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AMC by Jenn

Kendall hears Lily talking to Zach about seeing Ryan. Zach manages to bluff and convince Kendall that Lily mainly thought she saw him and believes in ghosts. Kendall tells Zach that she's going to marry JR, maybe to get his response. But she then admits that she will not and indicates it might be too complicated to divorce him so she will stay married to him. Aiden finds Amanda at Wildwind and attempts to get her arrested for trespassing. But right when she gets a call from her mother demanding that she helps her, Aiden appears nice to Amanda. She does not appreciate his patronizing her. Babe keeps telling Jamie that he has to be able to pursue his dream to finish school and go to med school. He keeps telling her if he goes out of town, then JR has won. But she tells him JR will never win as long as she and Jamie are together. She then wonders if Jamie insists on staying in town and staying with her merely, in order to stick it to JR. Dixie talks to JR about how he needs to stop living to hurt Jamie. She tells him that it's hurting him to hang onto this anger as much as it hurts Babe and Jamie.

ATWT by Eva

Paul admits to Emily he may never get over Rosanna and gives her the option to leave him. Emily decides to stay with Paul because she feels they need each other. Emily also offers to help Paul figure out what happened the night of the accident. Paul vows to seek justice for Rosanna. Jennifer tells Mike they can't grieve together because they must move on with their lives away from each other. Maddie daydreams that she gets Katie and Henry back together and they ask her to live with them. Katie asks Henry to stay with her after he hurts his back after a fall down the stairs. Jennifer continues to lean on Dusty to help her through her grief and Barbara is not happy about the situation at all.

B&B by Beth

Nick screams for Hope and jumps into the Jacuzzi. He tries to free her but can't. He comes back up for air and opens his pocket knife and goes back under to cut her hair free. He immediately administers CPR. She spits water and Nick encourages her to breathe, he calls 911 for help. Taylor assures the INS officer that Gabby is living there and it's really none of his business. She offers to show him the door when he says that's fine as long as it's the newlywed's bedroom. He inspects the dresser and sees Gaby's under things. Taylor tells them they can stay there in the house but NO SEX.

Brooke comes home looking for Hope with Catherine. They notice the house is empty. Brooke runs around looking for them, finds the water wing still in the Jacuzzi. She is becoming frantic. At the hospital they are working on Hope. Nick is wracked with guilt and pain. Brooke is beside herself after she finds the 2nd water wing and towel in her living room. The phone rings, it's Nick. Brooke begs him to tell her Hope is ok.

Days by Danielle

Chelsea narrowly avoids an accident and heads for Abby’s house where they run into Max. Max saves them by claiming to the cop that he was driving and Chelsea decides to thank him by giving him her virginity. Jack gets Frankie to agree to keep Jennifer safe from Patrick. Max overhears Patrick telling a caller that he refuses to do a job because it means hurting someone he cares about and Patrick grabs him in a headlock with a warning not to tell and to stay away from Billie and Chelsea. Billie finds them and Patrick denies working for Tony again when Max tells Billie about the phone call. Even though Patrick joining the barbeque annoys Frankie and Jack, Jack still surprises the group with home movies of Frankie and Jennifer together. Sami claims that she has been lying to Lucas, apologizes for her behavior toward Kate, and admits to Roman that she’s been horrible to Kate while Kate has only been nice to her. Lucas tries to end the party but Sami won’t let anyone leave until Lucas opens her gift, the cassettes she retrieved from the sewer.

GH by Lisa

Alan makes a confession to Sonny. Durant refuses to accept Sonny and Reese's theory about Dr. Thomas. Jason awakes to find Dr. Thomas standing over his bed. Elizabeth and Courtney come to a new understanding.

Elizabeth has a nightmare about handing her baby over to Jax and Courtney. Mac tells Maxie she's on her own. At Georgie's suggestion, Maxie moves into Dillon's room with him.

GL by Jen 

Jonathan helps Sandy out of the car. Sandy wants to call the cops. Jonathan offers to leaves town for good, if Sandy will let him leave before the cops show up. Sandy lets him leave. Jonathan asks him to tell Reva she was right to give him up, But when Sandy tells Reva about the wreck, he leaves that part out. Tammy lets Nate go. He takes her hostage. Marina decides to move into her own apartment. Danny thinks he found her one at The Beacon. Michelle goes to Bill's. She reveals that she is pregnant, but she doesn't know who the father is. Reva calls Josh to help her with Nate. When Josh gets there, she realizes Nate is gone. They later realize that Tammy let him go.

OLTL by Mary

Tests and Nash arrive home from roller balding. After a very intimate moment, Tess suddenly gets up, and says that she should be going home. After some conversation, Nash suggests that she move in with him, and they will share expenses. Tests agrees. Nash prepares them a very intimate dinner which they share out on the fire escape. Rex slips inside Bo’s office, and starts to search for Hayes’ file, but is caught by John. John lashes out at him, but is caught by Bo, who demands that he take some time off. Adriana, Duke, and Ginger go to Capricorn where they meet up with Rex, who lashes out at Ginger because of the remarks that she had made about Natalie. A big name Hollywood producer meets up with Layla at Capricorn to discuss an audition somewhere private. Antonio steps in, and tells the producer that he is Layla’s manager. John goes to visit Evangeline, which ends up in a kiss. R.J. threatens Rex’s life if he catches him working with Antonio.

Passions by Shirley

Sheridan decides she and Mark should leave the crumbling apartment building once Maureen died, but when they get outside they are hit by another wave. When it subsides Sheridan has lost the boy, but a man hears her calling him and says he found him in the water. He points them to the side of town that is the least damaged, and she makes her way to Pilar's house. Pilar is angry at Katherine for coming to her house after being told to stay away, but when the woman explains she was brought there by the water Pilar relents. Later, helping her change into dry clothes, Pilar sees the bruises from Alistair and guesses he raped her. She comforts her enemy. Theresa is comatose in the tree house while Ethan tells her he loves her and she has to stay for their daughter's sake. Rescuers find them, and she wakes up long enough to get Ethan to promise not to leave her alone in the hospital.

TC continues to pressure Eve, telling her he loves her and wants her back, but she doesn't seem eager to believe him, and for good reason, it turns out. Liz is gloating about stabbing Julian while he manages to auto-dial Eve's cell phone. Hearing what she thinks is Julian moaning on the other end of the line, Eve tells TC they have to get to the Blue Note right away. They find Julian on the floor with an ice pick in his back, then hear a sound in a closet and find Liz in there. She claims Julian attacked her and she had to stab him, but Eve figures it out, saying she couldn't have stabbed him in the back if he was trying to rape her. TC, of course, believes Liz, not Eve. And for heat in the afternoon, nothing beats Fox and Kay. The two get down to business, and steam was rising! When rescue workers come on to the roof to see why they hadn't gotten downstairs yet, the couple does a quick change cover-up and call it a day...for now. Chad says he never wants to be without Whitney again, but she's grossed out by what they did.

Y&R By Glynis   **One Day Ahead

Scott hides his secret visitor while his mother drops in. Michael gives his brother a name from the past to check out. Bobbie gets one visit before going into Witness Protection. Angelo gets information from the hospital by pretending to be a concerned uncle. Mackenzie is angry that she has been lied to.

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