Tuesday 8/16/05 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 8/16/05 Short Recaps


AMC by Jenn

Greenlee is finally happy now that there is hope that she can have Ryan's baby with Kendall's help. Jack, Reggie and Lily notice that and are happy for her but don't know the reason why. Lily reveals to her father that she saw Ryan's ghost and Jack questions that. Dr. Madden tells Kendall and Greenlee that he will go along with their plan but cannot guarantee the outcome. Tad reveals to Dixie that he went to Thailand to meet her ex boyfriend, discovered he's rich, a geek, not a threat and not over her. But she still has a secret and he knows that something is going on that she does not tell him about. Josh tells Babe he wants to help her any way he can. But Amanda shows up and Josh warns Babe that she cannot be trusted. He tells her that he believes that Amanda wants to help Babe break up with Jamie only so that she can have Jamie for herself. And Amanda admits that that is true. Jamie is still bound and determined to marry Babe.

ATWT by Elayna 

Katie has to sneak out of her own house in order to spend the night with Mike and spare Henry and Maddie’s feelings. Unfortunately, Katie gets caught sneaking back in the next morning, and has to answer to Maddie. Barbara calls Dr. Michaels when she finds Jen at the church waiting to see her baby. Jen agrees to taking anti depressants and therapy in order to help her through her grieving process. Gwen gets bad news from her lawyer when he has to file a motion for a postponement. She and Will decide to find her another lawyer. Emily and Paul have a showdown regarding the truth about Jen’s baby. Paul is steadfast in his belief that Jen be kept in the dark about her baby, but Emily thinks what he is doing is torture to Jen. She thinks his motives are selfish and revolve around Rosanna also. She takes off when Paul is occupied, and rushes over to see Jen, who is getting on the Lakeview elevators, exclaiming there is something Jen needs to know!

B&B by Beth

Bridget calls Nick and her mother out on their relationship. She tells them she knows what's going on with them. They try to deny but Bridget is on it. Brooke tells Bridget she'd never hurt her. Bridget tells Nick it's over

Ridge comes home to find Gabby. He demands to know why she's there. Thomas and Taylor explain that Gabby lives there. Ridge is not pleased and tells him he doesn't like it as it's illegal. Stephanie and Eric bicker about Brooke and Bridget's pregnancy.

Days by Danielle

Philip and Belle continue to disagree on whether Mimi and Shawn should be together. Belle chooses Alice’s Bar when Philip suggests going out and Bonnie and Mimi both do their best to rub Mimi being out with Shawn in Belle’s face. Chelsea is desperate to make love with Max and spends the evening arguing with Abby about when to leave. Max turns down Chelsea’s suggestion of a quick lovemaking session in her car in favor of waiting for a more romantic moment so Chelsea tells him to meet her at her house later. Jack begs Frankie to promise to marry Jennifer once he dies but Frankie doesn’t feel like he can promise anything more than friendship. Tony is about to reveal the current identity of Georgia when an explosion rocks the place. Bo and Billie use the distraction to knock out the guards and steal their guns. Tony grabs Hope and threatens to kill her but then tries to escape on his own. Patrick runs out after him and Billie follows, eventually bringing Tony back in handcuffs. The remaining captives use the guard’s keys to unlock their handcuffs and Bo runs after and retrieves Patrick.

GH by Lisa

Carly and Reese engage in a fistfight at Kelly's. Mike calls Sonny, who tends to Reese's wounds. Alcazar arrives and coldly rejects Carly, who ends up crying alone in her room at the Metro Court. Sonny tells Reese she can stay in one of his guestrooms. Reese won't stay at Sonny's as merely a guest and leaves in tears.

Allegra plays with Sam's emotions and cons Sam into feeling sorry for her. Jason doesn't buy Allegra's act. Sam is sure Allegra isn't dangerous and will release them. Allegra threatens to kill Ali.

Elizabeth admits to Monica she saw Nikolas and Courtney kissing. After seeing Nikolas and Courtney at the hospital, Monica tells Emily that Nikolas and Courtney are having an affair. Courtney and Nikolas find themselves on the same plane to the Bahamas while Jax is detained in Port Charles.

GL by Jen 

Jonathan is worried that Nate is not really dead so Josh tells him that he killed him. Jonathan acts like it doesn’t bother him at all. Reva wants Jonathan to stay at the house with them for a few days. Josh wants to leave and be by himself again but Reva convinces him to stay. Even though Josh stays there is still a distance between them. Tammy runs into Lizzie and they discuss Jonathan. Lizzie tells her to be there for Jonathan because having one really good friend can make all the difference. You can tell that Lizzie can relate to Jonathan being an outcast. Tammy loans Lizzie money. Lizzie is having panic attacks because her mom cut her off so Rick calls Coop to make her feel better. Tammy goes to Reva’s to see Jonathan. She tells him that she will always think of him as a friend no matter what happened between them in the past or what happens in the future. Jonathan puts his hands on her face and tells her he can’t be friends. You can tell he wants more than friendship. When Tammy pushes him away and tells him they can never be more than friends he gets defensive and tells her that is not what he meant. He tells her that he wants to be less than friends and is mean to her to push her away. Tammy is not giving up that easily.

The guys throw Gus a bachelor party and someone is watching from outside the window. They leave a present for Gus on the doorstep of Company. Frank finds the gift it is the video tape that destroyed their last wedding. Buzz asks Gus if he thinks the wedding will happen. Gus tells him yes Harley will show but he doesn’t sound that convinced. Mallet and Harley got nowhere with the rental car company. Harley tells Mallet she cannot marry Gus. She believes she is the reason all of her marriages failed. Mallet ends up kissing her to prove she loves Gus (or he says that is the reason anyway). She pushes him away and he convinces her to go home and marry Gus. He tells her he is the reason their marriage failed not her. He says he got scared by how much he loved and needed her so he ran. Harley dresses up as the striper and shows up at Company after the bachelor party. She and Gus start kissing passionately as someone watches from the window.

by Mary 

Layla, along with Antonio tries to explain to Jessica why her bra was in Antonio’s apartment, and how it had come to be there in the first place. Blair questions Todd as to who had done this to him, and he lies as usual as to how it had happened. Rex visits Nick against the officers orders, but he gains some useful information from him. He calls John, and gives him the information. John goes looking for Natalie, and finds her, just as there is a rock slide. Jessica visits Vikki which relieves Vikki that at least one of her daughters are fine.

Passions by Shirley

It seems to be bad news day in Harmony. After trying to get home by raft, Noah and Fancy are sent flying back into the store by a shock when the hot wire hits the water, but it's not long before help finally comes to the department store where they have been holed up. The bad news is it's one of Alistair's men looking for Fancy, and Noah is left behind to fend for himself. At the hospital, Eve and Julian get a visit from her attorney to talk about her upcoming trial for three attempted murders. The bad news is that even her lawyer believes Liz' lies and tells Eve she can either plea out for 10 years, or go to trial and risk life or worse.

Katherine, Martin, and Pilar are relieved when Theresa tells Alistair to go home. They believe she has finally come to her senses. The bad news is Pilar finds her daughter has sneaked out of the house and gone to live at the mansion with Alistair anyway. The same bad news hits Ethan and Gwen right in the face when the old man and Theresa walk through the front door with all her luggage in tow. Fox gets the bad news he's not Miles' father, while Kay finally gets the idea that Miguel will never love her. Never fear, these two seem bound to find their own love, and don't really seem that upset at their bad news at all. I guess that's Ivy's bad news, tho.

Y&R By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Nick admits that he has been looking at the past incorrectly. Brenda researches a Genoa City attorney’s past. Lily solely decides to go to court. Yolanda leaves the Winters’ home in a new outfit. Paul finds the answer in his notebook.

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