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AMC by Jenn

When Greenlee is hanging out with Kendall, she experiences bleeding and is worried there may be something wrong with the baby. They call Dr. Madden who knows something they do not. He insists they go to the hospital. At first, Greenlee doesn't want to fuss or think negative. But then she has a terrible pain and Dr. Madden rushes her to the hospital. Meanwhile, Ryan is at the motel. He attempts to find his sister Erin but is haunted by his memories of Greenlee. He shaves off his hair and affirms that the old Ryan is gone. But he has a nightmare of Greenlee coming to him and telling him he betrayed her. He then sees his funeral where Greenlee says he failed her as a husband and Erin says he failed her as a brother. And then Jonathan appears and reminds them that when Lavery's die, they do not go to heaven.

JR goes to confront Jamie and tells him he must have messed with the brakes in Dixie's car in order to kill both of them. Dixie tells her two sons that they must stop all of their distrust. JR calls Derek and tells him he wants to arrest Jamie for attempted murder. Jamie wants to arrest JR for trespassing. Mimi gets a call to attempt to find Julia in the abandoned Wildwind house. Zach covers for Julia by telling them he has not seen or heard anybody in the house. She later tells him she is very surprised that he did not sell her out. Mimi then tells Zach that she plans to buy Wildwind and he needs to get off her property.

ATWT by Elizabeth

Dusty and Meg have a date together. Will and Celia enjoy their time together. Celia talks with Sierra about her relationship problems. Tom and Margo realize there is something wrong with their son. Carly pushes Gwen away, and she turns to a lawyer. Paul assures Carly that he will help her out, as that’s what Rosanna would have wanted. Paul begins to piece together the baby switch. Casey decides to go out with another girl from school.

B&B by Beth

Brooke feels Hope squeeze her hand twice. Nick is watching through the window. He calls for a doctor to come in immediately. Hector is at Brooke's checking out her spa and notices the hair in the drain. While the doctor examines Hope, Nick tries to reassure Brooke that Hope will be fine. Brooke lashes out at him saying that it's all his fault and he did this to her. Hector is in earshot.

Nick goes to the hospital chapel where Jackie shows up to console him. She tries to tell him that he saved Hope and it's not all his fault. He blames himself. Jackie encourages him to pray. Hector comes to Hope's room and tells Brooke that Hope has a lot going for her. Hector also tells her that her spa was an accident waiting to happen.

Days by Danielle

Shawn agrees to help Philip up the stairs but Philip falls when he tries to make it the rest of the way on his own. Belle throws Shawn out upon learning of the fall but later joins Shawn on the roof where they kiss. Philip dreams of making love to Belle only to have her disappear. Philip wakes up shocked to find Belle gone. Tek follows an upset Lexie after she argues with Abe and they make love in an empty exam room. Lexie refuses to let this happen again and lies to Abe about where she was. Lucas asks Sami for her engagement ring back and proposes to her over again. They celebrate Sami’s acceptance by breaking the bed during lovemaking. Roman does not accept Kate’s defense and declares that their relationship is over. John brings Marlena mementos from her past but they only upset her. John introduces Alex to Abe and Abe believes that he knows Alex from somewhere and that Alex shouldn’t be trusted. Alex calls Roman to come to the hospital and help in an experiment with Marlena. Alex, John, and Roman all enter Marlena’s room and wake her by calling her name. Marlena wakes with a start and declares that she remembers someone.

GH by Amanda

To make his escape, Dr. Thomas injects Sam with digitalis, leaving her and taking flight in a helicopter. Emily manages to buy enough time for Tony to be able to stabilize Sam. Dillon tries to help Maxie make Jessie jealous. He reports the scene to Georgie, who does forgive them for the ruse. Dr. Thomas' helicopter lands at the Q manor and he takes Alan and Monica hostage. Lorenzo wants Skye to help him make Carly jealous. Lorenzo kicks out Carly. Jason kills Thomas to rescue Monica and Alan.

GL by Jen

Harley and Mallet are trying to get Phillips tomb open, but he ends up getting hit in the head by a statue. Gus catches them, and Harley and Gus argue about her lying to him. They stop arguing when Mallet passes out. Rick comes to take Mallet to the hospital. Gus convinces him to keep Mallet for a few days, but Mallet hears from the caretaker that someone else has been there and he takes off.

Dinah catches Cassie and Edmund embracing. She fakes going into labor. Nate has Tammy at a boat house on the other side of the lake. Jonathan overcomes his fear and swims across the lake to rescue her. Nate lets Tammy go, but Nate tells Jonathan he has to stay. Nate tries to use his mind games to get Jonathan to stay, and Tammy tries to convince Jonathan he can be a good person and to leave with her.

OLTL by Mary

Tess has a dream which involves her, Nash, Jessica, and Antonio. Jessica tells Antonio that Tess is killing them. Hugh is the lawyer who will be the prosecuting attorney against Hayes Barber. Hayes Barber pleads not guilty by reason of insanity. Hayes tells John that he will never find Natalie. Natalie is still locked up in some sort of a cave. Michael visits John, and finds out that he had gotten drunk the night before, and had visited Evangeline. Tess sets up a job interview using Jessica Buchanan’s name. Nash hears her use the name Jessica Buchanan. When Nash questions her about it, Tess will not tell him anything. Antonio and Layla search for Jessica.

Passions by Shirley

Whitney and Chad have a heart-to-heart about Miles and what they are going to do next. He wants to continue their relationship and raise Miles together, but she thinks it's out of the question. The thought sickens and scares her. Theresa is finally seen by a doctor and is pronounced to be fine, considering. She needs to stay at the hospital for a while, but Ethan needs to go see Gwen and Jane. Theresa, under the influence of the anesthetic they gave her, tells Ethan that she knows, and so does he, that they will be together one day. Gwen and Rebecca make it to Pilar's house, looking for Ethan, and instead find Martin, Pilar, Katherine, and Sheridan staring at a dead woman in a coffin. They soon tire of the festivities and start on their way, with Rebecca rowing this time.

Katherine and Martin want to get the body out of the house before it awakens memories in Sheridan, but it may already be too late. Even a phone call from Luis can't keep her from wondering why she sees blood on her hands when she's close to Rachel. She won't even talk to Luis, anyway, since he still doesn't have Marty. Gwen and Rebecca's next stop is the hospital, and Gwen is relieved to find her husband there, until her mother points out that Theresa is there, too. Alistair is skulking about, watching the foursome. Tabitha and Endora are watching everyone and enjoying the spectacle, as are the Boys in the Basement. Simone tries to save a reluctant Jessica from Spike and ends up knocked out cold on the dock.

Y&R By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Angelo gets his hands on the baby. Paul is asked to spy on an associate. Michael plans to end years of terror. Victoria realizes she has been taking her mother for granted. Sharon’s deadline is almost up.

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