Friday 8/5/05 Recaps

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AMC by Jenn

Dr. Madden reveals to Erica that he knew her as a young model, admired her and may have made a mistake to marry his son's mother instead of her. Ethan and Simone come to see Greenlee and he tells her Greenlee he must return the pocket watch that his father gave to Ryan so that she may give it to her child. Simone asks Ethan if he is really over Kendall and if she is just a substitute for Kendall. He tells her he likes her for her. Kendall visits with Greenlee. Greenlee asks Kendall if she is over Ethan, if she considers having a real relationship with a man or having kids. Kendall does not see that in the cards for her. They talk about Greenlee's pregnancy and what it will be like to be a mother. Right then, Greenlee experiences symptoms that scare her and may mean she is miscarrying. JR and Dixie are in her car in the rain. He's driving. At that moment, the brakes fail. Knowing that Jamie fixed the brakes on Dixie's car, JR goes to confront him believing he attempted to get them killed. While Zach is going through Wildwind, he runs into Maria's sister, Julia. She seems to have escaped from the witness protection program and holds a gun on Zach.

ATWT by Eva

Dr. Bob tells Henry he bruised his back muscles and tailbone and he has to stay off his feet and take pain pills for 48 hours. Maddie is happy about this because Katie offers to let her and Henry stay at her house. Maddie daydreams one again that Katie and Henry have reconciled and that Henry punches Mike in the stomach and throws him out of the house. Jennifer and Paul share their grief and Jennifer finds the footprint of her baby and Rosanna's things. Paul is determined to seek revenge on Craig and get justice for Rosanna and he begins to wonder why Rosanna would have a footprint of her adoptive baby. Luke discovers that Keith isn't such a bad guy but Keith bonding with Luke on his plane without permission makes Lily angry at both Luke and Keith. Gwen gets angry at the way she is treated at Carly's house so she decides Carly is mean and hateful and should not raise her baby. Gwen tells Carly giving the baby up for adoption was a mistake and she wants her son back.

B&B by Beth

Brooke rushes to the hospital, she asks the doctor for the details. She then turns on Nick and tells him it's his fault and she wants him to leave. Jackie goes to Massimo and tells him she was hoping for another chance for them. Massimo tells her he just can't do it. He has to protect his own heart. Jackie is crushed but somewhat understanding.

Eric shows up at the Forrester home to find Stephanie looking at family photos in the dark. They argue and Eric tells Stephanie he never stopped loving Brooke, he's asked her to marry him and to be his co-CEO. Stephanie is dumbfounded and angry!

Days by Danielle

Bo comes up on deck to find Hope gone. Bo finds the bracelet and calls out to the coast guard for help but thanks to Tony’s diver, Bo can’t give the coast guard exact coordinates. Tony and Bart, a bit bruised and battered by Hope’s attempts to fight back, watch Bo receiving the PDA message that he believes to be from Hope. Shawn arrives at Lucas’ party to use the chance to be near Belle and Philip uses pain as an excuse to have them all leave. Philip sends Belle upstairs while he asks Shawn to help him get into bed so he can make love to Belle. Lucas plays the tapes and he, Roman, Sami, Kate, and Eugenia hear Kate and Eugenia’s phone conversations where they plotted to set Sami up. Kate tries to deny it at first but then Eugenia breaks down and confesses. Lucas vows to cut Kate out of his and Will’s life and Roman questions how Kate could renew their vows after what she did to Sami. Kate asks Roman to hear her out before choosing between Sami and her. Sami believes that Lucas will now take her back but instead of following her into her apartment to talk, Lucas takes off.

GH by Amanda

Skye pretends to be pregnant to try and con Lorenzo out of information about where Luke is, but he spins an equally wild tale, refusing to give her information. Sam finds herself being held at gunpoint by Dr. Thomas when she intervenes in his attempted murder. Liz has a nightmare about giving up her baby. Carly and Lorenzo fight over her loyalty to Jason. Carly rescues Reese from a straight jacket.

GL by Jen

Gus wants to postpone the wedding. He does not believe that Harley has let go of the idea of Phillip being alive. Mallet comes running in to tell Harley something about Phillip. They try to play it off, but Gus doesn't believe them. Harley asks Lizzie to have Phillip's grave exhumed. Lizzie says no. Lizzie realizes her credit cards have been cut off. Jeffery comes back into town. Cassie calls him on Sonja. Jeffery throws away his little black book. Jonathan almost makes love to Nina, but Sandy interrupts them asking for help finding Tammy. Jonathan turns him down.

Reva tells Cassie that Tammy is missing. Jeffery asks Mallet to help search. Harley takes a crow bar trying to get into Phillips tomb. Mallet catches her and offers to help. Tammy almost escapes Nate, but Nate catches her. He finds her cell phone and calls Jonathan. Reva figures out they are at the docks. They hear Reva and Josh in the background looking for Tammy. Nate hangs up the phone before Jonathan answers. Sandy finds something at the docks that looks like mud or chocolate

OLTL by Mary

Todd meets with a man at Capricorn, who has seen Jessica in New York City, but Antonio overhears the conversation, and questions the man about what he knows. Lindsay finally decides to show R.J. the picture on her cell phone of Antonio and Layla hugging. Evangeline tries to get John to talk about what has been bothering him all these years, but he cannot bring himself to tell her everything or even to tell her that he loves her. Bo takes Rex to the firing range to learn him how to shoot, and hit the target. They show Natalie in some sort of cave yelling for help.

Passions by Shirley

In the aftermath of the disasters, Harmony tries to put itself back together. Ethan and Theresa are being taken to the hospital by rescuers, but once there Theresa is deemed to be less of an emergency than others and is told to wait. Ethan says he has to go to Gwen, but Theresa says she needs him more than Gwen at the moment. Meanwhile, Rebecca hounds Gwen about her husband being with his true love and she decides to take a boat and find him. Katherine and Pilar try to talk Sheridan into not getting too attached to Mark, but she says she promised to take care of him and she will do that. They all wonder where the coffin came from, and as Martin tries to get it out of the house it falls and opens, and Rachel "sits up", to Sheridan's horror.

Simone won't explain to Jessica where she's been or why, and Jessica won't listen to her friend when she tells her not to let Spike turn her into a prostitute. Jess is determined to find Spike, but he finds her first. Liz still claims Julian tried to rape her, and TC wavers a bit in his support of her, but she has an answer to every charge Eve makes and TC aligns himself with The Devil Lizard again. Julian's protestations of his innocence only allow The Liz to tell them all that he had already seduced her once before. TC, of course, believes her, but Eve isn't so sure, and Julian still doesn't remember her. Watching all the goings on, Tabitha and Endora are happy at all the pain the town is going through and the knowledge it's only the beginning.

Y&R By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Victor is asked to partner up with an enemy. Nick is seen getting his just ‘desserts’. Lauren risks her worst nightmare getting closer to her son than even she can. ‘Brenda’ gets tutored by the teacher’s assistant. Michael knows all.

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