Wednesday 8/17/05 Recaps

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AMC by Jenn

Amanda admits to Babe that she wants to help Jamie break up with her so that she can have Jamie for herself. Babe tells her she doesn't appreciate that. But Amanda tells Babe that if she is choosing to cause Jamie to end it with her, he's a free agent and can hook up with anybody he wants. JR wants to "rekindle" with Kendall. But she is more concerned about whether to help Greenlee have a baby. Zach is still engrossed in Julia's situation although she insists she will do it her way. Although Erin has told Ryan she wants him to leave her alone, he cannot. He notices a bruise on her hand and assumes she must have some guy in her life who beats her. When she says that is not the case, he does not buy it. When she's gone, he sneaks into her home, goes through her stuff and discovers the mysterious locked door she has behind her closet wall.

ATWT by Elayna

Mike and Katie continue to sneak around to see each other. Maddie continues to act as Katie’s warden, as she tries to manipulate Katie into staying at home, taking care of Henry. However, Katie and Mike think they have found a way out of her “house arrest” – at least for the day. Faith asks to braid Lucinda’s hair like they are doing with her dolls. Imagine Faith’s shock when a clump of Lucinda’s hair comes out in her hand. After she sooths Faith, Lucinda tries to dismiss it by getting ready for her board meeting, but later breaks down in Sierra’s arms. Emily tries to tell Jen her baby is alive, but changes her mind at the last minute. Paul pleads with Emily to understand and stand by his choice, but Emily isn’t sure she can support him, and ends up receiving a shoulder to lean on from Hal. Barbara warns Paul to keep Emily away from Jen, and Paul assures her he will take care of Emily. An old friend visits Jen and suggests a dangerous alternative to anti depressant pills.

B&B by Beth

Bridget tears off her necklace and storms off telling her mother and Nick she is going to get rid of EVERYTHING he ever gave her. Stephanie shows up after Bridget leaves and berates Brooke and tells them Bridget is pregnant.

Taylor and Ridge square off about Thomas and Gabby and how to handle their marriage. Bridget runs to Dante for comfort. Telling Dante it's happening all over again.

Days by Danielle

Jack tries to get Chelsea to stay in and spend the evening watching TV but when he leaves her and Abby alone, Chelsea sneaks back home with Max where they make love in the pool. Frankie agrees to look out for Jennifer and give a relationship with her a chance once Jack dies. Marlena, Alex, and John arrive at the cabin. John gives Marlena a photo album she made of their family but Marlena still does not remember anything. Alex secretly eavesdrops as Marlena talks with John about how she could have chosen to make love with Roman. John asks Alex to tip the scales in his favor and reinforce Marlena’s memories of their marriage and Alex assures him that he’ll make sure Marlena ends up with the right man. Alex flashes back to making love to Marlena when he finds her listening to a romantic song.

Billie vouches for Patrick’s innocence as she reveals a PDA message sent to her from Patrick detailing his plan to set Tony up and save Bo and Hope. Billie threatens to kill Tony to get him to give her the password to his computer in order to access the files on Georgia. Instead the password starts the process of sending the files to a secure location and erases them from Tony’s computer shortly before the computer self-destructs. Billie fires a warning shot at Tony and the ISA come to retrieve Tony. Sami dreams that Lucas finds her Stan wig and confronts her only to wake and find Lucas hacking into the DiMera mainframe. Sami convinces Lucas to put the search on hold but Lucas’ search resumes when they hear news of Tony’s capture and return to Salem.

GH by Amanda 

When Emily confronts Liz about what Liz told Monica, they are almost caught by Jax. Ric tries to convince Reese to stay in Port Charles. Lorenzo tells Carly to get out and stay out of his life, and plans to return to the business, taking Diego with him. Nik and Courtney share breakfast when room service mixes up their orders. After talking to Lucky, Emily heads to the Bahamas. While Reese and Sonny chat, gunshots come through the window. Nik rescues Courtney from a snake. Jax restores Liz and Lucky's apartment and moves them back in. Emily sees Nik and Courtney in her room wearing only robes.

GL by Jen

Everyone is preparing for Harley and Gus’s wedding. Beth gives Harley a string of pearls that Phillip gave her for her birthday one year. Beth tries to fish for information on what Gus’s plans for Spaulding Enterprises and the family are. Alan gives Beth an engagement ring and they do a practice run at kissing. It looks very awkward. Gus tricks Alan into signing an order to exhume Phillip’s body and gives it to Harley as a wedding present.

Vince Russo gives Edmund the papers for his divorce settlement and the agreement to find a baby. Dinah sneaks the baby agreement out of Edmund’s briefcase and almost gives it to Cassie. Edmund manages to get the papers back before Cassie reads them. Dinah insists on seeing the papers because she thinks it is the divorce agreement. Edmund manages to swap envelopes and shows her the divorce agreement. Marina calls Michelle to welcome her home and let her know she doesn’t view her as a threat because she and Danny are “solid”. Edmund runs into Michelle at the hospital and sees she is pregnant. She tells him no one knows and asks him to keep it quiet. The hospital calls Danny because Michelle left something off her paper work. Danny tells them he is not filing a medical claim and then you hear him say “the baby”.

OLTL by Mary  

Bo, John, and the other officers work vigilantly to save Natalie from the cave-in. Rex joins them in the saving of Natalie .Evangeline visits Nora, and Hugh, and fills them in on how she had undergone hypnosis to try to save Natalie. Hugh gets a phone call, and when he comes back, he informs Nora, and Evangeline that Natalie has been found. Evangeline goes rushing out. Dorian visits Vikki at Llanfair, and Vikki welcomes the company. Along with Dorian, Vikki has the company of Kelly, Kevin, Duke, Antonio, and Jessica. Kevin fills Duke in that Kelly had leaked important Buchanan Enterprises news. Kelly tells Dorian that Kevin had accused her of sabotage. Kevin gets news that Natalie has been found.

Passions by Shirley

Theresa's move into the Crane mansion sets Gwen and Ethan off, and they threaten to move away if she stays, taking Jane with them. Alistair lets him know he will no longer have a job at Crane Industries if they leave, meaning he won't have any way to support his wife and Jane. Eve is upset after Julian fires her attorney because the man doesn't believe in Eve's innocence, but he has an idea and takes her to Ethan to ask him to represent her. Ethan knows Eve is innocent, but feels he's not the right person to do the job. Julian talks him into it, tho. Meanwhile, as Liz is scurrying around, getting the plans for her wedding to TC set up, he slams on the breaks real quick by telling her he made a mistake proposing to her so soon after breaking up with Eve, since he still loves his ex-wife. Liz is floored.

Sheridan decides she needs to start her life fresh, so she asks Sam for a job at the Inn, and gets it. Ivy doesn't look to happy with that, but says nothing. Sam still doesn't know how he will be able to find work, and Noah feels the same, but Ivy plans to ask Fancy to clean up the mess she made. Once Fancy gets home, she tells Alistair how Noah saved her life, but when he says he will help get rid of the guys who are hunting her and Noah, he won't do anything to help Noah, and she says that's fine with her. Fox and Kay decide to part ways instead of going into a rebound relationship, and seal the deal with a kiss, leading to a fast retreat to find a private love nest. Tabitha isn't too thrilled, but Endora seems to like the idea of her big brother and Kay together.

Y&R By Glynis   **One Day Ahead

Scott invites his friend to take a trip with him to visit his mother. Brenda suggests that the villain get everything she deserves in the last chapter. Christine’s hostile witness admits he dislikes the defendant. Alice gives a lesson on parenting. Lauren decides that her nuptials should be a big event.

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