she is "playing Dixie". Kendall and Greenlee are hanging out together and ready to have Ryan's baby. But while in Nova Scotia, Ryan demands to know some answers about some suspicious things he's discovered about Erin. When it looks like he will not leave Erin alone, she "motivates" him by making a call to his house in Pine Valley and asking to talk to his wife and tell her that Ryan is alive.

ATWT by Eva

Holden learns from Luke that Keith is strangely nervous about anyone knowing details about his job. Holden confronts Keith about not hurting his family, and making sure they don’t get caught up with something in his life that may hurt them. Luke is still holding out hope for his parents to get back together. Bob counsels Lucinda about what to expect with her chemotherapy. Lucinda receives a visit from a cancer masseuse, who ends up sharing with Lucinda that she had cancer, but has been cancer-free for six months, without surgery or treatment. After Lucinda’s pleading request, the woman offers to share her miraculous treatment-free recovery with Lucinda, if she doesn’t tell anyone what she has told her. Casey surprises Tom and Margo by wanting to go abroad to Rome for his senior year. They are sure he is running and hiding from something, but he isn’t sharing that with them. Gwen has no choice but to admit to a stunned courtroom that Casey is her son’s biological father, while Carly and Jack worry what that will mean to their custody case. Gwen is forced to warn Casey that she named him as the father. He and Gwen loudly argue, which Tom and Margo partly overhear. They finally learn – from Gwen – that Casey is her baby’s father. Iris attempts to blackmail Carly once she hears she is attempting to get custody of her sister’s baby. She wants some of the money in the baby’s trust fund, in order for her not to tell the police that Carly killed her baby boy.

B&B by Beth

Nick begs Bridget to come back to the boat with him. She refuses. She thinks he's running away from her mother and not running away with her. She tells him to leave and he refuses asking her about the baby. She tells him she never told him there was a baby and that she doesn't have anything he wants.

Dante is within binocular distance away and begs Bridget to be strong. He then daydreams about them living in Italy and her telling him THEY are going to have a child. Stephanie continues to get Brooke to open the box. Telling her all her and Bridget's problems are solved with the contents of that box. Brooke finally begins to open it as Stephanie dons a pair of white gloves. Brooke gets creeped out and asks her to leave. Stephanie shows her what's in that box. A gun!

Days by Danielle

Mimi and Shawn decide to stop kissing before it goes any further. They talk about how Shawn was too centered on Belle to consider dating Mimi and bond even more when they hear Belle and Philip making love through the vent. Victor reveals the truth about Nicole trying to kill him to Brady and Brady reveals the truth to Victor about Nicole trying to steal the Kiriakis fortune. They both order Nicole out of the house and out of their lives but Nicole vows that it isn’t over. Billie interrupts Max and Chelsea before they can make love and Chelsea lashes out by telling Billie that she should stop looking for Georgia so she doesn’t ruin Georgia’s life too. Chelsea tries to seduce Max again in an effort to get Patrick jealous but Max turns her down. Patrick consoles Billie and then realizes that Chelsea could be Georgia. Alex prepares dinner for Marlena and she remembers that it is composed of her favorite foods as well as remembering sharing a toast with him when he calls her “Doc” during a current toast. A flashback of making love with Alex that is sparked when both Marlena and Alex lean over to blow out the same candle sends Marlena running upstairs in tears. Alex claims Marlena only sees him as a substitute for whoever is supposed to be in the flashbacks.

GH by Amanda

Sonny lashes out at Carly when she comes by to take the boys on a picnic. Lorenzo invites Skye to take Carly's position on the hospital board. She agrees, to make Tracy nuts. Jax announces that he intends to divorce Courtney as he and Emily fly home. Nik and Courtney almost give in to passion, but pull back in time. Sam agrees to marry Andrew immediately, then backs out for a moment. However, she gives in and takes the vows, picturing Jason as she does. Jason takes Allegra hostage, but some sort of pain makes him falter and collapse. Liz advises Em not to divorce Nik. Sonny hires Ric as legal council, contingent on Ric getting Reese out of his firm. Carly has a public fit when Lorenzo gives her the news her job has been given away. Nik and Courtney wind up stranded when their plane is delayed. Jax and Lucky argue about Nik, and Liz comes in. Rightly, she wants to know what about the baby if Jax and Courtney divorce, and is not happy with the idea of a single father. When Emily goes to Sonny's looking for her brother, and he's not there, Sonny offers to listen. Hearing the truth, he states that the matter is in his hands now, in a menacing tone.

GL by Jen

Harley and Gus get married and leave for their honeymoon in Greece. Mallet chases Phillip in a parking garage but doesn’t catch up with him. Rick tells them that Phillip’s body was in the coffin and he is dead. Phillip calls Rick and thanks him for keeping his secret. Marina catches the bouquet and looks happy about it. Lizzie steals some of Gus and Harley’s wedding presents. (Money) Beth tells Alan she accepts and wants to get married now.

OLTL by Mary

Spencer and Kelly share a drink at the palace, but she puts a damper in the evening by telling him that she can’t see him anymore, but he will not take no for an answer. Natalie wakes up, and is fine, but she yells for John. Michael fills her in that she not only needs to thank John for saving her life, but she also needs to thank Evangeline. Nash still looks for Tess. Jessica, once again is plagued by the voice of Tess, who now has a secret of her own. Kelly lets it out to Kevin that the reason that she had broken up with Spencer is that she is still in love with him. Nash sees Jessica in the park, and mistakes her for Tess.

Passions by Shirley

Fancy comes calling on Noah, only to find he is gone, and Sam thinks she knows why. Ivy tells her it's all her fault Sam and Jessica are so upset, even tho she talked Alistair into helping Noah get away from the Las Vegas thugs, too. She decides to go find him herself. He is at a local pub, trying to win some money from an unsuspecting pool player. I wonder how she's going to mess this up? Ethan deposes Rebecca, and both he and Julian feel she's hiding something, and that something might just be what they need to get Eve off. Gwen helps Sheridan get Mark back, but as they leave the Social Services office, they are being followed by someone. TC calls Eve to come over and talk, which infuriates Liz. Once she finds out Eve never told TC about Mile's paternity, although she did tell Julian, the Lizard tries to use that to turn TC against his ex-wife again. However, it does nothing of the kind, and he embraces Eve as he tells her he understands and forgives her. Liz blows up, but he deflects her rage like flicking a flea off his arm.

Whitney calls Theresa to come meet her at the Book Cafe, which she does, then asks her to take her to the convent. Theresa can't talk her friend out of going, and neither can Chad when he shows up with Miles. Theresa drives her friend to the convent and watches as she tells the nun who greets them she wants to join up. Chad visits TC and Eve to try to get help from them to stop her.

Y&R By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Phyllis wants assurance that her son will not be hurt if he is found not-guilty. Kevin is asked to get his own place. Lily asks for permission to break the rules again. Christine overhears a simple conversation and sees what she has been missing in her case all along. Sharon has no more patience to give.

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