Thursday 8/18/05 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Thursday 8/18/05 Short Recaps


AMC by Jenn

Babe is reluctantly planning on having Jamie catch her sleeping with Josh. Amanda is helping her by informing Jamie where she is. Krystal tells David that he must find a way for Babe not to have to break up with Jamie in order for him to be able to go to med school. And that will involve his telling her Dixie's secret. But he refuses and tells her he won't have a problem with their daughter breaking up with Jamie Martin. Adam is working with Krystal on their mutual plan. When David refuses to cooperate, they knock him out. Tad and Dixie both tell each other they never want to see each other again. But they end up kissing.

ATWT by Eva

Maddie purposely sets off the sprinklers to cool Mike and Katie off. Gwen changes her apartment and lifestyle in hopes of returning home with her baby. Will chips in by buying Gwen a crib. Cass Winthrop shows up having been retained for a supposed high profile case. He is quite annoyed when he is standing face to face with the likes of Gwen. When she and Will explain that Rosanna Cabot and Craig Montgomery are involved, he softens up a bit. Jack worries that Carly is getting her hopes up about the baby, but when she comes up with a plan, Jack thinks it could work. Carly and Jack’s lawyer get the upper hand when they claim Gwen’s 30 day option to change her mind should be considered void if the biological father hasn’t given his consent. The court demands Gwen name the father. Hal tries to get Emily to open up about what is upsetting her about Paul, but she won’t divulge the details. Paul shows up where they are talking, and Emily ends up leaving with him. They are still at odds over his decision to keep Jen in the dark about her baby. Jen, who continues her downward spiral regarding dealing with her lost baby, turns to meth to solve her problems.

B&B by Beth

Bridget still with Dante go see her doctor. Taylor questions their love and her marriage to Ridge. Stephanie shows up to Ridges to tell he and Taylor about Bridget. Ridge say's he'll look for her. Bridget comes out of the doctors office crying. Dante takes her to the beach house where she calls Nick to meet her.

Nick shows up and hugs her. Stephanie shows up at Brooke's with a nicely wrapped gift.

Days by Danielle

Billie, Hope, and Bo have called the bulk of Salem to come meet them at the Brady Pub. They bring Tony and everyone takes their turn at confronting him including Lucas who asks about Stan only for Tony to keep deferring the question to Sami. Hope and Bo surprise everyone with the return of Caroline and Victor. Chelsea stalls for as long as she can until finally taking Max up to her room to make love. Billie and Patrick return home and find Max’s condom wrapper on the ground so they head to Chelsea’s room where they find Chelsea and Max making love. Shawn and Mimi decide to spend the evening having fun instead of moping and their loud music annoys Belle enough to come over and use it as an excuse to spy on them. Mimi and Shawn head into Shawn’s bedroom to listen to the music and end up in a tickle fight turned sexual. Belle returns home and finds that Philip has made it upstairs and has prepared the bedroom for a romantic night all on his own. Brady catches Nicole trying to transfer Kiriakis money into a private account for herself. Nicole tries to tearfully convince Brady to take her back and gets him to kiss her but Brady still tells her to move out. Nicole is confident that she’ll get away with transferring the money until Victor arrives home.

GH by Lisa

Jax and Emily believe the worst about Nikolas ands Courtney. Jason figures out an escape plan. Sam is caught off guard by Andrew's announcement.

Maxie and Brook Lynn receive disturbing phone calls. Jesse fears the person who drugged Maxie isn't through with her yet.

GL by Jen 

Everyone is preparing for Gus and Harley’s wedding. Gus and Harley discuss the exhumation order. Harley wonders what will happen if Phillip’s body is not in there. Gus says they will deal with it together. He tells her they will know before they walk down the isle. Gus leaves the rings outside of Company and someone takes them to the tree house where Harley and Frank find them later. Blake worries when Harley is late and starts drinking. Michelle overhears the nurse talking to Danny about the baby and the forms. She takes the phone and explains she is applying for her old job and there was some confusion about Robbie’s insurance. Marina goes to talk to Michelle at the hospital. Michelle is sitting at a table so Marina doesn’t notice she is pregnant. Michelle tells her she still has feelings for Danny but it doesn’t matter because he has moved on. Marina ends up inviting Michelle to the wedding. Michelle is thinking about going.

OLTL by Mary

Todd is released from the hospital much to the resistance of Blair. Todd wants to go to the office for a little bit, but Blair is against, but Todd wins, only after he agrees to meet her for dinner, and then home. John goes down into the well to get Natalie out. When he gets down to where Natalie is, he finds that she is still breathing but they have to get her out soon. Roxie arrives at Llanfair to see if there is any word on Natalie. Vikki fills her in on what they know so far. While she is there, Vikki gets word that Natalie is alive, and is being taken to the hospital. Vikki and Roxie rush out to go to the hospital. When they arrive at the hospital they find out from Michael that Natalie is really dehydrated., and she has an extremely low blood pressure, and if they don’t get her blood pressure up, she could take seizures, and suffer brain damage. Vikki and Roxie both go in to sit with her. Todd is confronted by Antonio, and Antonio releases the information that he now knows about Tess and the D.I.D. Nash arrives in town, and begins his search for Tess.

Passions by Shirley

The earthquake and tsunami are over, and just as the cleanup us beginning, a storm comes to Harmony. Whitney decides it's because she has sinned, and decides she has to hurry and leave town. She goes to TC's and tells him all, and that she's going to a convent. He tells her not to go. In the kitchen, Liz is tearing the place up. TC told her he still loves Eve and wants her back, and Liz is totally livid. She gets on the phone and makes sure the case against Eve for supposedly trying to kill her is still on course. At the mansion, Julian talks Ethan into working on Eve's case, and although Gwen isn't happy about it, once he talks to the DA he decides he has to help Eve. Besides, he doesn't want to leave Theresa at Alistair's mercy, which only upsets Gwen more. At the B&B, a mysterious man checks in. His name is Chris Boothe, but the initials on his briefcase are "MJR", and Sheridan picks up on that. Who's our mystery man going to be?

Sam and Noah talk about Noah's girl that got away, Fancy, and whether Grace will come back. Sam wants to fix the garage apartment up so Noah will have his own place, but Noah wants to leave so his family won't be involved with the thugs from Las Vegas. Alistair tells Fancy he will get the thugs off her back, but won't do anything to help Noah, which is fine with her. Ivy, however, has other ideas, and she demands that Fancy work her magic on her "grampy" and get him to protect Noah, too. She gives in to her mother's urging and does just that, getting Alistair to agree to help Noah in record time. Theresa is happily playing with her children, thrilled they are all together again. In Tabitha's attic, Kay and Fox decide it's too soon to be attracted to each other, then fall on a daybed together. Between a bat, a skeleton, and a door that Endora has sealed shut, circumstances work together to get the couple in the mood and in the bed as music wafts up from Endora's radio.

Y&R By Glynis   **One Day Ahead

Katherine welcomes her new houseguests. Daniel waits for the worst. Nick gets those paternal moments that he thought he would never have. Scott figures out how to kill two birds with one stone. Sharon can’t answer when asked about missing clothes.

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