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AMC by Jenn

Greenlee is devastated when she wakes up in the hospital and finds out she miscarried. At first, she blames Dr. Madden and believes he did something to compromise her pregnancy because she broke into his clinic. But he assures her that was not the case. Jack secretly reveals to Erica that he is relieved that Ryan and anything that could remind Greenlee of him, are out of his daughter's life and she can start a new life without Ryan. JR keeps telling everybody that he believes Jamie tampered with Dixie's brakes in order to kill both him and Dixie. But Tad and Dixie ask JR to do role play where Tad speaks as though he is JR and JR plays Jamie. Tad then tells him that throughout his and Jamie's life, there's been a history where Jamie has gotten to be the golden boy and the hero, while JR was blamed for all the wrong-doing. JR doesn't want to listen to that or admit that Tad is right. But Tad and Dixie are determined to get through to him somehow. Julia tells Zach she refuses to go back to the witness protection program. He seems to want to help her and she finally reveals that she trusts him. Kendall goes looking for him and catches them together.

ATWT by Elayna 

Luke talks to Holden about Keith taking him flying. Lily talks to Keith about his feelings on Luke flying. Holden tells a shocked Lily (Luke and Keith) that he thinks it is a good idea, and later admits he also wants Luke to like Keith if he is going to be a part of her life. Casey is angry with Gwen when he finds out that she wants to reclaim her baby. Margo overhears Casey and Gwen arguing about the baby. Jack tries to reach a compromise with Gwen about her baby. Carly decides to christen the baby, and asks Emily if she and Paul will be the baby’s godparents. Carly gears up for a war with Gwen. Paul thinks he may have uncovered something when he sees the baby footprints don’t match. He talks with the neonatal nurse about the other nurse that quit the night Jen’s baby was born. He thinks it is more then coincidental that Rosanna was inquiring about her baby that night of her accident. Jen walks in on the Paul’s meeting with the nurse, and he has to cover. He later makes arrangements to visit Craig to get to the bottom of the situation.

B&B by Beth

Hope says "mom", Brooke calls for the doctor. Nick is in the chapel sobbing and praying for Hope. Eric comes to see Bridget telling her to put her wedding on hold as none of the men in Brooke's life can get over her. He tells her he asked Brooke to marry him but she turned him down. Eric goes on to tell her that Nick and Brooke were a family and he will also never get over Hope as he loves her like his own. Bridget gets angry and defensive.

Hector tells Brooke that Nick saved Hope's life by administering child CPR. Hope says "Nick". Hector tells Brooke he's in the chapel and hasn't left. Brooke goes to find him in deep sorrow over what happened and she tells him Hope is asking for him. He goes to the room and talks to Hope and she wakes up. Brooke and Nick are overjoyed and she tells Nick she forgives him. They hug, overjoyed at Hope's improvements. Bridget is told by Hector what happened to Hope. Bridget goes to the room but the doctor tells her there are already 2 people in the room. She looks through the window and sees her mother in Nick's arms and begins to cry.

Days by Danielle

Philip spots Mimi in the hallway and asks her to help him to the roof so he can check if Belle is up there. Guessing that Belle is up there with Shawn, Mimi decides that it would hurt Philip too much to find them so she claims she isn’t strong enough to help Philip. Instead, they return to Philip’s loft where Philip suggests that Mimi move on with Shawn. Shawn continues to try and convince Belle to divorce Philip but Belle insists that her baby deserves married parents in order to be happy and says a final goodbye to Shawn. Marlena admits that she only remembers Alex and Alex claims solely to Marlena that it’s because she is projecting him into her memories of Roman and John. Roman is angered when he sees that Kate has followed him to the hospital and fills John in on what Kate did to Sami. Roman is outraged when John defends Kate and Kate yells at Roman for suggesting that she move on with John. The romantic mood lessens between Sami and Lucas when Sami badmouths Kate but the spark is reignited when Lucas’ offer of ice cream sundaes leads to a whipped cream fight.

GH by Lisa

Sonny surprises Sam and Jason by stocking their boat for a romantic getaway. Jason and Sam make love but aren't as alone on the boat as they think they are. Michael sees Jodie for the last time. Lucky defends Elizabeth to Jax and Courtney leaves after siding with Lucky. Monica admits to Nikolas that Emily has been working extra shifts in order to avoid him.

Nikolas confronts Emily, who doesn't want their marriage to end. Nikolas thinks he and Emily have nothing left to save where their marriage is concerned. Courtney and Nikolas end up in a kiss. Lucky rejects Durant's offer. Ric and Reese are relieved to realize that Alexis doesn't know they once slept together. Alexis wants to join Reese and Ric's law firm. Ric tries to point out why it would be better if Alexis didn't partner with him and Reese. Alexis threatens to sue Ric and Reese for sexual discrimination.

GL by Jen 

Nate lets Tammy leave, but Jonathan stays with Nate. Reva takes off on her own once again to confront Nate. Olivia comes home and after her and Bill make love she finds Michelle's bra. Dinah and Edmund argue about telling Cassie the truth. Dinah says she has let go of all the anger she had towards Cassie. Dinah confronts Edmund about giving Cassie the farm, and Edmund tells her his plan is to have Cassie give Dinah the farm for the baby. Dinah gives Edmund two weeks to do something or she will be going into labor. Jeffery and Sonya talk, Sonya tells him that she wished his employee had given her a heads up about Cassie. While talking Jeffery figures out it was Edmund. He lets Edmund know that he knows he was in his room.

by Mary 

Jessica gets ready for her job interview with Ms. Saito. Antonio and Layla beats her there first. Layla acts like Jessica, and gets the job. While she is in for the interview, Antonio goes through the receptionists desk looking for information on Jessica. He gets caught by the receptionist. Antonio acts as though he has lost his cell phone. Jessica arrives for her interview but is told that the job has been given to someone else. Tess says that she is Jessica Buchanan. The receptionist tells her that she is not Jessica Buchanan that she is pointing to Layla. Todd goes to see Asa and tells him that time is up that he is going to see Bo. Asa talks to Margaret, and Margaret wants him to kill Blair. Kevin and Kelly are back together much to the disbelief of Dorian. Kelly meets with Spencer to tell him that she will not be seeing him anymore. Kelly has in her attache a very hush, hush business proposal that Kevin had given her to look over, but Spencer blackmails David to look in the attache to find out what the secret is.

Passions by Shirley

A new morning in Harmony and Theresa is well enough to go home. Alistair just happens to be there when she finds out and offers her a ride. Arriving at the Lopez-Fitzgerald home everyone is glad to see she's all right, but not so happy about her escort. Ethan warns her to stay away from the old man, but she tells him he is the only one who can stop her from going through with her plans. Not satisfied with the tension he's brought into the house, Alistair sets about causing more problems for everyone, culminating in having Mark taken away from Sheridan. Fancy and Noah continue to spar in the picnic shop.

Fox and Kay are both happy after their night together, but Tabitha warns Kay she will have to deal with Ivy if she continues with Fox, and Ivy warns Fox Kay will cause him only trouble if he continues with her. The attraction continues for the two of them, however.

Y&R By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Angelo shoots… Bobby agrees to give up the evidence. Kevin magically ends up in a hot tub with two bikini beauties. Nick’s door flies open as he is starting his lovemaking. Victoria is intrigued by the change she sees in a kid she used to know long ago.

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