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AMC by Jenn

Jack tells Kendall that she is not helping his daughter by encouraging her to hang onto memories of her deceased husband and by having "hope" that she can get pregnant again when there is medical evidence that she cannot. But Kendall is adamant that Greenlee needs to have hope about Ryan and having a baby. She tells Dr. Madden that since he is the fertility king, there must be a way he can enable Greenlee to have a baby even though she cannot carry a pregnancy. He reveals to her that he knows of a way. Meanwhile, Ryan is in Nova Scotia spying on Erin while she waitresses, assuming she has no clue who he is. He is amazed that she appears to have a good life and is unaffected by the family they grew up in. He tracks down her address and spies outside of her home. And she comes out of her home, revealing that she knows he's Ryan and knows what he's up to. Babe tells her mother that she must take drastic measures in order to give Jamie his opportunity to inherit Phoebe's money and go to med school. JR will not hand it over if she breaks up with him. Dixie cannot get through to JR. So she will have to find a way for Jamie to break up with her. JR tells Josh that he must testify against Babe that he witnessed her "kidnapping" him. But Josh refuses to do anything to hurt Babe. Erica tells Josh he needs to realize what trash Babe is. She informs him what she did to Bianca and to JR. But Josh says he refuses to do JR's dirty work for him. Erica later concludes to JR that she will not make Josh do his dirty work for him. Babe then decides she must do something drastic. So she goes and asks Josh to have sex with her. Julia tells Zach that she is not going to hide any more. Even if he can help her stay out of witness protection, she wants to live the life as Julia, whatever the cost.

ATWT by Eva

Lucinda's efforts to play cupid for Holden and Lily begin to work until Keith interrupts Holden and Lily's romantic evening. Jennifer continues to ruin Meg's plans with Dusty. Emma tries to make Meg realize that Dusty doesn't treat her as well as he treats Jennifer. Meg remains determined to pursue a relationship with Dusty despite Emma's advice about him. Craig refuses to confirm Paul's suspicions about the baby switch during Paul's visit to Craig at the prison. Craig informs Paul that the doctors at the clinic where Rosanna is being treated informed him that she had a seizure and is now in a permanent vegetative state. Jennifer continues to grieve for her child with Dusty by her side for support. Jennifer still feels like her baby is alive and out there somewhere despite that in her head she knows he is dead. Paul asks Jennifer to come to his place so he can tell her something that will change her life but when she arrives he still isn't sure he should tell her what he suspects about the baby Rosanna adopted. Lucinda encourages Holden to decide if he wants Lily back in his life and if the answer is yes she advises him to fight for her before its too late.

B&B by Wanda

Bridget spends the night fully clothed on the couch at Big Bear. She jumpstarts her day by waking up, hyperventilating again and remembers the day before with all the insecurities of her mom and Nick. How they looked at each other; how they touched. She doesn't want to dwell on it anymore and grabs her things and starts to leave; only to find Stephanie on the other side of the door. She too has decided to get away and is surprised when she says she saw Bridget's car outside and she never would have ruined her and Nick's little get-away if she had known. Slowly, Stephanie gets her to confess that Nick is not there; he spent the night at the hospital. Stephanie won't let up until she gets Bridget to face up to and admit to how her mother abused her emotionally for so many years. Bridget finally has a complete meltdown, but she places the blame on herself; it's a pattern, her pattern of how and why she chooses men who love her mother - first Deacon, and now Nick. Something is WRONG with her!

Meanwhile, the gang is all there at the hospital - Thomas, the twins, Nick and Brooke all basking in Hope's recovery and that she will be able to come home today. Nick and Brooke share some rather loving moments gazing at each other and bathing in the glory, answering Hope's questions without admitting probably what is really on their minds and in their hearts.

Days by Danielle

Chloe imagines herself as a scarred bride and refuses to marry Brady under the fear that Titan will lose business because she will be hurting his image. To show Chloe how much she means to him, Brady offers to resign from Titan. Max and Frankie talk about their relationships with Chelsea and Jennifer. Jennifer finds Jack going through the family insurance papers and Jack eventually gives in to Jennifer’s desire to put the task off to spend some quality time together. Jack uses a familiar song special to Jennifer and Frankie to try and spark old feelings. Chelsea brings Abby to the Java Café so she can meet Josh, a boy who likes her. Chelsea spots Kate also at the café and rudely tries to convince Kate to hire her. Kate is put off by Chelsea’s rude approach and turns her down. Lucas stops by the café to pick up more ice cream and Kate tries to talk to him but Lucas doesn’t want to hear it. Kate vows to find dirt on Sami. Nicole stops by Sami’s apartment while Lucas is out and refuses to leave until Sami agrees to help her get Brady back. Sami refuses to help so Nicole threatens to tell about her being Stan by writing it out in lipstick on Sami’s mirror. When Lucas arrives home, Sami forces Nicole out onto the fire escape.

GH by Lisa

Reese makes a confession to Sonny. Carly comes to a startling realization. Ric counters Alexis' lawsuit with one of his own. Sam learns what Allegra wants from her. Jason is stunned by what he sees.

GL by Jen 

Harley and Mallet are at their old apartment, and Harley can't handle being there. When they go to leave Gus is at the door. They all argue about Phillip and the past. Gus thinks Mallet wants to take Harley from him. He ends up telling Harley to stay there and resolve her feelings for Mallet before coming home. Beth is at Phillip's grave trying to decide if she should marry Alan. Vince Russo offers to represent Alan. Someone is at Phillip's grave watching Beth, and after she leaves they go pick up a follow she dropped. When they show the hand, the person has on a pinkie ring just like Phillip's. Lizzie moves into Company and Buzz sets down some ground rules. Buzz finds out that Coop is a good writer and doesn't want him to let Lizzie distract him from it. Lizzie overhears this conversation and she promises that she will show everyone she is good for Coop.

OLTL by Mary

Antonio and Jessica talk, and Jessica reveals all to Antonio about Tess, the ADHD that she inherited from her Mother, and her alter personalities. Nash is a success at his business meeting, and he calls Tess, for them to celebrate that night with a very good bottle of wine. Rex and Marcie visits Hayes in jail, and ruins everything for the police in them finding out where Natalie is. Evangeline undergoes hypnosis to see what she can remember to help John find Natalie. Natalie is still held captive, and she relives the moments that her and John had spent together.

Passions by Shirley

Noah rushes to the screaming Fancy, who scolds him for bothering her since she was only reacting to the icy cold water. Later, dressed in the fancy gown Noah provided from the Department store they are in, she finds him waiting to wine and dine her. He leaves, returning with a motorcycle, then proceeds to "fulfill all their fantasies." Kay and Fox continue their flirting, and Simone wonders what's up with them. Kay explains as Ivy snoops behind a tree, and while Simone thinks it's somewhat good news, Ivy decides it will stop now. It appears the two in question aren't ready for that to happen, however. Tabitha and Endora continue to watch the goings on in Harmony and eat.

Sheridan's pleading seems to elicit a favorable response from her father, and her gratitude to him was overwhelming, but once he continued with his answer all hope was lost. He became totally rude and cruel, prompting Martin, Katherine, Pilar, and Ethan to step in and try to stop him. Gwen is too afraid to speak up, but Theresa got an eyeful of what the man she intends to work with to get her daughter back is really like, and she doesn't like it much. However, she still maintains that only Ethan can stop the merger. Sam is happy to hear Jessica made it through the disaster, but is still upset she's staying with Spike, no matter what.

Y&R By Glynis   **One Day Ahead

Jack gets a warning that he better keep his eyes open. Brenda gives a budding writer a bestseller. Sheila gets a visit in jail. Lily goes incognito again. Devon starts his new job.

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