Friday 8/12/05 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Friday 8/12/05 Short Recaps


AMC by Jenn

When Babe comes to "proposition" Josh in Erica's office, Erica tells Josh that she does not want that young woman anywhere near her office again. And if Josh does not enforce that, she will fire him. Josh does confirm with Erica, however, that if he wants to be Babe's friend outside of his job, it's none of her business. But she tells Josh she really wants him to use better judgment than to care for somebody like Babe. Kendall is determined to help Greenlee takes whatever drastic measures necessary to have a baby, and she reveals to her that Dr. Madden knows of a way. Meanwhile, in Nova Scotia, Erin reveals to Ryan that she knew who he was all the while she saw him at the restaurant. And the reason she treated him like a stranger was because that's what he is to her. She reveals that Jonathan was the only real brother to her. Ryan abandoned her and only cared about himself. She says she read in the news that Ryan killed Jonathan and wished it had been the other way around. She also read that Ryan died in the motorcycle crash and was very disappointed to find out he really survived. And she reveals that she is hiding somebody in her home. Babe somehow wants to involve Josh in her "plan" to get Jamie to dump her so he can go to med school. Julia tells Zach that she wants to do what she wants to do without his help.

ATWT by Eva

Maddie once again ruin's Mike and Katie's romantic plans by using her computer smarts to make it appear like the Lakeview is completely booked when it still has rooms available. Meg burns her special dinner with Dusty but Dusty saves the day by cooking her a romantic dinner. Carly and Jack begin to Christen Little Rory Cabot but Gwen interrupts vowing to get her baby back. Carly tells Gwen that she will get the baby back over her dead body. Outside the church Paul holds the baby and apologizes to him for not telling Jennifer the truth but he is trying to save him from having Craig as his father. Jennifer shares the pain of losing her baby with Iris and admits to her she thinks the baby is still alive. Later Jennifer feels compelled to be at the christening because she feels a connection to the baby which she can't explain. Jennifer hears the baby crying inside the church and tells Paul that the baby belongs to her.

B&B by Beth

Brooke and Nick are beginning to wonder where Bridget is. Nick wants to wait around for her and he plans a nice candle lit dinner. While they wait they talk and they are getting closer. They sit at the fire and Nick promises her she will meet the man of her dreams. They stare dreamily into each other's eyes.

Bridget still with Stephanie at the Big Bear Cabin is wrenched with sadness as she tries to imagine her life without Nick. Stephanie tries to get her to see how she needs to be strong and walk away. Bridget feels sick as she bawls her eyes out. Stephanie goes to make her tea and stops to ask Bridget if she could be pregnant.

Days by Danielle

Frankie requests a transfer out of Salem. Jennifer picks up on Jack’s attempts to push her and Frankie together but Jack denies it. Frankie tells Jack and Jennifer of his plan to leave but Jack tries to find a way to keep Frankie in town. Kate stops by Sami’s apartment to try and talk with Lucas but Lucas turns her away. Nicole becomes annoyed at Sami’s negative remarks about her to Lucas and falls off the fire escape in her drunken state. Kate walks in on her and through their conversation, deduces that Nicole has dirt on Sami even though Nicole denies it. Sami becomes uneasy when Lucas talks about nailing Stan. Tony allows Hope to visit with Caroline and Victor. Bo is angered to find that Billie has come with the supplies and has brought Patrick with her. Patrick convinces Billie to go off alone and conspires with a guard to ambush Bo. Tony brings Hope to his office as Patrick arrives and pledges his loyalty to Tony by bringing him Bo.

GH by Amanda

Sam meets Alicia's fiancé, with her fist, but he's unphased. His pet name for her is Ally. Jason meets the supposedly dead Alicia, imprisoned with himself. Carly realizes the truth about Reese (Charlotte), just as she tells Sonny the truth. When Carly arrives Reese adds in the information that she caught Carly in bed with her, Charlotte's, father. Lucas returns and is glad to see Brooke is free. Meanwhile Diego is angry that Maxie used him to make Jessie jealous. After drinking a soda, Maxie acts strange and collapses. Sam gets to see Jason and tell him what's going on. Ally refuses to help Jason escape unless he takes her too so she can help the man she really loves. Andrew does his best to seduce Sam. Sonny tells Reese he won't go down the road of lies with her again. Lorenzo tells Carly he wants her gone.

GL by Jen

Reva removes the spark plugs from the boat. Jonathan figures out what she has done and attacks Nate to protect her. He almost kills him, but Reva stops him. She tries to convince him to leave with her, but he says he belongs there. Nate tells Jonathan that none of them can go back, not even Reva. He tells Jonathan he needs to kill her. After lots of arguing her runs at her. Rick sees Michelle though he doesn't see she is pregnant. He convinces her to call Danny. She calls Danny and they argue about her coming home. Marina gets mad because Danny didn't tell Michelle they are moving in together.

Tammy and Cassie argue about Jonathan. Sandy takes her home from the hospital and they make love. She figures out that he sent Jonathan to save her. Edmund tries to hire Vince Russo to get Cassie a baby. Edmund tells Cassie that Dinah is on bed rest for the rest of the pregnancy. He then tells her he wants to move back in at the farm. He tells Dinah Cassie has agreed to give them the farm for the baby. He is at the bar slipping something in Dinah's drink while she asks Cassie if she is okay with the farm and custody situation.

OLTL by Mary

Under hypnosis, Evangeline remembers the map, and where that Hayes could have taken Natalie on the eastern side of Llantano Mountain. Todd comes to, and tries to call for help, but under severe pain continues to fall into the floor. Asa comes in, and seeing Todd unconscious comes to the assumption that both Todd, and Margaret have killed each other, but cannot find the people involved. Nora comes into Bo’s office, and informs him because of Marcie, and Rex visiting Hayes that it has plunged him so far over the edge that they may never know where Natalie is. Natalie finds a stake in the water, and writes on the wall, “Good-bye, John.” Antonio takes Jessica back to Llanview, but when he tries to get intimate with her, she pulls away. She tells him that she cannot make love to him because Tess had had sex with a lot of different men, and it would put his life in danger.

Passions by Shirley

The mating dance between Noah and Fancy continues, with the requisite "bed appearance", massage, "no undies" line, and fake sleeping while one professes their admiration for the other. ABC, right down the line. But, when Noah leaves, Fancy decides to snoop in his wallet and finds a letter from a past love of his which dampens her ardor considerably. Kay and Fox continue to dance around each other, and after a "fall" from a ladder into Fox's arms, they come this-close to another kiss before Ivy makes her appearance. Sending Fox on a faux errand to bring back water, the woman corners Kay and sweetly tells her that Fox is only out for a good time, nothing more. On his return, he is confused by the chill he finds coming from Kay, but Simone is there to soothe her good friend's tears once he leaves. Tabitha is shocked, covering the bowl so Endora can't see the interaction between the two young women.

Alistair continues to threaten to tell Sheridan she killed her aunt, and Katherine agrees to go back home with him for more bedroom games, with her as he prey. Martin nor Pilar can make her change her mind. Pilar finally tells her how much she admires her now that she understands why she left with Pilar's husband all those years ago. Sheridan is resigned to the fact the CPS worker is going to take Mark, but asks for a few minutes to say good-bye, which she gets. Gwen assures her she will get him back. Ethan is trying to talk Theresa into staying away from Alistair, but she tells him again she will do whatever she has to in order to get her daughter back, reminding him he can stop the whole thing if he wants to do the right thing, which he doesn't. Alistair listened to the exchange and after Ethan leaves he lets Theresa know how happy he is their pact is in effect.

Y&R By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Nick recalls words from a deathbed. Sharon is the only one in court for the prosecution. Phyllis gets her back up when she hears an apology to the other side of the court. Yolanda begs for change saying that she needs it to support her kid. Devon’s paychecks are withheld.

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