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AMC by Jenn

Greenlee asks Dr. Madden if he might have any more of Ryan's samples in his clinic that she could use to try again. Hearing their conversation, Jack tells his daughter she cannot be serious to want to get pregnant by Ryan again. Dr. Madden asks Jack if he may talk to Greenlee alone. He tells her he knows that Ryan has more samples. And he assures her he does not care if her father disapproves of her wanting to have another child and would like to help her if he could. But he tells her he's done some tests that prove that she cannot carry another pregnancy ever again. She is very upset to hear that. Kendall catches Zach with Julia Santos, Maria's sister. She does not like the fact that her husband wants to put himself in danger in order to help Julia, which could also put her in danger. She is ready to turn Julia into the FBI. But Zach is determined to help Julia, at any cost, for Maria. Babe tells JR that he has "won" in getting her and Jamie to break up. But now he must hand over Phoebe's inheritance to Jamie and let him go to med school. JR tells her, however, that the conditions for inheriting is not that she breaks up with Jamie. In order for Jamie to have the money and opportunity, he must officially decide that Babe is trash and willfully break up with her. Tad tells Dixie that it's more than coincidental that her brakes failed last night and she almost died, and the robbery happened that almost got her killed and that somebody tried to mow her down when she got out of prison. She assures him there is nothing to worry about. But privately, she calls somebody and tells them she will only cover for them if they promise not to put her family in danger. It sounds like she has a big secret.

ATWT by Elayna

Maddie continues with her plan to reunite Henry and Katie. She just has one problem to eliminate – Mike Kasnoff. Gwen and Casey continue to disagree about Gwen’s desire to get her baby back, which Margo witnesses. She goes into cop mode by trying to get out of Casey what he is hiding, why he and Gwen are fighting and why he and Will are no longer friends, but he dodges her questions. Celia tells a heartbroken Will that she has to move back to Montega to help her mother with her restaurant. She shares goodbyes with Gwen and Casey as well, and offers them both words of wisdom. Luke is anxious to start flying with Keith, but Keith gets a mysterious phone call and Luke picks up something Keith is nervous he may have read. He jokes around claiming his job is top secret and he is Jack Bauer, but he seems rattled. Later, Keith makes plans with Lily, but she quickly blows him off to go spend time with her mother, or so she thinks. Lucinda is really playing matchmaker, and tricks Holden and Lily into having a romantic dinner together at her house.

B&B by Wanda

Bridget is lurking and peeking into Hope's hospital room as Nick and Brooke embrace and are ecstatic that Hope is recovering and seems to be okay. Hector returns to the fire station and recounts to Tom the near drowning (fits in with a PSA at end of program). Eric asks Jackie to keep an eye on Bridget when he is in Chicago. He is afraid she'll go over the edge if she doesn't face up to Nick's feeling for Brooke. Nick catches up with a dazed Bridget and they barely talk as he has to make some phone calls for Brooke. He gives her a perfunctory, fatherly kiss on the cheek and promises to meet up with her later. Trying hard to resist, she keeps looking in and she has flashbacks of close times between Nick and Brooke yet times when he proposed to her and tells her he will love her forever. She tries to stay on her feet; she clutches her stomach; she's almost heaving; tries to drown out the voices of insecurity in her head.

PSA at end about for important water safety tips.

Days by Danielle

Philip continues to try and convince Mimi that she should move on with Shawn. Mimi dismisses the idea but upon seeing Belle return trying to hide how shaken up she is from talking with Shawn, seeks out Shawn up on the roof to comfort him. Bo calls Billie to inform her of the situation and to ask for supplies and Billie ignores Bo’s order for her not to come help him. Billie gives in to Patrick’s insistence on joining her and gets Kate to let them borrow a jet. Tony gloats to Caroline and Victor about how he plans to get revenge by breaking the bonds of love between families. Bo shoots out Tony’s camera that had been monitoring him and decides not to wait for the ISA to bring his supplies. Tony orders Bart to dispense orders to shoot to kill Bo when he arrives. Alex convinces John to sign consent forms allowing Alex to take Marlena up to his cabin in the mountains under the guise of Marlena needing to be in a quiet place to regain her memory. Kate and Roman argue and Kate tells Roman that she won’t take him back should Marlena reject him.

GH by Amanda 

Nik and Courtney kiss, but manage to break away. Lorenzo and Carly decide to break the viscious circle trapping them and try again. Sam is upset when her favorite necklace goes missing, then reappears out of nowhere. Someone watches her and Jason. Reese considers telling Sonny the truth. Michael agrees to give Reese a chance. Lucky strongly advises Nik to forget about this infatuation with Courtney. Jason and Sam's boat is boarded and they are accused of jewel theft. When Jason realizes the cops are fake, Sam is kidnapped. Jax is thrilled to see the first "baby" picture, the sonogram. Nik and Courtney's goodbye kiss is seen. Sonny asks Reese to move in. She says yes, but holds back somewhat.

GL by Jen

Mallet gets a lead on Phillip and decides to go to Florida to check it out. Harley lies to Gus and goes with him. Rick asks Gus to leave Phillip in peace and to convince Harley to drop it. When they get to Florida, Mallet takes Harley to their old apartment. She is shocked to see everything is exactly the same as she left it. She can't handle it and decides to leave, but Gus arrives as she is opening the door to leave. Olivia finds out Michelle is back and pregnant. She agrees to let Michelle stay there. Danny and Marina come to Bill's to ask about an apartment. Michelle is the only one there and she doesn't answer the door, but Michelle watches through the peep hole as Danny asks Marina to move in with him. Marina agrees to move in with him. Alan is being transferred to an island for the criminally insane. Beth and Alex go to see him at the docks, and he tells Beth that Phillip is not alive. Alan explains he wants to plead insane, and he convinces her that Gus is out to get her and her kids. Alan asks Beth to marry him to help out the family, but he really wants to marry her because he thinks it will bring Phillip out of hiding.

OLTL by Mary  

Dorian visits Blair again to tell her that Kelly has gotten back together with Kevin. They discuss Todd, and Blair tells her that Margaret had raped Todd in order for her to become pregnant with his child. Asa gives Todd a gun, and tells him that she is on his property. Todd goes in search of her. He finds her in one of Asa’s cottages. Todd can’t believe that Margaret is indeed pregnant with his child. She assures him that she, and Todd, Jr. are his family now along with Jack but Blair, and Starr will have to be killed. Todd knocks her to the floor, and begins to choke her. She grabs the scissors lying on the floor, and stabs him with them .He begins bleeding profusely. She checks to see if he will live, and then she leaves. Blair goes to see Asa, and demands to know where Todd is. Asa refuses to tell her. Tess and Nash both declare their love for each other. Nash goes to a business meeting, but Tess waits out front for him. She meets up with Antonio.

Passions by Shirley

Noah and Fancy hack their way through a wall of the picnic shop, looking for a way out, and end up in a department store. Finding a shower, Fancy begins to clean the gook off herself while Noah finds towels, but her screams cause him to drop the towels and race back to her. Sheridan refuses to give Mark to the police, so they call in CPS. When the worker got there, Sheridan realizes she has only one way to ensure she gets to keep the boy and begs her father to help her. Whitney goes to Father Lonigan after she and Chad continue to argue over whether they should be together again or not. The priest tells her it is a sin to be with Chad, which she knows, but her talk of suicide draws a stern lecture from him. She finally decides she will join a convent.

Fox and Kay continue to spy on each other through the windows of the houses they are each in. Simone shows up at Tabitha's, telling Kay her sister was fine after the tsunami but then she left with Spike, who was putting her back on the street as soon as possible. Kay can't keep her mind off Fox, however, and ends up heading to the Bennett house to see if she can help with anything. Fox has started cleaning the backyard, and wonders where Kay has gone when he doesn't see her through the window any more. Tabitha is amused at the two of them, but Ivy continues to warn Fox away from Kay.

Y&R By Glynis   **One Day Ahead

Michael arranges a visit with a character from B&B to fill in the blanks. Gloria takes the wedding changes personally. Sharon sits in the middle of her ransacked living room wondering how things got this way. Jack suggests a trip out of the country. Christine gets the results of the legal search.

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