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AMC by Jenn

Greenlee returns to hers' and Ryan's house. Everything about that house reminds her of Ryan. She's happy, at first, with her memories. But when she remembers Ryan once wanting to have children with her, she breaks down crying. She runs to a park and plays with children. But it looks like Dr. Madden has given Jack some bad news that Greenlee has not had a chance to know, about her pregnancy. Lily goes to Wildwind with Sam. But she's also encouraged Zach to come by to see if there are any ghosts. Sam is really angry that Zach is there. He demands that Lily never invites Zach there again. He tells her she cannot trust Zach and she must stop believing in ghosts. Babe tries to talk some sense into JR. But when she finds out that Dixie has not managed to get through to him about easing up on Jamie, she gives up. Josh comes by to deliver the check to buy Jamie's car. He tells her that Jamie wanted to sell it in order to give her the wedding of her dreams. But after finding out that JR will not let up on Jamie, she concludes that she must call off the wedding.

ATWT by Elayna

Maddie and Henry discuss his relationship with Katie. Maddie sings the praises of her brother to Katie, but Katie can’t say the same about Craig. She admits that Craig used her to start the fire to get out of jail. Maddie plots to get Henry and Katie back together. Will and Gwen discuss her wanting to say a real goodbye to her baby. Will has bought and engraved a bracelet for Celia. Celia is a bit overwhelmed by Will’s generosity, and leaves quickly supposedly to run errands, but then makes a secret phone call to Sierra for advice. Paul is obsessing over what Rosanna was trying to tell him about Craig the night of the accident. Hal confronts Emily about their marriage and her relationship with Paul. Carly is desperate to hear the full story from Iris, but she spits that Carly deep down knows she hurt her son. Jack shows up, and Carly figures out Iris and Jack had an understanding to keep her in the dark. Carly figures that Jack has the nurse around for Rosanna’s baby because he is afraid she would hurt him. Jack adamantly denies that, but Carly wants the real story. Jack relays the story of what he knows about when she was a child with her baby brothe; Carly is frantic thinking she killed her brother, and that Jack covered it up from her because he thought she would hurt another baby again. Jack thinks something else happened to her brother because the evidence didn’t add up. He thinks Carly couldn’t remember because she was traumatized into believe she was a murderer as a child. Later, Carly apologizes for her outburst and thanks Jack for believing in her, and decides to dedicate her life to her children in honor of her brother.

B&B by Beth

Taylor broken heartedly explains to Ridge until he gets his head together and is able to say he wants their life, he needs to go. She's packed his suitcase and called him a car to go on his business trip. He gives a forlorn look as he walks out the door. Brooke is surprised by Eric's proposal but explains to him how special he is to her. She goes on to explain that she needs time to be on her own and not depend on a man. Eric is impressed with the new improved Brooke. He asks her to be his co-CEO. She accepts his offer. Thomas brings Gabby to his room and unpacks her suitcase. He tells her she is his wife and she's not moving to Phoenix. He unpacks her bag and then they tell Taylor that the INS man is coming over and to please tell him that Gabby lives there. Taylor doesn't want to lie.

Bridget and Nick are talking about the wedding. Nick is sick to death of her family ruining their weddings. Dante comes out with Hope and Nick demands to know what he's doing there. Bridget explains he's there because he has no other place and she invited him. Nick is not happy. Brooke comes out to let everyone know she's going to pick up RJ at his play date. She asks the men (Dante and Nick) to watch Hope. Nick says he will, and evil eyes Dante. Bridget has an appointment to discuss her internship and her and Brooke leave the men to watch Hope. Dante and Nick bicker back and forth as Hope swims in the Jacuzzi. Dante explains he has to go as he is getting heated, Nick turns to the Jacuzzi to find that Hope's feet are at the top and her head is down in the Jacuzzi. He screams her name!

Days by Danielle

Chelsea and Abby test out Chelsea’s new car but Abby’s siding with Billie on who should be with Patrick prompts Chelsea to speed. A cop tries to pull them over but Chelsea refuses to stop because she doesn’t have insurance. Their attempt to outrun the cop leads to swerving and screaming. Jack unknowingly places his hand on a hot grill and doesn’t realize it until Frankie points it out due to Jack now losing his sense of touch. Kate makes Roman choose and he chooses Kate. Marlena wakes up but still does not remember anyone. Alex gets Lexie to agree to give him all of Marlena’s medical records since her arrival in Salem and to keep him and Marlena in isolation and in secrecy from Marlena’s friends and family. Alex secretly plots to get Marlena back to her old self as he flashes back to their romantic encounters. Maggie, Alice, and Julie stop by to help Lucas celebrate his birthday and Sami has Julie come over to her apartment and help get Kate, Eugenia, and Roman over to Lucas’ apartment for a surprise birthday party. At the party, Sami bursts out of a giant cake and passionately kisses Lucas.

GH by Amanda 

Nik and Courtney try to convince Lucky that he's not alone in feeling strained. Jax rescues Liz from the fire. She's fine. Jason is in a wreck, but it's not serious. Maxie confronts Jessy and he admits to caring for her. Monica finds a ten year old letter that confesses to the fact that AJ tried to kill Jason. Jax and Courtney move Liz and Cameron in with them. Mac catches Maxie and Jessy in bed. Sonny blames himself for Jason's condition. Jason remembers that Dr. Thomas tried to kill him.

GL by Jen

Reva has Nate/Alfred tied to a chair in her living room. They argue about what she is doing and Jonathan. Reva tells him that it is his turn to be Jonathan and she will be him. Marina moves back into Company. Danny has gotten her tickets for a concert that night. She tells him she can't go because of a test, but she can't go because she has a meeting with the undercover detective. Danny and Bill talk about becoming partners again. Tammy finds Nate in Reva's house. He tells her that Jonathan tied him up. He tries to talk her into letting him go. Sandy decides to drive because Jonathan has had to much to drink. They get into an argument and wreck the car. Michelle is back but has not let anyone know yet.

OLTL by Mary  

Nora meets up with Hugh in the squad room, and wants to know if there is any word on Natalie. Hugh tells her, no, but that Mrs. Davidson had gone to visit him. Vikki waits for Bo in his office. Vikki informs him that she had gone to visit Hayes, and had made a deal with him. Bo tells Nora about the deal that Vikki suggested to Hayes. Blair is in the park with the children when Spencer arrives. They share some small talk, and Blair confronts him about what Dorian had told her about him looking at her in a different way than just a friend. Dorian demands that David call Spencer and ask him to be his best man. Margaret is in the church when Todd talks to the minister. Asa spies her in the church, and threatens her that unless she does as he says, her and her unborn child will not live until dark. Margaret goes to Asa’s mansion, and eats on a sandwich when she is caught by Nigel. They discuss with Hayes Vikki’s plan for his release.

OLTL Bonus by Sarah

Viki asks Bo if they can trick Hayes into telling them where Natalie is and he says that Hayes is slippery. She asks if there is anything they can do, and they try to get him to plea to insanity. If he does, he will go into a mental hospital instead of prison and maybe in a few years be out of there with a new life. The deal doesn't work out though. Dorian tries to talk David into calling Spencer again to ask him to be his best man. He does call Spencer, who comes by. They only get into an argument about the past. David wants to know what Spencer's secret is. Spencer says if he told him that it wouldn't be a secret anymore. Dorian then comes in and tells David that things are going wrong with the wedding plans, and he suggests postponing the wedding for a month or two. She asks if it would really be okay with him and he says yes. She wonders what his real reasons are for wanting to postpone the wedding after making the call about postponing it. Margaret is seen by Nigel at Asa's and tells him that she is Asa's houseguest. He wants to call 911, but doesn't because when Asa comes home, he tells him not to. Asa had been at St. James church, where Margaret had been. He talked her into leaving before Todd saw her, who had been there looking for Jack's toy frog. Todd gave him 48 hours to do something about Margaret. Spencer tells Blair that she is the most beautiful woman she has ever seen but that he knows she is with Todd. Starr talks to a boy from school and she hopes he will ask her out.

Passions by Shirley

As the tsunami rages, some find refuge while others don't. Noah and Fancy manage to get inside a darkened building, and when Noah finds a candle, they realize they are in a shop that specializes in baskets of wine and food for picnics. They eat, drink wine, and talk about their lives. Sam, Ivy, Fox, and Kay end up on the top of a building with a group of kids when the second wave hits. After it passes and they are safe again, they realize one little boy is missing. Sam and Fox spot him in the water and swim out to get him, but Fox is knocked unconscious while trying to deflate a speeding butane tank so it won't hit the boy. He finally surfaces, to the relief of Ivy and Kay. Theresa fell into a tree house Alistair secretly built in the park for Ethan and Fox, and she and Ethan thank God it was there. However, she soon passes out and as he looks for the reason he finds she's bleeding to death. As he tries to stop the bleeding, she talks about what their life could have been like had she lived. He won't give up on her, however.

Jessica is finally saved by her best friend, Simone, who is supposed to be in L.A. Edna asks God for some help and a sign, and He sends her the "You are leaving Harmony" sign, which she surfs out of town on. Katherine floats along on her coffin, thanking whoever is in it, but she manages to fall off. Martin and Pilar see a woman struggling in the water and he goes to help her, finding out it is Katherine. He gets on the coffin and pulls her on, then they ride it right through Pilar's front door as she watches. Eve and TC take refuge in a car and he tries to talk her into leaving Julian and going back with him, but he still believes she tried to kill Liz. Meanwhile, Liz does everything she can to rape Julian, but he will have none of it, so she stabs him in the back as he's trying to go find Eve, then looks very satisfied with herself. Chad and Whitney give in to their passion for each other. 'Nuff said.

Y&R By Glynis   **One Day Ahead

Lily’s meets the person who will decide her fate. Vinnie makes a phone call. Bobbie needs to hurry out of town. Brittany worries what is going to become of her. Victor hires security guards.

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